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Improve Blood Circulation in Zero Gravity Chairs

Can you improve blood circulation in zero gravity chairs? NASA's research has shown that zero gravity can significantly improve blood flow and circulation. The body's systems are designed to deal with gravity and, at times, fight against it. Gravitational forces typically have a massive effect on blood flow throughout the body - which is why gravity has such an impact on blood flow and circulation.  Our zero gravity chairs were built to harness the power of low gravity to help with blood circulation. 

Explore how zero gravity chairs can help with circulation and maintaining good blood flow is essential to a healthy, happy life.

Benefits When You Improve Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. It ensures that oxygen, nutrients, and hormones are effectively delivered to cells and tissues while waste products and carbon dioxide are efficiently removed from the body. 

Here are some key benefits of good blood circulation:

  • Improved oxygen supply: Efficient blood circulation ensures oxygen-rich blood reaches all cells, promoting optimal cellular function and energy production.
  • Nutrient distribution: Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are transported through the bloodstream, nourishing tissues and aiding in growth and repair.
  • Waste removal: Proper circulation helps eliminate metabolic waste products, toxins, and carbon dioxide, preventing their accumulation, which can otherwise lead to various health issues.
  • Heart health: Good circulation reduces the strain on the heart, as it doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body, thus lowering the risk of heart-related problems and improving heart health.
  • Temperature regulation: Blood flow helps regulate body temperature by distributing heat evenly and maintaining a stable internal environment.
  • Healthy skin: Adequate circulation contributes to vibrant and healthy skin by promoting the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, supporting their renewal and repair.
  • Organ function: Proper blood flow helps the efficient functioning of organs, enhancing their ability to carry out essential processes.
  • Muscle performance: Improved circulation supplies muscles with oxygen and nutrients during physical activity, enhancing endurance and reducing the risk of cramps or injuries.
  • Brain function: Good blood circulation supports cognitive function, memory, and concentration by delivering oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.
  • Immune system support: Circulation plays a role in the immune response by transporting immune cells and antibodies throughout the body to fight off infections and diseases.

Optimal blood circulation can be achieved and maintained by regular physical activity. Using zero gravity chairs with massage can profoundly affect circulation in the human body. To improve blood circulation in zero gravity chairs, a person should choose a chair that fits their needs. The final decision depends on what features you need in a zero gravity chair.

Features To Improve Blood Circulation in Zero Gravity Chairs

To improve blood circulation in zero gravity chairs, you should take a look at how those chairs promote better blood flow. The features found in these chairs include heat therapy, vibration, and zero gravity, each offering its own unique attribute for improving circulation. The zero gravity chair options that help with circulation include:

  •  Zero gravity position: Each chair on offer in the Svago store has zero gravity capabilities.
  • Vibration massage: The ZGR Plus offers vibration massage to clients who are looking for something a bit more in their zero gravity recliners. The Lite also offers vibrating massage at a lower cost.
  • Heat therapy: The ZGR Plus also offers heat therapy to go with its vibration massage feature. The Swivel provides lower back heat therapy to relieve pain and discomfort. The Newton and the Lite provide lumbar-area heat therapy, for a different experience.
  • Air cell massage: The Swivel Zero Gravity Recliner and The Newton are chairs that come with Air Cell massage built in. The Newton also has Air Cell Lumbar Support.
  • Handheld remote: Svago chairs all come with easy-to-use handheld remotes, allowing for comfort at your fingertips while enjoying zero gravity position and other features.

How Do These Improve Blood Circulation?

Zero Gravity chairs with heat therapy  and lower back support can significantly enhance blood circulation through a combination of targeted techniques. Furthermore, the lower back support in these chairs helps maintain the spine's natural curvature, reducing tension and compression on the blood vessels that serve the lower back and pelvic regions. These chairs facilitate unimpeded blood circulation to and from vital organs in the abdomen and lower body by providing proper spinal alignment.

In combination, these features work synergistically to create an environment that fosters optimal blood circulation. Users can experience improved oxygen delivery, nutrient supply, and waste removal, enhancing overall wellness and relaxation. Regular use of zero gravity chairs with these features can improve blood circulation and overall bodily health.

Improve Blood Circulation With Vibration Massage

Vibration therapy, as offered by some zero gravity chairs, aids blood circulation by stimulating blood vessels and muscles. The rhythmic vibrations encourage vasodilation, widening the vessels and allowing for increased blood flow. This helps deliver oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells more efficiently to various body parts. Additionally, the vibrations stimulate muscle contractions, which in turn assists in pushing blood through veins, promoting healthier circulation and reducing the risk of blood pooling or stagnation.

Improve Blood Circulation With Heat Therapy

Heat therapy applied by these chairs helps to dilate blood vessels, promoting increased blood flow to the treated areas. This expansion of blood vessels, known as vasodilation, improves the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to cells while aiding in removing metabolic waste products. The benefits of heat therapy are widely known and well-documented.

Improve Blood Circulation in Zero Gravity Position

The zero gravity feature in these chairs elevates the legs slightly above the heart level, reducing the gravitational pull on the body. This position enhances blood circulation by encouraging better blood flow from the lower extremities back toward the heart. It also alleviates pressure on the spine, allowing for improved circulation along the spinal column.

Improve Blood Circulation with Air Cell Massage

Air cell massage is a unique approach in massage chair technology. Air cell massages in massage chairs work by utilizing a series of airbags or air cells strategically placed throughout the chair's design. Blood flow becomes easier during air cell massage. This technique also helps to redirect blood back to the heart, making for better oxygenation of tissues across the body.

Causes of Poor Blood Circulation

There are numerous causes of poor blood circulation, which can have a terrible effect on a person's overall health. Among the most common problems that may lead to poor circulation include:

  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Blood Clots
  • Varicose Veins

Any one or more of these could lead to poor blood circulation. Over time, this poor circulation can irreversibly damage tissue and lead to long-term problems with a person's health. Dealing with the issue before it becomes a problem is the best way to approach poor blood circulation.

Learn More About Blood Circulation in Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs with massage remain the most convenient way to deal with poor blood circulation. These chairs typically come with additional features such as lumbar support, vibrating massages, and heat therapy to help with circulation and other issues. Readers can delve further into the topics of blood circulation here:

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