7 Homeschool Room Decorating Ideas

Mom and daughter in homeschool classroom

While homeschooling has always been the choice for some families, COVID-19 increased the number of students staying home exponentially. Now parents are on the prowl for homeschooling tips to help adapt to the unexpected change of plans.

Whether your child is participating in distance learning or you’ve opted to homeschool them as a personal choice, creating the right environment is essential to their success. We’re taking a look at some homeschool room decorating ideas that will foster a positive learning environment and help new parent teachers! 

Importance of a Homeschool Classroom

Regardless of whether you’ve homeschooled your children before, are a first-time homeschool parent, or are adapting to COVID-19 distance learning programs, everyone can benefit from homeschooling tips. Perhaps the most important of all tips for homeschooling is creating a dedicated “school” space. Having a set space for daily instruction is crucial to the learning process and can improve your student’s performance. 

Homeschool Room Ideas

Creating a dedicated homeschool classroom can happen anywhere. If you’ve got a full room you can convert into a home school, that’s perfect! Other homeschool ideas include adjusting existing living spaces during school hours to encourage a successful learning environment. It’s the perfect time to get creative. Some homeschool room decorating ideas are:

  • Having a homeschool desk for your student
  • Create a comfortable teaching space for you
  • Organization spaces for supplies and learning materials
  • Creating a reading nook or study area to eliminate distractions
  • Having a project table with room to spread out
  • Transform the space with bright colors and posters

Homeschool Desk Ideas for your Student

Top of our list of homeschool room decorating ideas is a functional desk setup for your student. Having a homeschool desk for your student mimics a more traditional school setup as compared to the informal arrangement on a bed or couch. There are a million options for homeschooling desks to fit every budget and size. If you’re adapting a room for homeschooling during school hours each day, consider a collapsible desk or smaller option that can be easily put away at the end of lessons. For those converting a room into a dedicated home school, you can pick from traditional desks, collaborative tables, or even multi-purpose desks that double as additional storage for school supplies!

Creating a Comfortable Homeschool Teacher Setup

Homeschool room decorating ideas aren’t just about your student. If you’ll be spending time in your homeschool classroom teaching or monitoring distance learning, it’s important not to forget your comfort, too! Having a desk creates a teacher/student relationship during homeschool hours and can help keep you more organized.

Another of our homeschooling tips for parents: choose the right chair! Choosing a comfortable chair to teach from is an essential homeschool room decorating idea for your setup. As opposed to a traditional office or desk chair, consider a zero gravity chair for your home classroom instead. There are many health benefits of zero gravity chairs including lower back pain relief, better blood circulation, and faster bodily healing. You can sit upright while instructing your student then relax in the zero gravity position during their activities. You can be teacher of the year while taking care of your mental and physical health!

Homeschool Organization Setups for Supplies and Learning Materials

One of our most important homeschool room decorating ideas is having an organizational setup in your learning space. Keeping homeschool supplies and learning materials organized is essential to creating an effective instruction space. Not only does it minimize distraction and chaos but it also provides you the opportunity to teach your child to be responsible for their area.

Make a Homeschool Reading Nook or Study Space to Minimize Distractions

Next up on our list of homeschooling tips for parents is making a reading nook or study space to minimize distractions during quiet times. Regardless whether you’re repurposing a room in your home to make a homeschool classroom or using parts of the main living spaces, having a quiet space for reading or studying is a great idea.

You can make this area fun by letting your child help choose items to include like special bean bag chairs, a unique bookcase, or funky floor lamp! These homeschool room decorating ideas create a functional area where your student will enjoy spending time. It’s a homeschooling tip to make the transition to distance learning and homeschool more smooth.

If you want to create a reading nook in your home that can be used for children and adults both during and after school hours, choose furniture and decor that works for all ages. A comfortable loveseat or zero gravity chair is perfect for this space. Add to the space with comfortable pillows and plush blankets for a cozy reading nook everyone will want to spend time in!

Homeschool Project Tables for Spreading Out

Sometimes you need to have some extra space to spread out for homeschool projects. If you have the space in your homeschool classroom, adding a special project table for collaborating is great! For those homeschooling in a small space, having a cleared kitchen table or using a folding table works, too.

Regardless of what you’re using for homeschool projects, make sure the table or area is cleared of other distractions. This keeps the learning area school-focused and can help keep your student on track. 

Transform the Space With Color

One of our favorite homeschool room decorating ideas is transforming a space with color! Adding color to your homeschool classroom improves the feeling of your space. It can add to your student’s energy and excitement to learn! There are lots of ways to introduce color. One great homeschool tip for parents is to color code different school subjects. This helps with organization and adds a little whimsy.

Have multiple children you’re homeschooling at once? Another great tip for homeschooling your kids is assigning each child a color. Let your kids choose their favorite color and then use it to keep their materials and work separate and organized. It’s a win for everyone!

Peel and stick removable wallpaper is perfect for an easy and quick room makeover to help your student’s learning space feel official and separate from typical living areas of the house. You can use bold colors and designs to bring a little personality to the space even if it’s just a corner of the room! The best part is it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue so you can easily change things back however you like when the time comes.

Use Educational Posters to Create a Learning Atmosphere

Last on our list of favorite homeschool room decorating ideas is fostering a great learning environment using educational posters. Having educational posters displayed can help students get into learning mode while in their homeschool classroom. Changing up posters for seasons or current study topics engages your child.

Pro homeschooling tip: instead of just hanging posters, hang up art or great schoolwork your student has made to create a more personal atmosphere that highlights their accomplishments!

The drastic increase in homeschooling and distance learning is an opportunity for parents to get creative and create positive new learning environments for their school-age children. Homeschool room decorating ideas such as hanging educational posters and getting creative with color-coded organization systems will transform your homeschool classroom! Don’t forget to set up a comfortable and effective teaching space for yourself by choosing the right zero gravity chair to go with your desk. Everyone is adjusting to their new circumstances, but by following these tips for homeschooling you’ll be way ahead of the curve!

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