6 Activities to Combine with the Zero Gravity Recliner to Improve Posture

planking to improve posture

Posture is the position in which you hold your body every moment of the day.

This means while seated, standing, lying down, or performing activities. Good posture aligns the body in an optimal way given the effects of gravity, and having poor posture can put excess weight and pressure on areas of the body and negatively affect overall health.

While the zero gravity posture works to negate the effects of gravity on the body, there are a number of activities to combine with the zero gravity recliner to improve posture. First, however, let’s discuss the overall importance of good posture. 

Importance of Good Posture

Posture affects the overall body more than many people realize. It works to keep you balanced, can help prevent negative health conditions like back pain, and can affect your mood. Studies have even shown the importance of good posture as having a direct effect on respiratory function. Correcting bad posture takes mindful action at first but becomes second nature once your body adapts.

Good posture decreases abnormal wear and tear to muscles and joints. Excess joint damage can result in chronic health issues such as degenerative arthritis. Improving posture also reduces back strain, fighting back pain and sciatica symptoms. To maintain good posture you need to ensure your spine is taken care of, work on improving flexibility, and take purposeful steps to correct bad posture habits you may currently have. 

The zero gravity posture helps improve spinal health by reducing the negative effects of gravity and facilitating spinal decompression. They also work in tandem with good posture to prevent back pain, muscular injuries, and improve overall bodily health. Here are 6 activities to combine with the zero gravity recliner to improve posture:

Exercises to Improve Posture

One of the easiest ways to improve posture is through exercise. There are a number of different exercises to improve posture, mostly focused on core strength and flexibility. They are easily integrated into your daily fitness routine and will help increase balance and bodily alignment. A few great exercises to improve posture are:

  • Planking
  • Resistance Band Stretching
  • Seated Rotations
  • Glute Bridges


Planks are simple ways to relieve stiffness and body pain throughout the body while working shoulders, core muscles, and glutes. Consider doing high planks and side planks to work your entire body. Proper planking form also aligns the spine, strengthening muscles that assist to improve posture. 

Resistance Band Stretching

This is an exercise to improve posture that you can do while sitting in your zero gravity recliner. Sitting upright and aligning the spine, hold a resistance band out directly in front of you at shoulder height. Stretch the band out while maintaining constant shoulder level and slowly retract back to your starting position once you’ve stretched the band out. Be sure to keep your shoulders down and back as you stretch the band. This strengthens your shoulder area and upper back.

Seated Rotations

Another easy exercise to do in your zero gravity chair to improve posture is a seated rotation. This works your core and improves flexibility all in one. On an inhale, raise your arms to skyward to a full extension. As you exhale, bring one hand to the opposite knee and the other hand to the back of your chair. Inhale while you extend your arms back upward and exhale to repeat for the opposite side.

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges work to improve posture by opening up your hips and strengthening your core. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and arms flat at your sides. While flexing your core muscles and squeezing your glutes, lift your pelvis off the floor as high as you can and hold this position for a few seconds before lowering back to the ground. Repeat this 10-20 times to strengthen your core. A strong core will help improve posture. 

Physical Self-Awareness Activities

Self-awareness activities are great ways to improve posture. Low-impact activities like tai-chi and yoga to improve posture increases flexibility and balance while simultaneously managing stress levels, a key element in overall bodily health. 

In yoga, there are a few specific poses to consider to align your spine. Most prominent is Child’s Pose. This is a resting pose that lengthens your spine and reduces tension in the lower back. Not only is this an easy exercise to improve posture, but it’s a great way to fight back pain and sciatica symptoms, as well. 

A second yoga pose to improve posture is Downward Dog. This pose is easy to transition into from Child’s Pose. While in Child’s Pose, extend your legs and raise your tailbone up. Leave your heels slightly raised off the floor and keep your head tucked down to maintain spinal alignment. Continue this pose for up to a minute. 

Aquatic Exercises

If you’re looking to get out of the house for an activity to improve posture, consider aquatic exercises. These are low-impact activities that decrease pressure on bones, muscles, and joints due to the buoyancy of the body in water. Moving through water also offers natural resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles needed to improve posture. 

Practicing Good Zero Gravity Posture While Reading

A favorite non-physical activity to do in your zero gravity recliner is reading a good book. The best posture for reading is to hold materials at eye level. This helps avoid natural slouching and stooping at the shoulders, keeping your neck aligned with your spine. A simple, casual way to improve posture that takes minimal effort!

Reading also works in tandem with the zero gravity posture to increase relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Improve Posture With Meditation

Meditating is non-physical self-awareness activity to combine with the zero gravity recliner to improve posture. Meditation comes in many forms and there is no singular way to do it. Taking even a few minutes each day to focus and reflect inward can manage stress levels and improve mood. 

Studies have shown emotion and mental feeling are directly linked to posture. Depression or sadness can cause a person to subconsciously drop their head, stoop, or develop a tight, closed posture. Positive feelings and energy open the body language and improve posture. 

Take a Daily Walk 

Staying active is essential to overall bodily health. A simple daily walk can help improve posture especially for those who find themselves seated for prolonged periods of time due to work or physical limitations. Proper walking posture, with your head up and shoulders back, can correct natural slouching due to “tech neck” or having hunched over for various activities over time. 

For a slightly better physical activity, consider a brisk walking pace for 20 to 30 minutes with your head held high and your stomach muscles engaged. This will simultaneously help strengthen your core muscles to improve posture further. Posture is part of everything you do. In every activity, maintaining good posture can prevent injuries, improve mood, and enhance the health benefits of zero gravity recliners. 

Combine these activities with the right zero gravity recliner and you’re on your way to feeling your absolute best!