benefits of vibration massage in zero gravity chairs

Benefits of Vibration Massage Feature In Zero Gravity Chairs

Along with the benefits Svago’s zero gravity chairs already provide,  the addition of vibration massage offers extra convenience that relaxes muscles and relieves stress after a long day. Vibration motors within our zero gravity chairs change the speed and location of the vibration, allowing users to target the areas they want to directly. The vibration massage feature is designed to relieve tension, relax muscles, and generate a feeling of well-being.

What is Vibration Massage?

Vibration massage is a feature that uses mechanical devices or tools to create rapid, rhythmic movements and vibrations on the body's surface. It differs from traditional massage, such as Swedish or deep tissue massage, in several ways:

  • Mechanical device: Vibration massage uses a mechanical device that vibrates at various intensities to target muscles and soft tissues.
  • Rapid vibrations: Vibration massage delivers rapid, oscillating vibrations to the skin's surface, which can penetrate deeper into the muscles and tissues.
  •  Localized treatment: Vibration massage is often applied to specific areas or muscle groups that need targeted relief.
  • Minimal manual effort: There is far less manual force applied in these types of massages. 
  • Muscle stimulation: It primarily focuses on stimulating and relaxing the muscles, making it effective for muscle recovery and pain relief.
  •  Quick sessions: Vibration massage sessions are typically shorter in duration compared to traditional massages, as the mechanical device can achieve its effects more efficiently.

What Svago Chairs Have Vibration Massage?

Svago offers a few chairs that are designed to include vibration massages. If you’re looking for vibration massage chair options, there are a currently 2 choices available:

  • Svago ZGR zero gravity recliner: This zero gravity recliner offers full customization with a one-touch control module that allows you to go from reclining to sitting in a single press. A manually adjustable neck pillow does a lot of the work of supporting your head and neck, and the adjustable lumbar pillow helps with the lower back and body.
  • Svago Lite zero gravity recliner: This entry-level zero gravity recliner offers many features of the ZGR but retains its own unique style. This recliner is built out of durable materials and offers lumbar heat therapy alongside its vibration function. Its easy-to-navigate, simple handheld control makes adjustments easy for any level of user.

What Are The Benefits of Vibration Massage Feature?

Vibration massage offers several benefits to users. Alongside heat therapy for back pain, vibration massage benefits a person's circulation and mobility. Regular use of a vibration zero gravity chair can lead to long-term positive benefits in each of the areas below.

Vibration Massage Benefits Blood Circulation

Vibration massage can improve blood circulation by stimulating the muscles and blood vessels, helping to enhance the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. The rhythmic vibrations promote vasodilation, increasing blood vessel diameter and improving circulation.

Vibration Massage Benefits Mobility

Vibration massage can benefit mobility by reducing muscle stiffness and enhancing joint flexibility, making it easier for individuals to move with increased comfort and range of motion. The gentle vibrations help relax tense muscles, improving mobility and reducing stiffness in the targeted areas.

Vibration Massage Benefits Back Pain

Vibration massage can provide relief from back pain by promoting muscle relaxation and increasing blood flow to the affected area. Using select Svago models for zero gravity for back pain relief with this feature will incorporate soothing vibrations that help alleviate tension and discomfort, offering a non-invasive method for managing and reducing back pain.

Mental Vibration Massage Benefits

Vibration massage benefits include stress reduction and relaxation, as gentle vibrations can calm the mind, helping alleviate mental tension and promote well-being. Additionally, it can enhance mental clarity and focus by relieving stress-related mental fatigue.

How Does Zero Gravity Help Vibration Massage Benefits?

Zero gravity works alongside vibration massage to help individuals relax. The combined benefits that these techniques offer include:

  • Spinal decompression: Zero gravity positioning in a chair helps evenly distribute body weight, reducing pressure on the spine and allowing it to decompress, alleviating spinal issues and improving the effectiveness of vibration massage on back muscles.
  • Enhanced blood circulation: The zero gravity position elevates the legs above the heart, aiding in better blood circulation, and when combined with vibration massage, it can effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles for relaxation and recovery.
  • Deeper relaxation: The sensation of weightlessness in a zero gravity position induces a profound state of relaxation, and when combined with vibration massage, it can significantly reduce stress and tension throughout the body.
  • Optimal body positioning: Zero gravity ensures the body is in an ideal position to receive targeted massage, allowing vibration massage to stimulate various muscle groups more effectively, including the back and shoulders..
  • Improved breathing: With the chest and diaphragm more open in the zero gravity position, breathing becomes easier and deeper, further enhancing relaxation and reducing stress. This contributes to both the mental and physical benefits of the massage.

What Conditions Can Benefits of Vibration Massage Help With?

Vibration massage can have a positive impact on a person's body. Regular use of vibration massage can help with a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Muscle tension
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic stress
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica (Learn more in this post about zero gravity and sciatica self-care)

Learn More About The Benefits of Vibration Massage

The vibration massage feature in select zero gravity chair models from Svago offer an additional way to find relief for various aches, pains and ailments. To learn more about how the vibration massage works with zero gravity, consider checking out these posts:

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