8 Tips for Empty Nest Decorating and Repurposing your Home

empty nest home decorating multipurpose room

Whether they’re going off to college or simply moving out on their own, at some point the kids grow up and leave the nest. Sometimes deciding what to do with the newly-reclaimed space in your home can seem overwhelming. Instead of holding on to the old, celebrate the empty nest as an opportunity for decorating and repurposing your home!

Do you get the craft room you’ve been talking about for years? Ready to let the significant other have their man cave/lady lair? We’re taking a look at 8 tips for empty nest decorating and repurposing your home as you start the next part of your life.

Multifunctional Guest Room Ideas

First, and perhaps most obvious, on our list of empty nest decorating ideas is creating a multifunctional guest room. After all, you’ll want to be able to have your kids come back for a visit, right? It’s also perfect for out-of-town guests so they don’t have to resort to sleeping on a couch or uncomfortable air mattress.

Instead of losing the entirety of the space to a traditional bedroom setup, however, consider creative ways to convert your guest room into a multifunctional room so you can get more use from it between visits. A murphy bed is the perfect way to have a regular mattress available without losing the space permanently. If you’re thinking of the boring murphy beds of days gone by, guess again. Today they have murphy beds to fit every style and need. You can get a murphy bed and desk setup, one that pulls out from a cabinet or other storage unit, and even a murphy bed bookcase!

Since you won’t be taking up the majority of the room with a traditional bed, it’s time to learn how to be a happy empty nester and design with yourself in mind. You can easily combine your multi-purpose guest room with the rest of the items on our list of empty nest decorating ideas!

Making a Home Gym

For the fitness enthusiast and those simple looking for a place to stay healthy alike, a home gym is a popular way to repurpose your home as an empty nester. Some of the best home gym equipment is versatile for multiple exercises meaning it doesn’t require a ton of space while still giving you a full body workout.

Creating a home gym while empty nest decorating not only gives you a space to keep in shape but helps keep your equipment hidden from visitors. It’s not ideal to have free weights or an elliptical in the middle of your living room, so take advantage of your reclaimed room!

Create a Home Library or Reading Room

Looking for quieter, more peaceful inspiration for empty nest decorating? Turn your spare room into a reading room! Every bibliophile's dream, building a home library can offer a quiet retreat away from the rest of the house where you can dive into your favorite book uninterrupted.

Essential to the perfect home library or reading room setup is plenty of book storage and a comfy chair to sit and relax in while you read. Bookcases come in every shape, size, and color so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. You can even get creative with floating shelves as bookcases!

Now that the books are in order, you need the perfect reading chair. You’ll want something comfortable like a cushy loveseat or zero gravity chair. Reclining in zero gravity position not only provides the ultimate reading setup but gives you the health benefits of zero gravity chairs at the same time. Who doesn’t want to look after their body while they take care of their mind? 

Setting Up an Ergonomic Home Office Space

Working from home more lately or just want a private space to handle things? Another great empty nest decorating idea is creating an ergonomic home office setup. This can be a fully-dedicated office space or the perfect counterpart to your multifunctional guest bedroom.

Having a home office space separate from the rest of your home increases productivity and gives you privacy. Outfit your office with a desk and office chair combo that fits your needs. To prevent pain from sitting too long, consider using a zero gravity chair instead of a traditional office chair. A zero gravity chair will help improve your posture and realign your spine’s natural “S” curvature while providing comfort and function. Some zero gravity chairs even offer massage and heat therapy functions to keep your body loose and healthy while you work! 

Your Own Craft Room/DIY Studio

For the creatives out there, having a dedicated craft room or DIY studio is the ideal empty nest decorating idea. No longer do you have to stop mid-project to clear off the kitchen table for dinner. You can leave your project as it is and come back to work on it at your leisure! As an added bonus, any mess you might have while you work in your craft room is easily hidden behind a closed door if guests arrive. Even if you have items spread out in your craft room, confining a mess to a specific, designated space will help avoid the stress that can arise with cluttered living spaces. 

A Meditation Room or Zen Space in Your Home

Creating a meditation room or zen space in your home is an empty nest decorating idea that repurposes your home into a private retreat. The ability to close a door and have your own personal zen space is perfect for those looking to center themselves or meditate.

Meditation can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health by lowering blood pressure, managing stress and anxiety, and improving your mood. Decorate your zen space in calm, neutral colors to set the vibe. Earth tones are perfect for creating a calm atmosphere.

In your zen space you can have a variety of tools at your disposal. A yoga mat is perfect for combining yoga with self-reflection. You can also add a zero gravity recliner for meditating and perhaps a sound machine for ambient noise to go along with your meditation rituals.

The Coveted Man Cave/Lady Lair

Next on our list of empty nest decorating ideas is the ever-so-popular man cave or lady lair! What better way to discover how to be a happy empty nester than with your own private space to do whatever you want?

Giving your significant other a space of their own not only provides them a space to do their own thing, but it also gives way to other prime opportunities. Those drums sitting in the middle of the basement? Gone. The puzzle they’ve been “about to finish” for six months? Hidden.

If you’re the one setting up your man cave or lady lair, the options are endless! It’s an excellent space to use however you like without having to align it with the style of the rest of the house. It can be a media room, hangout space, room to watch the game, or anything your heart desires. Suddenly an empty nester isn’t so bad is it? 

Media Room or Home Theater

Speaking of a place to watch tv or movies, last on our list of favorite empty nest decorating ideas is creating a media room or home theater. Now that you’ve got the extra room, think of the possibilities! Depending on the size of the room, you can outfit it with zero gravity chairs for comfortable seating, get a giant projector and screen, then add surround sound. There are plenty of items to include when building a home theater that will give you the ultimate setup.

Learning how to be a happy empty nester is all about perspective and inspiration. The kids are grown and you’ll miss them, but as you start the next chapter of your life think of the possibilities! So go ahead and make that home gym, choose a zero gravity chair for your reading nook, or create the craft room of your dreams. The next chapter can be the best one yet.

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