Creating a Zen Spot With a Zero Gravity Recliner in the Living Room

young man meditating in living room zen spot zero gravity chair

Everyone needs that special spot to find their zen and let go of the stresses of the day. The living room is where we all gravitate for relaxation and comfort. Combine both and create the perfect atmosphere to recenter yourself! In this article we’re exploring ways for creating a zen spot with a zero gravity recliner in the living room:

Adding a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety Relief

Weighted blankets are heavier than normal blankets, typically ranging from 4 to 30 pounds. The sensation of being pushed slightly downward under the blanket is known as “grounding” or “earthing” and has been shown to have an extremely calming effect on people of all ages. Using a weighted blanket for anxiety creates a zen spot with a zero gravity recliner in the living room helping you achieve deeper relaxation and better sleep quality. 

When you’re choosing your weighted blanket, consider calming colors to add to your zen space. Neutral and earthy tones such as white, grey, and beige have been shown to increase a sense of calm and relaxation. If you’re wanting something more pronounced, deep blues and muted yellows are two great colors to promote a peaceful experience while adding a pop of color!

Zen Living Room Corner Ideas With a Zero Gravity Recliner

Putting a zero gravity recliner in the living room corner creates a private zen space that’s perfect for shared spaces. You may not be able to have the entire room to yourself all the time, but creating a calm section of the room as your own has major advantages. Use this as your own private reading nook or calming space!

You can also use your special corner as a meditation space. Perfect for enhancing the health benefits of zero gravity chairs, meditating as a self-care activity takes the time to ease your mind and recenter yourself. Practicing a few minutes of zero gravity meditation each day can help reduce blood pressure, increase self-awareness, and have a drastic positive impact on your mental and physical health.

Add Calming Candles to Create a Zen Space for Your Zero Gravity Recliner

Calming candle scents create a full zen atmosphere for using your zero gravity chair in the living room. Lavender is known for its stress-relieving properties. Not only does it help alleviate stress and anxiety, but lavender is also frequently used to achieve better sleep quality and treat headaches. Lavender not for you? There are endless scent options for candles to add next to your zero gravity recliner in the living room. Try light citrus scents to elevate your mood or earthy scents to emulate the calm of nature.

Dim the lights, light a few calming candles and relax in your zero gravity recliner: it’s the perfect zen space setup!

For an added bonus, try your zero gravity recliner massage features while relaxing in the candlelight. Zero gravity massages provide a calming sensation while also providing healing benefits for athletes, post-workout recovery for your daily fitness routine, and improving blood circulation

Make a Zen Music Spot in the Living Room

As you can see, creating a zen spot with a zero gravity recliner in the living room is more than just the chair itself, it’s the environment. Smooth, calming music relaxes and re-energizes your mind and body. Adding a record player, stereo, or wireless speaker to your zero gravity recliner in the living room gives you a great setup for relaxing and letting go of stress and anxiety. A simple table setup is all you need to create your zen spot.

Another sound option to try in your zen spot is binaural beat therapy. Binaural beat therapy is said to induce a similar mental state to meditation. Studies have shown it to help reduce stress, deepen relaxation, and improve mood.

Self-care is paramount to your physical and mental health. Creating a zen spot with a zero gravity chair in the living room gives you endless ways to personalize your experience and find what works best for you. Choose a high quality zero gravity recliner that provides comfort and style and transform your space into the zen spot you’ve always wanted it to be!

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