Bonus Features of Zero Gravity Luxury Recliners

experiencing benefits of zero gravity luxury recliners

Luxury recliners have evolved way beyond the clunky versions of decades past. Today, luxury recliners make perfect additions to all different interior design styles. They’re stylish, comfortable, and may provide more health benefits for people of all ages than you ever realized!

Of all the chairs on the market, zero gravity luxury recliners offer the most incredible experiences that can truly change your life. Who knew you could find a stylish recliner that boosts your overall health and helps you maintain an active lifestyle?

We’re taking a look at the bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners that set them heads above the rest!

Best Features of Zero Gravity Luxury Recliners

When you’re choosing chairs for your living room, bedroom, or even getting nursery ideas when preparing for a baby you’re looking to get the most from your investment. Zero gravity luxury recliners take your chair experience to an entirely new level.

Though the name may sound out of this world, your zero gravity chair won’t have you defying the laws of physics. Instead, zero gravity luxury recliners are multifunctional furniture pieces that offer comfort, style, and a wealth of health benefits. If you’re not as familiar with them, you can check out our guide to learn the answer to “what is a zero gravity chair?” after this! They’re the recliner that can change your life.

The best zero gravity chairs have additional features that set them apart from the crowd. Some of our favorite bonus features of zero gravity luxury chairs are:

  • Recliner massage features
  • Heat therapy functions
  • Lumbar support for spinal alignment and posture
  • Smart wakeup programs
  • Custom memory settings

Luxury Recliners Have Massage Features

For a true luxury recliner experience, consider a zero gravity recliner with massage features! There are numerous zero gravity recliner massage benefits you can experience from treating muscle strain at home to increasing flexibility and mobility. Massage has also been shown to elevate your mood and help the body heal faster.

Depending on the model of zero gravity luxury recliner you choose you’ll find different options for massage features. Some are zero gravity recliners with vibrating massage functions. Vibration massage is great for soft tissue stimulation and can help stimulate your parasympathetic system, helping muscles loosen and relax. Other models may be zero gravity recliners with air cell massage functions, which give you a deeper relaxation and stretch massage experience all along your back. 

Heat Therapy in a Zero Gravity Recliner

When it comes to luxury zero gravity recliners, heat is healing! Heat therapy functions help improve blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body helping it heal faster. Using zero gravity recliner heat therapy also works to keep muscles loose and alleviate lower back pain.

There are two types of heat therapy features you may find in zero gravity luxury recliners: lumbar area and full-back. Perfect for any lifestyle, heat therapy can be helpful to avoid muscle tension, for athletes during a post-workout recovery routine, or even just to achieve better sleep quality.

Choosing a zero gravity recliner with either heat therapy option will have you feeling the difference right away!

Luxury Recliners Have Lumbar Support for Spinal Alignment

Lower back pain is one of the most common health ailments affecting nearly 80% of all adults at some point in their lifetime. Poor posture and bad sitting habits are a frequent source of this lower back pain. So how do you improve your posture using zero gravity chairs? With lumbar support!

You may think of lumbar support as just that pillow that sits against your lower back, but do you know why it’s so helpful? Sitting properly can help you avoid pain from sitting too long and assist you in realigning your spine into its natural curvature.

When you’re choosing a zero gravity luxury recliner take a look at what lumbar support may be available. Some are zero gravity recliners with removable lumbar support pillows you can use at your leisure. Others may take this bonus feature of zero gravity recliners to the next level with adjustable air cell lumbar support. This feature gives you the ultimate in customizable comfort tailored to meet your needs. 

Zero Gravity Luxury Recliner Smart Wake Up Programs

Aside from the many health benefits of zero gravity recliners, one side effect is total relaxation. In the zero gravity position, your legs are elevated above the heart level, evenly distributing weight along your body and reducing pressure on the spine and pelvic areas. This even distribution allows your body and muscles to relax more deeply and can put you to sleep!

Everyone needs a nap now and then, so consider choosing a zero gravity luxury recliner with smart wake up programs built in. These programs can help you avoid sleeping too long, which may interfere with your normal sleep/wake cycle.

For pregnant women, naps during the day can be an absolute must! Zero gravity recliners also offer safe positions for better sleep during pregnancy and smart wake up programs can be set for the optimal midday power nap. 

Custom Memory Settings in Your Zero Gravity Recliner

Last on our list of bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners are custom memory settings. While many couples choose to get two zero gravity recliners for their home to enjoy together, it’s always great to be able to sit right in your recliner and immediately achieve your perfect settings. For those sharing a chair, this becomes even more important!

The bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners set them apart from the rest. Massage benefits, heat therapy for tight muscles, lumbar support, and more make them the hands down winner of any zero gravity vs traditional recliner debate! For your next furniture addition, choose a zero gravity chair that helps you keep up your lifestyle and leaves you feeling incredible.

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