Inspiration for Building a Home Library

stylish home library with seating

When you think about building a home library, what comes to mind? Is it a grand library like in movies or a cozy little nook to call your own? Building a home library is as simple as creating a space for you to enjoy your books to the fullest.

Do I Have Space to Build a Home Library?

Yes! While many people associate home libraries with enormous houses or grand estates, anyone can have one! It can be a spare bedroom, a grand private library, or even just creating a reading nook in your home. Every bibliophile needs their own personal book heaven to come home to after a long day.

Inspirational Must Haves for Building a Home Library

Now that you’ve decided on building a home library, you need the perfect items to go in it! Your home library is your literary happy place so let it be a reflection of you. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional decor, don’t be afraid to get creative and choose unique items that speak to you.

When you’re building a library at home you’ll want to consider:

  • Having plenty of space for storing books
  • Comfortable seating you’ll love spending time in
  • Good lighting for reading without straining your eyes
  • Cozy blankets and pillows to curl up with
  • Good headphones for listening to audio books (not all books are physical!)
  • Artwork on the walls to enhance the vibe

Unique Bookcases for Home Libraries

The most obvious item you’ll need when building a home library is space to store books! Traditional bookcases are great and if that speaks to you, full steam ahead. There are endless ways to store your books, however. Unique bookcases put your personality into your favorite reading space.

If you’re looking to add color and cheer to your home library, consider painting bookcases in your favorite colors. We recommend calming colors like blues, greens, and pinks that add personality without distracting you while reading. You want your library to be relaxing!

If you’re looking for a really unique bookcase while building a library at home, you could mount shelves to create your own masterpiece or look for a cool design. There are even chairs that double as bookcases!

Comfortable Furniture for a Home Library

If you’re building a home library you want it to be a comfortable place where you can spend hours immersed in your favorite book. Having comfortable seating is essential! Consider choosing a plush loveseat, oversized chair, or a zero gravity chair that you can curl up in and relax.

If you’re choosing between a zero gravity chair or a recliner it’s really a no brainer. Using a zero gravity chair in a home library not only gives you a comfortable spot for your next literary adventure but takes care of your mind and body. Reclining in zero gravity position while reading releases pressure on the spine, improves blood pressure, and helps your body heal faster. Some luxury zero gravity recliners even have massage and heat therapy functions! Who doesn’t want a home library with a massage chair?

Perfect Lighting for Reading

One of your top considerations while building a library at home should be lighting. Without adequate lighting, your eyes are forced to work harder to see what you’re reading. Contrary to popular myth this won’t cause permanent damage but it can lead to headache and eye strain.

This doesn’t mean you need super bright overhead lighting to be sufficient. There are floor lamp designs to fit every style and taste. You’re sure to find one that speaks to you! If one isn’t enough, consider a few lamps spaced throughout your home library to brighten the room well enough. Small table lamps are another great idea if you are adding a side table to your seating area.

As many people are turning to e-readers, you may be tempted to think backlighting is fine for reading in a darker room. The opposite is true, actually. If you’re reading digital books, your light level should be at or above the level of your device.

Soft Pillows and Cozy Blankets for Extra Comfort

You’re building a home library you can spend hours in at a time, so make sure you’re comfortable! In addition to choosing the perfect loveseat or zero gravity chair to sit in, you’ll want to outfit your library with pillows and a great throw. Having plush pillows and cozy blankets to curl up with while reading is every practically bibliophile’s idea of heaven!

Natural fabrics like cotton breathe the most and will have the most durability. With all the pillow options available, you can choose complementary colors or crazy patterns! Accent pillows are the perfect way to inject some personality into your home library.

When you’re choosing a blanket, make sure it’s big enough to cover your entire body while you relax. For a bit of extra comfort, weighted blankets help improve relaxation, alleviate anxiety, and reduce stress levels. 

Good Headphones for Listening to Audio Books

Not all books are paper and ink anymore! In the digital age, audio books have risen in popularity. The perfect option for those wanting to simply relax while they take in their next book, audio books let you relax and certainly won’t strain your eyes. They’re also perfect for those with dyslexia or other health ailments that make reading for prolonged periods of time less easy.

Choose a good set of headphones that deliver clear audio. For added peace and quiet, noise cancelling headphones are a perfect accessory for building a home library. 

Create a Calm Atmosphere with Art

Building a home library isn’t just about the books. You’ll want to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere where you can truly relax and spend time reading. Choosing beautiful art to decorate the walls of your library can enhance the feel of the whole space. You can get prints of your favorite works or visit a local art fair to support local artists in your area.

Adding art to your library makes it even more personalized to you. You can’t go wrong!

Getting inspiration for building a home library is all about tailoring your space to you. Make it fit your personality and needs. Want a more traditional space? Feeling a funky vibe? There’s no wrong way on how to build a home library. Make sure you’ve got good lighting, plenty of book storage, and choose a great zero gravity chair to relax and enjoy. It’s worth the effort!