Nursery Room Ideas When Preparing for a Baby

nursery decoration ideas with recliner

Preparing for a baby is very exciting as you begin a new journey and expand your family. With that excitement can come a feeling of being overwhelmed as you look at all the things to do before the baby arrives. Try not to worry! We’ve got you covered with our list of nursery room ideas when preparing for a baby that will keep you cool, calm, and collected.

Nursery Room Ideas for Your Baby

Whether you’re looking for nursery room ideas to decorate a large space or seeking ideas on creating the perfect nursery from a smaller bedroom, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help make your life much easier. Preparing for a baby can be a fun journey on its own! You’ll get to make the perfect space for your new addition.

Remember that the nursery isn’t just for your baby, it’s for you, too. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the space so implementing the best nursery room ideas to fit your needs is absolutely crucial.

Use Washable Wallpaper in the Nursery

First up on our list of nursery room ideas is too frequently overlooked! When you’re decorating a nursery one of the first things you’ll undoubtedly do is decide on what colors you want. We’ll touch on ideal colors for a nursery in a bit, but for now let’s focus on your new best friend: washable wallpaper.

You’ll be thanking yourself for washable wallpaper in the nursery because accidents do occur. This can be especially true with baby boys who...lack aim. On top of being easy to clean, using washable wallpaper in the nursery also makes it easy to create a unique focal wall that adds to your overall interior design.

Choose the Perfect Nursery Color Schemes

Whether you’re wanting a colorful nursery or looking to decorate with gender neutral nursery colors, picking the perfect nursery color scheme is a great way to personalize the space for you and baby. Before you go all out on bold colors, however, it’s important to consider the vibe your nursery color scheme will set.

Choosing softer colors in pastel tones can create a calming atmosphere. If you’re seeking more traditional girl nursery colors, consider pastel pinks and yellows grounded by neutral greys for a chic and calming space. Looking for more traditional boy nursery colors? You can’t go wrong with pale blues and greens! Of course, you’re not limited to any color scheme for any sex so your imagination and personal preference is the limit! 

Have Nursery Storage Furniture by the Changing Table

When it comes to nursery room ideas and preparing for a baby, organization takes the cake. You want to have everything you need at a moment's notice. We suggest basing your nursery storage furniture around the changing table. Having everything within arm’s reach while changing your baby cuts down on difficulty while changing your baby while keeping them safely under control. We don’t want any accidents and sometimes babies like to squirm!

Utilize a Nursery Closet Organizer

Having a nursery closet organizer makes the most of your storage space. You can keep extra diapers, baby wipes, clothes, and towels ready and easy to find. Since you’ll certainly be lacking sleep, having everything easily available and organized will reduce your stress level and keep you on your parenting A-game!

Choose a Nursery Recliner Chair

As we’ve mentioned, nursery room ideas aren’t just for your baby. You’re creating a special space where you’ll bond with your newborn as you care for them. This means you need to be concerned for your comfort, too. Choosing a nursery recliner chair that provides comfort and helps prevent pain from sitting too long is key.

For today’s nursery, consider using a zero gravity chair as a nursery recliner. The health benefits of zero gravity chairs will help look after your overall mental and physical health while you care for your baby. Having a newborn is both mentally and physically draining, so it’s important to take time for self care activities even as you care for your baby.

Zero gravity recliners are also great when preparing for a baby before he or she arrives! Using a zero gravity chair while pregnant helps reduce swelling, alleviate back pain and sciatica symptoms, and reduce blood pressure. It can also help you get better sleep while pregnant and offers a safe sleeping position in later trimesters. The zero gravity position helps protect against sleep apnea, which can cause severe health concerns for you and your baby including preeclampsia.

Getting nursery room ideas when preparing for a baby shouldn’t be stressful. Have fun with it and use our guide to help keep organized and comfortable! Whether it’s selecting a closet organizer or choosing a zero gravity chair to use as a nursery recliner, enjoy the journey. These memories will be very special moments you’ll cherish forever.

Bonus Tip: Some zero gravity chairs offer massage features! Getting a massage while pregnant enhances the health benefits of zero gravity chairs and helps keep you and baby even more comfortable.

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