Too Much Space? 4 Big Family Room Design Ideas

large family room with furniture

Is there such a thing as too much space? Whether you call it the family room or the living room where you’re from (we’ll be calling it the family room!), having a large living space to fill can sometimes initially seem overwhelming.

You may be looking at your large family room and wondering how you’ll ever fill it without looking like a jumbled mess. Have no fear, we’re here to help! We’re presenting big family room ideas that will maximize the usage of your space while keeping it functional and organized. 

Big Family Room Design Ideas to Maximize the Space

When you’re decorating a large family room, having small furniture can make it seem cavernous and empty. You don’t want to have one small island of furniture sitting in the middle like a tiny oasis in a sea of space! Not only does that look strange, but it completely misses out on the opportunities designing a large living room provides.

To maximize functionality and design and avoid living room decorating mistakes, some useful big family room ideas are:

  • Buying larger furniture pieces
  • Adding accent pieces to your room
  • Complimenting couches with a chair for the living room
  • Using all the space by creating various areas in the family room

Using Large Furniture Pieces for the Family Room

The first, and probably most obvious, on our list of big family room ideas is buying large furniture to fill more of the space. This could be a large traditional sofa or sectional, depending on the space and how formal or informal you want it to be.

When you’re thinking of family room furniture ideas, chances are you’re designing a room meant for daily living so it’ll be a little less formal. Regardless, there’s something out there to fit every style!

Accent Tables for the Family Room

Another fantastic big family room idea is adding accent pieces to fill space and provide functionality. This could be in the form of coffee tables, accent tables, decorative trunks, or anything that fits your living room design style!

For coffee tables and end tables, don’t be afraid to use leather alternatives or mix materials like woods and metals. While it might not be the first thing that jumps to mind, mixed materials don’t clash but rather mesh together to create a unique blend making your family room design visually dynamic.

If you have a lot of wall space available, another big family room idea is adding console tables or accent chests. These break up the empty space and also provide extra storage, making for a functional family room design. These tables are also the perfect spot for additional lamps to provide lighting for the living room or room decor like flower arrangements. You can then focus on filling some of the empty wall space over accent tables by adding wall sconces, hanging mirrors, or choosing pieces of art!

Another place to add accent tables in the family room is behind floating couches. Having a small console table behind a couch not only blocks the less visually appealing backside of the couch but also gives more function for holding lamps or other living room decorations. This placement can really help anchor the couch so it doesn’t feel out of place in the center of the room. 

Choosing Chairs for the Living Room

Next on our list of big family room ideas to maximize the space while keeping it functional is learning how to choose chairs for your living room! This setup allows for a larger space to be filled without looking visually cluttered. Chairs keep fluidity in furniture arrangements in a big family room so they can be shifted as needed and provide more seating for holiday gatherings, parties, or even just daily living for larger families.

Choosing chairs for the living room gives a seemingly endless number of options. You’ll find anything and everything that fits your family room design style whether it's formal, informal, modern, traditional, or anything in between.

A popular option for a living room chair is the zero gravity chair. This furniture addition not only keeps you from deciding between a chair and a recliner (it does both!) but also provides a multitude of health benefits. Some of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs include relieving lower back pain, lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation, improving sleep quality, and reducing daily stress and anxiety! Since zero gravity chairs benefit people of all ages, who wouldn’t love a multifunctional chair that simultaneously looks after the physical and mental health of everyone in the family?

Some zero gravity chair models even come with massage and heat therapy functions, further proving why they belong on our list of big family room ideas. As we’ve all faced COVID-19 related quarantine, self care activities are being highlighted as more important than ever. Adding one to your living room design lets you take a little time for you while still engaged in the heart of the home.

Separate Areas in the Living Room to Maximize Usage

Last, but certainly not least, of our big family room ideas is maximizing the usage of your space by creating different sections in your living room. Having a large family room provides the opportunity to do more than just have a couch, loveseat, or zero gravity chair sitting in the middle. It allows you the chance to break up the space into different areas for various uses. This can help you fill the space more efficiently and make it even more functional.

One of our favorite big family room ideas is taking one corner of the room for creating a reading nook in your home. Adding a bookcase, adequate reading light, and a comfortable space to sit makes this every bibliophiles dream come true! It also serves as a space to dive into a good book without fully isolating yourself from the rest of your family. A reading nook is another place where a zero gravity chair fits in perfectly. The comfort of the chair combined with additional features makes it the ultimate reading chair to relax in while you get lost in a good story!

Designing a big living room doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Instead of viewing it as a challenge, look at it as an opportunity. Get creative with your big family room ideas and choose furniture that speaks to your needs and style. Whether you go for a couch or sectional, are choosing a zero gravity chair to add to the space, or looking for accent tables to help create visual interest there’s no end to the options available. Happy decorating!

We’ve highlighted their uses in the living room but zero gravity chairs are great for anywhere you can imagine. Check out these 5 places in your home for a zero gravity chair that will have you wondering why you waited so long to get your’s!