How to Improve Lung Function Naturally Using a Zero Gravity Chair

model of how to improve lung function naturally

While the lungs aren’t the first things you may think of when it comes to what keeps us going strong, you’ll certainly notice the first time you experience any trouble breathing! The lungs take in oxygen from the atmosphere and transfer it to the bloodstream. Every single cell in your body needs oxygen to live. Starting to see the importance?

Learning how to improve lung function naturally allows the body to deliver more oxygen efficiently throughout the body. This results in lower blood pressure, decreased risk of heart attack or stroke, and helps your body heal from injury. Today we’re showing you how to improve lung function naturally using a zero gravity chair.

Simple Breathing Exercises to Improve Lung Function in a Zero Gravity Chair

Doing simple breathing exercises in a zero gravity chair does more than just improve lung function naturally. It also serves to help reduce anxiety and alleviate stress. Your breathing exercises don’t have to take a significant portion of your day. Start by taking 5 minutes each day while you’re sitting in your zero gravity chair. If you think 5 minutes seems too long, you can start with 2 instead.

A few simple breathing exercises for you to do in your zero gravity chair are pursed lip breathing, breath focus, deep breathing, and resonant breathing. Each of these will help improve lung function naturally and increase your overall health! 

Zero Gravity Chair Exercises for Improving Lung Function

Staying active is important and an easy way to improve lung function naturally. It doesn’t mean you need to spend hours at the gym! You should ideally aim for at least 20 minutes each day of physical activity that elevates the heart rate. Staying active not only improves lung function but also makes for a healthier heart and puts you in a better mood.

There are loads of exercises and activities to do while relaxing in your zero gravity chair. Some of our favorites include quad lifts, calf raises, and core building exercises. Your core is especially important for your lungs as it works in conjunction with maintaining good posture. To increase your core strength and improve lung function, try seated Russian twists, leg and knee lifts, and abdominal bracing. You can even do seated jumping jacks from your zero gravity chair to get the blood pumping!

If you’re doing exercise at home, make sure you also adopt a post workout recovery routine. Taking care of your body during a cooldown period helps prevent joints and muscles from tightening up. The good news is you can use your zero gravity chair as part of your recovery routine, too!

Improving Lung Function With Better Sleep Quality

Better sleep quality and improving lung function naturally go hand-in-hand. In fact, they work off each other in a direct relationship! If you’re getting better sleep quality, your lung function will improve. If you’ve got better lung function, you can take deeper breaths which relax your body and mind resulting in better sleep!

So what does your zero gravity chair have to do with this? Everything! Zero gravity chairs improve sleep quality by facilitating spinal decompression, increased blood circulation, fighting sleep apnea, and reducing lower back and sciatica pain.

The benefit of sleeping in a zero gravity chair that most directly improves lung function is keeping airways open and fighting sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can not only cause restless sleep, headaches, or broken sleep but it can also lead to very serious conditions. When the airways close and oxygen is deprived to the lungs, blood pressure rises. This is why those with sleep apnea ara at a higher risk for heart attack and stroke. So while you’re improving lung function and sleep quality in your zero gravity recliner, you’re also improving heart health naturally, too!

Improving Lung Function With Good Posture

Studies have shown the relationship between good posture and lung function. While correcting posture takes mindful action at first, soon it becomes second nature. To improve lung function naturally, there are a number of activities to combine with the zero gravity recliner for good posture

While some activities include more exercises like seated rotations and glute bridges, others are things you can do while relaxing. For example, while you’re reading in your zero gravity chair make sure you hold your book at eye level to avoid natural slouching. This also keeps your neck aligned with your spine.

Are you a meditator? Meditating in your zero gravity recliner is another perfect time to make adjustments for good posture. Clearing your mind and alleviating stress during meditation can have a direct impact as studies have shown a link between emotional, mental feelings and posture.

Laughing and Singing to Improve Lung Function in a Zero Gravity Chair

You ready that right! Laughing or singing is another great method to improve lung function in a zero gravity chair. The reason is that both engage the abdominal muscles and increase lung capacity. So the next time you’re relaxing in your zero gravity recliner, pop on your favorite comedy or sing along while listening to your favorite music streaming app and you’ll be improving your lung function, too!

Learning how to improve lung function naturally using a zero gravity chair will help you feel your best and increase your overall health. The lungs are absolutely vital parts of our body that directly affect every one of our internal systems as well as our mental health. So choose a zero gravity chair that fits your needs and you’ll improve your lung function while you relax! You’ll be glad you did.

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