At Svago, we’re all about zero gravity. You may be asking – why zero gravity, and are zero gravity chairs good for back pain? Designed by NASA, a zero gravity chair is designed to suspend your body into a neutral position where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart, creating a weightless feeling. Zero gravity has innumerable health benefits for back pain relief and improves the health of your spine and health overall. We go into what causes lower back pain and how it can be remedied with a zero gravity chair.

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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

There’s a number of causes for different types of back pain. Lower back pain is very common – in fact it affects 80% of adults at some point during their lifetime. There are many ways someone can get low back pain: an injury (such as sprains and strains), disc issues, a specific condition, disease, age, weight, lifestyle and even structural problems. Low back pain can become so severe that you’ll need relief before you figure out what is causing the issue in the first place. With all the pressure gravity puts on your lower/lumbar spine, zero gravity helps give that region of the body a break and recirculate fresh blood to the area. Zero gravity for back pain relief is where many turn to for natural and instant comfort. 

What are the Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain?

The benefits of zero gravity are many: reduced swelling and inflammation in the spine, low back pain relief, neck pain relief and a better night’s sleep are just some. In addition, it also helps with acid reflux/heartburn issues, as the esophagus is properly elevated. And, it’s a wonderful aid for heart conditions. With the elevated position, you’ll experience instant relief of low back pain due to zero compression on the spin and increased blood flow to the area to decrease inflammation. Toughness, stiffness, and pain in this region will immediately begin to soften in the zero gravity position. Learn more: The Purpose of a Zero Gravity Chair

How Does Zero Gravity Help Back Pain?

How zero gravity for back pain relief works is that at an elevated position where your feet are higher than your heart, you’ll experience a weightless feeling where there is no pressure on the spine. This spinal decompression hydrates discs, resulting in better circulation and reduced inflammation. Using a zero gravity chair for back pain also alleviates muscle tension, which may cause spasms and sciatic nerve pain. Learn more: Zero Gravity Chairs & Other Remedies for Sciatica Treatment at Home and Handling Spinal Decompression at Home.

What Are the Zero Gravity Back Pain Relief Features?

You may be wondering, what is the best zero gravity chair for back pain, and what are zero gravity chair features? There are many kinds of zero gravity recliners for back pain, including zero gravity massage chairs, heat therapy zero gravity chairs and zero gravity chairs with lumbar support.

Zero Gravity With Heat Therapy

All Svago chairs have heat therapy, which increases blood flow around the spinal column by dilating blood vessels. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to damaged tissues and facilitates faster healing. With heat, you’re allowing the muscles to relax and the vertebrae to fall back into place – receiving deep relaxation in a matter of minutes. It also reduces stiffness in the muscles, and when combined with massage, can give you maximum pain relief and spinal healing.

Zero Gravity with Lumbar Support

Did you know the lumbar region (the lower spine) carries most of the weight of your upper body? Having lumbar support is the best zero gravity chair for back pain because it helps keep the natural s-shape curvature of your spine. Maintaining a healthy lumbar spine is also good for a healthy posture; poor posture can contribute to back pain. Zero gravity chairs at Svago provide two types of massage: vibration or air pressure massage (also known as air cell massage), and when in contact with the lumbar spine, creates deep and subtle movement of the muscles that’s healing and helps alleviate pressure and pain.

What Features Help with Lower Back Pain?

To relieve back pain, a combination of heat, vibration massage and elevation will help immensely. The elevation of zero gravity instantly relieves low back pressure, as the body is in an elevated position from head to toe. This allows for extra space and more blood flow to circulate around the lumbar spine, which reduces inflammation. Heat aids in this process. In fact, those who use zero gravity chairs daily for sciatica experience significant relief both in the short-term picture and long-term goals. Massage is also a great natural alternative to painkillers, as the pressure relaxes sore muscles and increases blood flow. There are also simple exercises you can do at home to relieve sciatic pain – read more here.

What Features Help with Upper Back Pain and Shoulders?

Zero gravity chairs also help with head, neck and shoulder pain. By massaging muscles along the cervical spine, normally-tense muscles will soften and relax so more blood will flow to the area. With customized control with an intuitive remote and technology system, you will feel as if you’re getting a massage by four hands with Svago zero gravity recliners.

Plus, it helps the immune system. Studies have shown that a 45-minute massage can increase lymphocyte production in the body. These are white blood cells that have a role in defending against various diseases and sicknesses. So not only are you experiencing pain relief and relaxation, you’re preventing sickness, too. Upper back and shoulder pain also comes from being on the computer and stressing at work, so regular massage to this area will help quite a bit.

What are the Best Zero Gravity Chairs for Back Pain? 

There are a wide array of zero gravity chairs out there to help with your back pain. At Svago, we offer various models that will look great in your home, stay in your budget, and last a lifetime.

The Newton

Incredibly feature-packed with zero gravity, the Newton has buttery-soft top-grain leather and a walnut base, air cell massage and two custom memory settings, so you can sit back, relax and let your back pain melt away.

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The recliner that started it all, our classic ZGR has everything you need: zero gravity, an easy-to-navigate remote and even vegan synthetic hyde. Go a bit deeper with vibration massage and heat therapy for deeply healing your back.

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The Lite

Our entry-level zero gravity recliner fits any budget and has one button to bliss with an easy-to-navigate remote. The Lite has zero gravity, lumbar heat therapy and comfortable armrests, you can relax and feel it start to fade away.

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The Swivel

Our brand new Swivel chair has innovation, luxury and dashing good looks and is the only zero gravity recliner that has a 280-degree swivel feature. Made in mind to help you relax and feel pain relief, it comes with two air massage programs and buttery-soft leather,  natural wood and walnut sides, and the tops of the armrests upholstered.

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