How to Buy Good Quality Furniture That Will Last

modern living room with high quality furniture that will last

When you make an investment in your furniture you want to be sure it’s going to last a long time! Whether you’re researching tips for buying furniture for your first home or just looking at furniture for different interior design styles, learning how to buy good quality furniture that will last is important before you spend your money.

Learning how to choose quality furniture that’ll last doesn’t require trial and error. It comes down to checking a few key areas to be sure a piece is built well. We’re teaching you how to buy good quality furniture that will last!

Learning How to Buy Good Quality Furniture

As we said, learning how to buy good quality furniture is all about checking a few key things. When you’re looking for how to choose quality furniture consider these areas:

  • Look for craftsmanship as an indicator of quality furniture
  • Consider the materials used to build the furniture piece
  • Choose durable furniture fabric that will stand up to use
  • See how much a company stands behind their products with warranties

Check For Quality Craftsmanship in Furniture Pieces

The first step to learning how to buy good quality furniture that will last is looking at the craftsmanship that goes into a piece. This doesn’t mean you need to become a carpenter or bring one with you like you might bring a mechanic to a car lot. Determining furniture craftsmanship is really quite simple.

If you’re looking into high end furniture pieces such as zero gravity chairs or formal dining room chairs, check to make sure all the legs touch the floor. You don’t want your chair to wobble right after you’ve made your investment! Also, it shouldn’t creak if you lift it from one side. All the pieces should fit together tightly and securely.

For things like chests or a desk for a home office setup, try out the drawers and see how they glide out. They should pull out easily and have a stopper at the end to prevent them from being taken all the way out accidentally. If the furniture piece you’re looking at has hinged doors, open them to ensure they don’t squeak or resist opening.

Another way to measure the craftsmanship of a quality furniture piece is to look for indicator words like “handcrafted” or “individually made.” While these may seem like small details, it shows a manufacturer's dedication to producing the highest quality furniture pieces. 

Look for High Quality Furniture Materials

Next up in our guide on how to buy good quality furniture that will last is considering the materials used to build the furniture piece. You can’t expect high quality furniture from low quality materials!

A prime example of sturdy materials for quality furniture can be seen when choosing chairs for your living room. Whether you’re checking out a sofa, loveseat, or a living room recliner such as a zero gravity chair, look at the structural foundation. In a luxury piece like a zero gravity chair you’d expect to find a steel frame supporting it to provide sturdiness, stability, and durability.

Other materials you should look at include how the chair is put together. Does the fabric pattern line up or is it put together haphazardly? Are there fasteners like nails or screws exposed already? Not a good sign.

Learning how to choose quality furniture relies heavily on recognizing quality materials.  

Choose Furniture With High Quality and Durable Fabric

Speaking of fabrics, another method for how to buy good quality furniture that will last is to choose furniture with durable fabric. This is even more important when you start considering luxury pieces like leather zero gravity chairs because you want to ensure your leather will stand the test of time!

When it comes to choosing leather furniture (or alternative vegan interior design ideas for sustainable decor) you want top-of-the-line leather that can take years of use. Part of choosing leather furniture is also learning how to care for leather furniture at home. This is where durability and quality are key. Whether it’s real leather or faux leather, both can last for many years on high quality furniture with the right care.

If you’re opting for more regular upholstery fabric choices for your furniture, a way to look for quality is in the fabric type. Synthetic fabrics may be cheaper, but natural upholstery fibers like cotton and linen are indicators for how to choose quality furniture for your home. As the old saying goes, oftentimes you really do get what you pay for!

Check Out the Furniture Warranty and Return Policies

Last in our guide on how to buy quality furniture that will last isn’t on the piece itself but rather how much the company stands behind their work. Good quality furniture will inevitably be backed by a strong warranty or guarantee.

Look for companies with no-hassle return policies for an initial period or those with good warranty coverage. These policies show that the company believes in their work and knows they’re providing good quality furniture that will last. A no-hassle return policy shows even more promise because it means they’re very sure you’re going to love it! If you find a furniture piece you’re skeptical of and it has no warranty or a complicated set of company policies attached to it, it’s best to keep looking elsewhere.

When you’re shopping for new furniture for your home you need to know how to buy good quality furniture that will last. There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a piece only to have to replace it soon after. So the next time you’re looking at sofas, thinking about a home office desk, or choosing a zero gravity chair to add to your space remember our tips and be sure you’ll get the most from your investment!

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