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About Cozzia USA

Meet the parent

Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group

Our vision is to emerge as the unrivaled global leader in the industry. Ogawa proudly holds the distinction of being the first company listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange within the massage industry. As the largest manufacturer of robotic massage chairs and electrical massage products worldwide, our reach extends far beyond borders, as evidenced by our reign as the top exporter in the massage industry for 13 consecutive years. Moreover, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our role as the core sponsor of the China National Massage Industry Standards, shaping and guiding industry practices on a national level. Cozzia’s billion-dollar, top-line manufacturing facility symbolizes our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

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Cozzia stands out as the premier supplier of massage chairs in the US market, with a notable presence in approximately 1,000 store locations. Our stronghold in the furniture retailing channel is evident, as we maintain a dominant position by selling to 35 of the Top 100 Furniture Retailers. What sets Cozzia apart is its dedication to brick-and-mortar success, evident in its business model that is built entirely around the needs of physical retailers. Our Quick ship program ensures in-stock items ship out within 48-72 hours, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, Cozzia operates under strict Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies, ensuring fair competition and consistent pricing across the market.

Why Add A Massage Chair Assortment to Your Retail Floor?

Massage has integrated itself more deeply into our daily lives, and the reasons behind this trend are multifaceted. It serves as an effective method for pain relief, addressing various discomforts and ailments. Moreover, the mental wellbeing aspect cannot be overlooked, as massages offer profound stress relief, contributing to overall emotional equilibrium. With the increasing emphasis on physical fitness and athletic endeavors, massages play a pivotal role in post-workout recovery, aiding in muscle repair and relaxation. In considering the value proposition of investing in a robotic massage chair, one must examine the comparative costs. The dollar cost of a single visit to a massage therapist often surpasses the investment in a massage chair, making the latter a more financially viable long-term option. Furthermore, the time saved by having access to a massage chair at home, as opposed to scheduling and commuting to therapist appointments, adds to its appeal. The burgeoning growth of the robotic massage chair industry, which has doubled in the past two years, underscores its increasing popularity and acceptance. With the industry now estimated at roughly 1 billion dollars in the US alone, it's evident that robotic massage chairs are not just a passing trend but a significant aspect of modern wellness culture.

What Cozzia Offers

  • Digital POP and health-focused retail Wellness Center
  • RSA web-based sales training
  • Quarterly promos
  • Innovative products with the newest technology
  • Ship within 48-72 hours
  • Healthy inventory
  • Cozzia sales consultants that will service and train your stores

More About Cozzia

  • Office and warehouse are in the greater Los Angeles, CA area
  • Second warehouse in North Carolina
  • In-house customer service team (PST hours)
  • Service
    • Cozzia handles all service post-delivery
    • Customers email or call Cozzia directly to schedule service issues
    • Only Cozzia-certified technicians handle our service calls, so you can sell it and forget it.
  • Cozzia's average unit selling price is $5,833 and our average price per square foot is $1,050.
  • Cozzia continues to innovate and advance the best health and wellness therapy options for you and your consumers.

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