What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

At Svago, all of our massage chairs recline into the zero gravity position; yet you may be wondering, what is a zero gravity chair and what does zero gravity mean? We’ll cover what it is, why it’s important and how it can greatly enhance the health of your spine. Here, you’ll understand the purpose of a zero gravity chair, and why it’s a must-have staple for every home.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair Anyway?

What is a zero gravity chair? Zero gravity chairs are designed to suspend your body into a neutral posture where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart, creating a weightless feeling. Svago chairs recline from 0 to 180 degrees at the touch of a button, where you’ll feel held and relaxed as the benefits of zero gravity do the work.

Zero gravity chairs were designed and inspired by NASA, recreating the feeling of weightlessness in space. That’s why zero gravity massage chairs are the best investment–they have the power of science behind them to support better health for your spine and your entire body.

What Does Zero Gravity Mean?

Think of the term, zero gravity, as weightlessness. Designed by NASA to mimic how you feel in outer space, the zero gravity position has no apparent action of gravitational pull acting on the body, allowing you to feel weightless. Gravity puts compression on the spine, and zero gravity gives you weightlessness – allowing the spine to elongate, the discs to rehydrate and inflammation and pain to greatly decrease, so you’ll feel much better overall.

What is Zero Gravity Position?

Even if you can’t get to outer space, the zero gravity position can mimic it. The zero gravity position raises your head and knees slightly above your heart, aligning the torso and legs so they are roughly at a 120-degree angle. This zero gravity position gives you the alignment you need for the benefits of zero gravity to work. 

What is the Purpose of a Zero Gravity Chair?

The purpose of a zero gravity chair is to give your body the benefits of zero gravity. When your body is in the zero gravity position, your heart, spine and nervous system benefit. It is the most natural and powerful way to heal back issues: chronic and acute. When your body is in the neutral position, the spine will naturally decompress and relieve tension, so the discs have plenty of room to expand and hydrate, and allow blood flow to increase.

The benefits of zero gravity are many: reduced swelling and inflammation in the spine, low back pain relief, neck pain relief and a better night’s sleep. It also helps with acid reflux/heartburn issues, as the esophagus is properly elevated. In addition, it’s a wonderful aid for heart conditions. The zero gravity position gets more oxygen to your blood, helping with circulation issues, reduced swelling, and less pain overall, and can even help lower cholesterol!

It allows the heart to work more efficiently without the strain gravity puts on the heart. Imagine the changes in your health from even 20 minutes a day resting in zero gravity!

Can You Lay Flat in a Zero Gravity Chair?

Because of the scientifically studied health benefits of zero gravity, we designed our chairs to match the science and the best way to heal the body overall. Because of this, you are not laying flat. However, you can choose to recline in the zero gravity position, upright, and everything in between. Simply customize your experience with our easy-to-use hand-held remotes. You can increase your time in the zero gravity position over time as you adjust. 

Can You Sleep in a Zero Gravity Chair?

Absolutely! Sleeping in the zero gravity position has a myriad of health benefits – including reduced stress and pressure on the heart, opened nasal and airway passages, a decompressed spinal vertebrae and relaxed muscles, along with nervous system regulation so you feel less stressed and able to sleep easier. Napping in our zero gravity chairs is a great way to get a reboot in the middle of the day and experience instant pain relief and decreased inflammation.

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Zero Gravity Chairs Available to Purchase

We believe in the power of zero gravity, so all of our chairs, The Newton, The ZGR, The Swivel and The Light recline in the zero gravity position.

The Newton

Incredibly feature-packed with zero gravity, the Newton has buttery-soft top-grain leather and a walnut base, air cell massage and two custom memory settings, so you can sit back, relax and let the chair do all the work.


The recliner that started it all, our classic ZGR has everything you need: zero gravity, an easy-to-navigate remote and even vegan synthetic hyde. Go a bit deeper with vibration massage and heat therapy for a full-body experience.

The Lite

Our entry-level zero gravity recliner fits any budget and has one button to bliss with an easy-to-navigate remote. The Lite has zero gravity, lumbar heat therapy and comfortable armrests, you can sink back and relax easy.

The Swivel

Our brand new Swivel chair has innovation, luxury and dashing good looks and is the only massage chair that has a 280-degree swivel feature. Made in mind to help you relax, it comes with two air massage programs and buttery-soft leather and natural wood and walnut veneer.