5 Tips for Mixing Furniture Styles

tips for mixing furniture styles


When it comes to decorating the home, more and more people are shying away from full furniture sets and opting for mixing furniture styles instead! Learning how to mix furniture styles can bring visual interest to your interior design style. Your home should be a reflection of you. You’re not one note, so why should your home furniture style be?

If you’re totally obsessed with the mid-century modern aesthetic or absolutely must have your living room looking uniform, carry on. If you’re wanting a bit more visual excitement in your interior design, however, mixing furniture styles can be bold, fun, and chic.

Check out this guide to 5 tips for mixing furniture styles to spruce up your living space and create a space that reflects all of you!

Ideas for Mixing Furniture Styles

When it comes to mixing furniture styles, the goal is to create visual interest, not be a mess. If you go too crazy it can start having the opposite effect than you desire. So then how do you learn how to mix furniture styles? Right here!

Some simple tips for mixing furniture styles are:

  • Limit your color palette
  • Start with a statement furniture piece
  • Don’t be afraid to mix materials
  • Add pieces with style partners
  • Pay attention to scale for balance

Mixing Furniture Styles Tip #1: Limit Your Color Palette

One of the easiest methods for mixing furniture styles without it looking chaotic or disjointed is to limit your color palette. Choosing a simple color palette creates a cohesive design aesthetic. For example, if you’re mixing furniture styles such as a traditional accent table with a contemporary zero gravity chair consider how their color palettes may compliment one another. If the accent table is a rich natural wood, choosing a zero gravity chair fabric in a chestnut or cognac tone can pair them together perfectly!

Choosing a neutral color palette also lets you bring in pops of color as accents. This could be with accent pillows, rugs, wall art, or even plants. The pops of color against a limited color palette bring visual interest to a space whether it’s part of big family room design ideas or decorating small spaces.

Mixing Furniture Styles Tip #2: Start With a Statement Piece

When you’re mixing furniture styles it’s best to start by choosing a statement piece and building from that. Not only does it give you inspiration to pull from when choosing other fabrics and materials, but it can influence different interior design styles you want to incorporate, as well.

Great statement furniture ideas are multifunctional furniture pieces that add style, comfort, and versatility to any space such as a zero gravity chair. Based on the zero gravity chair design, you can pull inspiration for how to mix furniture styles that compliment it. Since zero gravity chairs offer versatile styling, they’re ideal for mixing in a little contemporary with more traditional elements while maintaining a cohesive interior design aesthetic.

Mixing Furniture Styles Tip #3: Mix Materials!

When it comes to mixing furniture styles, don’t be afraid to mix materials, too! Starting with a wood-base zero gravity chair as a statement piece? Consider a unique accent table made from metal to bring in another texture and look.

Mixing materials doesn’t stop at woods and metals, however. You also have the opportunity to mix fabrics to create visual interest in your space. For example, when you’re considering how to choose chairs for your living room, think about the fabric colors, styles, and types you want to include. Thinking of leather family room furniture ideas? Mix that leather chair in with a fabric sofa in a natural fiber like linen or cotton and see how it elevates your style!

Pro tips: Leather furniture does require a little maintenance to keep looking its best. Check out these tips for leather furniture care. Prefer a more sustainable, vegan chair option? Check out these benefits of faux leather chairs and alternatives to leather furniture, as well!

Mixing Furniture Styles Tip #4: Create Style Partners

Next up in our list of tips for mixing furniture styles is creating style partners. This doesn’t mean everything has to come in pairs, but instead is meant to show cohesiveness in your interior design by having elements present in different pieces.

Let’s say you started with a zero gravity chair statement furniture piece. Luxury zero gravity chairs with wood bases that have curves give you the opportunity to incorporate curves and motion to companion pieces like accent tables and coffee tables. The subtle style pairing brings cohesion and helps tie all your pieces together. This is essential with learning how to mix furniture styles for an optimal look!

Mixing Furniture Styles Tip #5: Pay Attention to Scale and Visual Weight

Last, but not least, when mixing furniture styles pay attention to scale and visual weight. You don’t want an oversized sofa to be swarfing a tiny accent table! Instead, try to balance your furniture selections with subtle variances in size and scale.

Another thing to consider when paying attention to scale is how visual weight affects how large or small an object appears. An example of playing with scale and visual weight when mixing furniture styles is pairing your zero gravity chair statement furniture piece with an end table you can see through. While the materials of the end table can complement the zero gravity chair well, it takes up less visual weight and keeps that area of your space from being too heavy.

We hope these tips for mixing furniture styles have inspired you for your next interior design project! Adding visual interest to your space helps it be a true reflection of you. Limit the color palette for versatility, consider design partners to tie in different furniture styles, and build your space around a statement piece by choosing a zero gravity chair or other bold selection and see how your home evolves!

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