Are Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It?

a person sitting in a zero gravity chair


When it comes to major purchases, you undoubtedly want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. So then what about zero gravity chairs? Are zero gravity chairs worth it? You bet!

On top of the fact that one could argue you can’t set a price on the importance of self care, luxury zero gravity chairs are an investment that is well worth it. From the plethora of potential physical and mental health benefits to durability and design adaptivity, they make an addition to your lifestyle that could change everything.

Let’s take an in-depth look at zero gravity chairs and definitively answer the question, “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” We’re sure you’ll see exactly why you need one and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Let’s Be Honest: Are Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It?

When you’re looking at zero gravity chairs (sometimes called zero gravity recliners, though sometimes interchangeable), you’re bound to notice they vary pretty greatly in price and design. You’ll notice how some are simple and fixed in the zero gravity position while others recline from being upright (you can read more on the technical differences between zero gravity chairs vs recliners after this article). The best zero gravity chairs that give you the most for your investment are luxury models.

Luxury zero gravity chairs provide a plethora of benefits that more basic versions simply can’t. When you’re looking for a smart investment to boost your lifestyle, improve your overall health, and add to your home, these are the details that pay for themselves.

Are zero gravity chairs worth the money, then? Absolutely. Some factors that answer the question “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” are the:

  • Physical health benefits of zero gravity chairs
  • Mental health benefits of zero gravity chairs
  • Luxury zero gravity chair features
  • Variety of different places in your home for zero gravity chairs to fit
  • Durability of zero gravity chairs to last a long time

Physical Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

First up to answer “are zero gravity chairs worth it” comes the potential physical health benefits of zero gravity chairs.

In the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level, taking pressure off the lower back and pelvic regions and distributing weight evenly along the body. This helps provide back pain relief and may help treat sciatica symptoms. The unique design of the zero gravity position also makes these chairs effective as tools for avoiding health problems from sitting all day or pain from sitting too long that you may experience in different types of chairs.

Many of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs stem from improving blood circulation while reclining. As blood is able to circulate the body more efficiently, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to tissue, muscles, and cells. This helps your body heal more efficiently and may serve as a natural way to reduce blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Better blood circulation can also help boost your immune system naturally, increase lung function, treat swollen joints, and fight inflammation throughout the body. So are zero gravity chairs worth it? We definitely think so!

For those with active lifestyles, using zero gravity chairs as part of a post workout recovery routine can help treat sports injuries, allow muscles to relax, and even help prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Added features of luxury massage chairs such as heat therapy also help treat muscle tension and may help increase mobility and flexibility.

Bonus Health Benefit: You can even use zero gravity chairs with a skin improvement routine as a way to achieve radiant skin!

Improving Mental Health in Zero Gravity Chairs

You can’t answer “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” without exploring all the potential health benefits they provide. Not only do zero gravity chairs provide physical health benefits but they may help improve mental health, too!

We all experience stress each and every day. Learning how to manage stress levels can help alleviate it and reduce anxiety. How do zero gravity chairs help, you ask? In one way, physical pain and health problems can be common causes of stress in our lives. If we’re in pain, our body subconsciously tenses up and our stress levels rise. Using a zero gravity chair for the health benefits means this added stressor may be lessened or removed altogether, improving our mental health.

Another way they may help improve mental health that helps answer “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” is providing a great tool to enhance meditation practices. Meditation has been shown to be beneficial for reducing stress, improving mood, and resulting in better mental health.

Zero gravity meditation takes this to the next level by calming the mind and body simultaneously. This boost of both the mental and physical benefits of meditation may help you achieve deeper relaxation, better sleep quality, and be ready to take on each day no matter what it throws at you!

For those who may have trouble sleeping at night, you can use a zero gravity chair with a relaxing night time routine to calm your mind and body and unwind before bed, as well. As creatures of habit, the importance of routine in mental health can’t be understated. Starting a night time routine can help you achieve more restful sleep, improving your mental health in a variety of ways.

Bonus Features Makes Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It

Why are zero gravity chairs worth the money the most when you choose a luxury model? The bonus features of zero gravity recliners make all the difference. Where more simple, fixed position models let you sit in the zero gravity position, luxury models expand your experience and can change your entire life.

Two of the best features that make luxury zero gravity chairs worth it are massage and heat therapy. These features help reduce lower back pain by loosening tight muscles and improving blood circulation throughout the body. Heat therapy is especially helpful at decreasing muscle tension and reducing muscle spasms.

Lumbar support is another bonus feature you’ll find to help answer “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” Lower back pain is one of the most common health issues reported to affect nearly 80% of all adults at some point in their lifetime. he lumbar support you get from luxury zero gravity chairs helps assist you in realigning your spine into its natural curvature, helping improve poor posture and correct bad sitting habits.

Some luxury zero gravity chairs even have smart wakeup programs that can help prevent you from accidentally sleeping too long! Everyone can benefit from the health benefits of a nap, but it’s important that you don’t sleep too long and mess with your natural sleep/wake cycle. Smart wakeup programs gently wake you up and let you relax the perfect length of time.

How Zero Gravity Chairs Make Adaptable Furniture for Your Home

As we mentioned, answering “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” relies on showing how they make an excellent investment. The adaptability of zero gravity chairs to fit different interior design styles and for use as multifunctional furniture pieces allows you to put them in any room you desire!

The most obvious place in your home for a zero gravity chair is likely the living room. The benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages makes this a great choice the whole family can enjoy. If you’re wanting to make your living room a little more cozy, however, consider creating a reading nook to curl up and dive into your favorite book. You could also enhance your zero gravity meditation by creating a zen spot with a zero gravity chair in the living room. Consider that space your own private oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world!

You’re not limited to a big family room design idea when it comes to adding a zero gravity chair, however. You can also find ways to integrate using a zero gravity chair into your home office setup, as part of a home spa, or even as a unique gaming chair!

The design of a luxury zero gravity chair also allows it to seamlessly transition between different interior design styles. Want a more industrial look? It works! Feeling more traditional for your home? Modern zero gravity chairs fit in perfectly there, too. For added visual interest, consider mixing furniture styles for a chic blend!

Durability Makes Zero Gravity Chairs Worth It

If you’re asking “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” then you definitely want your purchase to be a sound investment. To do that, you want to know how to buy good quality furniture that will last. The most durable zero gravity chair will be a luxury model backed by a solid warranty. If the manufacturer backs their furniture, it can reassure you that it’s high quality and built to last! With proper care and treatment, your luxury zero gravity chair will last for many years to come.

In addition to mechanical assurances, luxury zero gravity chairs also come with more durable fabric options. The best zero gravity chairs are leather (or synthetic hide, for those looking for faux leather vs leather options!) with hand carved wood bases. Learning how to care for leather furniture at home will help your zero gravity chair stay in top condition for a very long time.

As you can see, the answer to the question “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” is a resounding yes. From the health benefits to the durability and adaptability, deciding to buy a zero gravity chair could be one of the best decisions you ever make! Choose a zero gravity chair that will meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. This is one investment that pays for itself many times over.

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