Zero Gravity Recliner Ideas & Alternative Uses At Home

guy playing video games in zero gravity chair

As everyone spends more time at home these days, zero gravity recliners have shown themselves more valuable than ever. The background health benefits of zero gravity chairs are irrefutable but they go beyond that to be useful when combined with other activities, as well. Who doesn’t love multi-purpose home furniture? 

Zero Gravity Recliner Ideas for Your New Favorite Home Furniture Piece

We’re taking a look at just how essential these chairs are as we examine zero gravity recliner ideas and alternative uses at home:

  • Stay healthy with a zero gravity daily fitness routine
  • Get the best massage without leaving your living room
  • The perfect alternative gaming chair for video game lovers
  • The best home theater recliners you’ll ever sit in
  • Enjoy a good book in a zero gravity reading chair
  • Find your zen meditating in comfort
  • Keep you mind sharp with brain games while you recline
  • Catch up on your favorite podcast or jam out with music and sound apps
  • Create the perfect home office using a zero gravity chair at your desk

Home Exercises with Zero Gravity Recliners

Home exercises keep you physically and mentally healthy. They strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and mobility, and release endorphins that decrease pain levels and better your mood! There are a number of simple exercises and activities to combine with zero gravity recliners. Some of our favorites include core-building exercises, calf raises, and tricep workouts.

Taking care of your body doesn’t stop after the last exercise, however! The best zero gravity chairs provide additional heat therapy and massage functions that keep your body loose and limber. This brings us to our next zero gravity recliner idea: in-home daily massage!

Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy at Home

Massage features provided by luxury zero gravity chairs help alleviate muscle tension, treat muscle strain, and prevent stiffness from setting in. Experiences alone or as part of your daily fitness routine, massages help heal your body and prevent future injuries. Plus they’re simply enjoyable!

Daily use of massage functions can also work to reduce blood pressure, better circulation throughout the body, and improve heart health. These massages are sure to quickly become your favorite zero gravity recliner idea. 

Playing Video Games in Your Zero Gravity Recliner

Relaxing in your zero gravity recliner doesn’t mean you have to be all alone. Next on our list of alternative uses at home for zero gravity chairs is for gaming! You can sit upright in your zero gravity recliner while you beat all your friends at your favorite video game then relax in zero gravity position during breaks, You get the health benefits of zero gravity chairs and the most comfortable gaming chair around!

Zero Gravity Recliners for Watching Movies and TV

Gaming not your thing? Maybe you’d prefer to “Netflix and Zero Gravity.” This brings us to our next alternative use for zero gravity recliners: watching tv and movies. If you’re spending more time at home chances are your screen time has also increased. A zero gravity recliner is the perfect alternative to that couch that has seen better days!

You’ll be guilt-free starting the third season (this week) of your favorite show as you relax in your zero gravity recliner. The health benefits of zero gravity chairs happening behind the scenes means you’re really just looking after your body, right? Put zero gravity recliners on your list of items to include when building a home theater to really take things up a notch while watching your favorite movies!

Reading in a Zero Gravity Chair

If you’ve had enough of the screen time and want something a little less tech-heavy, reading a good book should be at the top of your list of zero gravity recliner ideas. The perfect activity to relax, reading in your zero gravity chair also improves brain connectivity, is shown to decrease depression, manages stress levels, and helps prevent cognitive decline in aging adults. Though an ideal gift at any age, reading as an alternative use at home makes zero gravity recliners the perfect gift for older parents and other adults.

Aside from just protecting your mental health, reading before bed brings with it the added bonus of increasing sleep readiness. Creating this nightly routine is a prime example of improving sleep quality with zero gravity chairs. Better sleep keeps you physically and mentally fit. 

Zero Gravity Meditation for Stress Management

Meditation routines are perfect zero gravity recliner ideas for alternative uses at home! Daily meditation has been shown to drastically improve mental and physical health. As a daily self-care activity it helps reduce stress, lower anxiety, regulate blood pressure, and improve your own self-awareness.

There are many ways to meditate including guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, and visualization meditation. There are even a number of music and sound apps to aid in your zero gravity meditation! You’ll certainly find a method that fits your needs and lifestyle. 

Play Brain Games to Keep Mentally Fit

Adding in brain games to play while relaxing in a zero gravity chair is next on our list of zero gravity recliner ideas! As important as staying physically fit is, it’s also important to take care of your mind. Studies have shown that engaging your brain helps reduce the likelihood of cognitive disorders like dementia as you age. There are loads of options for brain games from puzzle books and crosswords to apps you can use on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Music and Sound Options From Your Zero Gravity Recliner

Are you a music or audiobook lover? Have a favorite podcast or meditation app you like to listen to? These all make great zero gravity recliner ideas for alternative uses at home. Your recliner is more than just a chair, it’s a place for you to relax and enjoy life. There are endless music and sound options to listen to in your zero gravity chair. You can listen to your favorite book, learn a new language, or even benefit from binaural beat therapy all from the comfort of your zero gravity recliner. There’s even the perfect opportunity to combine music and sound with zero gravity meditation.

Some popular apps and platforms to find all of these include Spotify, Luminary, Binaural, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Use Your Zero Gravity Recliner as a Home Office Chair

More people than ever are working from home. As the trend continues, it makes perfect sense that our next zero gravity recliner idea for alternative uses at home is as your home office chair! Say goodbye to the boring (and probably damaging) office chair of old. Treat yourself to a chair that provides comfort and maximizes your ergonomic home office setup.

Not only can using a zero gravity recliner as an office chair boost your physical health but it can make work more enjoyable. Turn on the massage function and feel great while you work on that spreadsheet! Feeling a little tired? The best zero gravity recliners offer smart wakeup programs that keep you from taking too long a nap during a break. Pair your zero gravity chair with other items while working from home to make the perfect home office setup.

Your zero gravity chair is far more than a traditional recliner. There are endless possibilities for zero gravity recliner ideas that will turn your chair into the most important piece in your home. Choose the right zero gravity recliner to meet your lifestyle and get creative with how you use it!

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