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Zero Gravity Sleep Position

Zero gravity sleep can be highly relaxing, in addition to its other benefits. The zero gravity position was developed to relieve the stress and strain on an astronaut's body during the intense gravitational forces experienced during liftoff, re-entry, and weightlessness in space.

You can use specialized zero gravity chairs to sleep in a zero gravity position on Earth. These are designed to recline and position your body in the desired manner. Here, we'll look at the zero gravity sleep position and the benefits our chairs can provide for someone who uses it.

What Is Zero Gravity Sleeping Position?

The zero gravity sleep position has several notable traits, including:

  • Body alignment: The body is positioned to minimize pressure points and keep the spine in a neutral alignment. This can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems and discomfort.
  • Legs raised: The legs are slightly elevated above the heart level, usually slightly bent at the hips and knees. This relieves pressure on the lower back and promotes circulation.
  • Upper body incline: The upper body is also somewhat inclined at a roughly 120 degree angle, with the head slightly raised. This position can reduce snoring and help alleviate symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea.
  • Neutral arm position: The arms are usually placed at the sides or on armrests in a relaxed and neutral position.

Getting into this position allows the spine to observe a neutral alignment. This produces a more relaxing position for sleep.

Is Zero Gravity Sleep Available In All Svago Recliners?

Yes, the zero gravity sleep position is available in each Svago recliner, and relaxation is the core tenet of these chairs. 

Every Svago zero gravity chair comes with one-touch zero gravity settings to allow for quick realignment of the seat into the most comfortable arrangement. By enabling such a quick shift into zero gravity configuration, users can rapidly move from a stressful day into a more relaxing nap or deep sleep.

What Features Work In Tandem With Zero Gravity Sleep?

Zero gravity sleep by itself is already relaxing and brings a lot of benefits to users. However, many features also work alongside zero gravity chairs to guarantee a restful and relaxing sleep cycle. Among these are:

  • Heat therapy: When used with the zero gravity sleep position, heat therapy enhances relaxation for better sleep. Heat soothes muscles, improves blood flow, and alleviates pain. This combination, creating a cozy and comfortable environment, helps individuals with chronic pain or sleep issues experience more restful sleep. The Newton, ZGR, and Lite offer lumbar-area heat therapy. The Swivel offers lower back heat therapy.
  • Vibrational massage: Vibrational massage employs gentle, rhythmic vibrations to relax muscles and promote circulation, reducing tension and stress. This therapy is often used to enhance relaxation during sleep. When combined with the zero gravity sleep position, which minimizes spinal pressure, it can improve overall sleep quality. The vibrations create a soothing experience, promoting a deep, restful sleep experience. The ZGR and the Lite both offer vibrational massage as a built-in feature.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning materials like memory foam offer exceptional support and comfort for sleep. Memory foam contours to your body's shape, relieving pressure points and reducing discomfort. When paired with the zero gravity sleep position, which aligns the spine, it enhances sleep quality. The Lite and Swivel offer high-density poly foam as cushioning, whereas the ZGR has memory foam in the neck and lumbar area. The Newton offers full-body memory foam for a unique experience.

What Are Benefits Of Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

The zero gravity sleep position offers a wide range of benefits. These aren't limited to physical benefits either, as there are many psychological bonuses to enjoying zero gravity sleep. It can also bring relief when used alongside vibrational massage and heat therapy for back pain

Some of the benefits of the zero gravity sleeping position are:

Zero Gravity Sleep Reduces Swelling

Zero gravity sleep reduces swelling by optimizing blood circulation. In this position, the legs are elevated above heart level, helping to counteract gravity's effects and improve blood circulation. This improved circulation reduces fluid accumulation in the lower limbs, minimizing swelling. By promoting even blood flow, the zero gravity position can be especially beneficial for individuals prone to edema, venous insufficiency or those who spend prolonged periods on their feet.

Zero Gravity Sleeping Position Reduces Stress

The zero gravity sleeping position reduces stress by optimally aligning the body and evenly distributing weight. This alignment promotes relaxation, benefiting mobility and flexibility naturally. By minimizing pressure points and reducing muscle tension, the zero gravity position fosters a more comfortable and stress-reducing sleep experience, ultimately contributing to overall well-being and a more relaxed body.

Reduce Spinal Compression With Zero Gravity Sleeping

Zero gravity sleeping reduces spinal compression, offering significant relief for back pain sufferers. This position aligns the body to minimize the gravitational forces on the spine, reducing pressure and discomfort for optimal zero gravity back pain relief. Promoting a neutral spinal alignment can alleviate strain on the back, making it an effective strategy for enhancing comfort and addressing back pain issues during sleep.

Restorative Sleep And/Or Naps

The quality of sleep you have is as important as the quantity. This position promotes optimal body alignment, reducing pressure points and enhancing relaxation. It's particularly effective for quick, restorative naps and longer, deeper sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. Reduced pressure on the spine and improved circulation contribute to overall well-being and improved sleep quality.

Zero Gravity Sleeping Position Helps With Back Pain

Back pain can be terrible, but sleeping in zero gravity can alleviate some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. Minimizing pressure on the spine and promoting a neutral alignment eases discomfort and reduces strain on the back. This posture offers a restful and comfortable sleep experience, making it an effective strategy for managing and preventing back pain during rest.

Learn more about zero gravity and back pain: Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Is Zero Gravity Sleep Position Different In Recliner vs. Bed?

Some people claim that beds are superior to zero gravity recliners overall. There are similarities and differences between both of them, such as:


  •  Body alignment: Both a recliner and a bed can offer optimal body alignment that minimizes pressure points and reduces strain on the spine.
  • Leg elevation: In both cases, you can elevate your legs above heart level, which promotes circulation, reduces swelling, and relieves pressure on the lower back.


  • Head and upper body: In a recliner, the upper body is more inclined, with the head slightly raised. In a bed, you can adjust the upper body angle but may not achieve the same degree of incline.
  • Space: Beds require more space and are typically stationary, while recliners are more compact and can be moved or adjusted easily.
  • Cost: High-quality adjustable beds can be more expensive than recliners.

Each person is different, and while a bed might be a better option for some, recliners might be a more convenient choice for others. They both offer the same benefits of the zero gravity sleeping position.

Learn More About Zero Gravity Sleep Position

There are several reasons why a person may want to experience the zero gravity sleep position. From back pain to low-quality sleep in a regular bed and even stress, each of these are things that the zero gravity position offers relief from. To learn more about how the zero gravity position can help you with your sleep, consider checking out the following:

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