Using a Zero Gravity Chair With a Relaxing Night Time Routine

man listening to music before bed

Having a night time routine to prepare for bed isn’t just for kids! As creatures of habit, our bodies also benefit from having a similar nightly routine. In fact, studies have pointed to having regular sleep/wake patterns as supporting our overall health.

Chances are, if you’re like most people you’re not getting enough sleep. Due to busy schedules, daily stresses, and any number of factors, most people tend to go to bed at varying times each night. This variance can lead to restless sleep and leave you feeling tired during the days. Starting a night time routine to prepare for sleep will have a positive effect on how you feel from day to day. It helps your mind and body relax, let go of the stresses of the day, and get better sleep.

Zero gravity chairs also provide various health benefits such as alleviating lower back pain, improving blood circulation, and deepening relaxation for better sleep quality. Today we’re exploring the benefits of combining both of these tools and using a zero gravity chair in your night time routine. 

Creating a Relaxing Night Time Routine

Creating a relaxing night time routine means doing simple things to help you unwind and prepare for bed. There’s no real right or wrong way to do it, but there are certainly great examples to start from! Some of the perfect compliments to a relaxing night time routine include:

  • Drinking a hot beverage to unwind before bed
  • Journaling about upcoming tasks to reduce worry and anxiety
  • Listening to music to relax your mind
  • Meditating to manage stress levels and improve your mood
  • Using zero gravity chair massage and heat therapy features to improve sleep quality

Having a Hot Beverage During Your Night Time Routine

A simple night time routine you can enjoy while sitting in a zero gravity chair is having a hot beverage. Just make sure your drink is decaffeinated!

We suggest a decaf herbal tea like chamomile to help you relax and decompress. There are loads of other types of tea to help you sleep available, however. Another popular tea to help you sleep is valerian tea. Valerian root is a natural herb that helps induce relaxation and improve sleep.

If you’re using a zero gravity chair during pregnancy to help with your night time routine, adding a nightly cup of tea is a great addition to fight off pregnancy insomnia, as well! Speak with your healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe for you, but different types of herbal teas can be effective and safe for treating various pregnancy occurrences like insomnia, morning sickness, and prolonged labor. 

Journaling in a Zero Gravity Chair Before Bed

Another night time routine you can do while relaxing in your zero gravity chair is journaling before bed. Some of the things that keep us up at night and prevent us from falling asleep is worrying about what we did (or didn’t do) that day, what we might’ve said to someone, or what we need to do in the future. A recent study showed a positive connection between bedtime writing and difficulty falling asleep. The simple answer: journaling for at least 5 minutes before bed can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

While you can journal about absolutely anything you want, the study also showed that writing a specific to-do list for the next day or two had the most positive results. So tonight while you’re in your living room zero gravity chair relaxing with a cup of valerian tea (multitasking night time routine!), start a little journal to get upcoming tasks down on paper and out of your mind. It helps lessen worry and anxiety that you’ll forget something while having the added benefit of adding to your own organization!

Have a Night Time Routine Listening to Calming Music

Next on our list of relaxing night time routines is listening to music in your zero gravity chair. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The key is relaxing music, however. So put AC/DC down for a little bit before bed and save them for tomorrow!

Listening to music roughly 45 minutes before bed can help your mind relax and calm down from the day. The tempo matters, too. It’s been established that the most effective calming music for a night time routine is at 60 beats-per-minute (BPM). Check out your favorite music streaming app and you’ll likely find plenty of playlists designed around that tempo.

If music isn’t really your thing, try listening to binaural beats before bed. Binaural beat therapy has been shown to improve your mood, deepen relaxation, and alleviate stress. 

Meditating During Your Night Time Routine

Meditating at any point in the day is beneficial to your physical and mental health! Meditating in a zero gravity chair as part of a relaxing night time routine, however, is exceptionally effective at helping your mind and body unwind and get ready for sleep.

You don’t need to meditate for a super long time to see the benefits. Start with 5 minutes each night meditating before bed. As they say, calm the body and the mind will follow. Sitting still and focusing your thoughts will help you manage stress from your day, helping you relax more. 

Using Massage and Heat Therapy Functions in Your Night Time Routine

Last, but certainly not least, in our exploration of ways for using a zero gravity chair in your night time routine is with massage and heat therapy functions. Both have different ways to help deepen your relaxation and prepare for bed.

While getting a massage feels great, there are more benefits than just that! Zero gravity massage functions help alleviate muscle tension caused by stress in our lives. It also works to circulate blood throughout the body, reducing pain and swelling, and enhancing the health benefits of zero gravity chairs. If that weren’t enough, massage before bed can also help regulate your body temperature.

Speaking of temperature, this brings us to zero gravity chair heat therapy features. Similar to taking a warm bath before bed, using heat therapy features about 90 minutes before bed helps regulate your body temperature and prepare you to sleep. To sleep, your core temperature drops 2 to 3 degrees. While warming yourself up may seem contradictory, you’re actually pulling the blood to the surface of your skin and away from the core when you do it, allowing it to cool. This is why that warm bath makes you feel so relaxed and ready for bed at night!

Using a zero gravity chair in your night time routine will help deepen your relaxation and prepare you for bed. More to it, however, is developing a consistent night time routine to help your mind and body sync to a schedule. Who said bed time was just for kids? Choose a zero gravity chair that meets your needs and provides features to help you relax. Not only will you feel better but there are benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages, making them perfect for the whole family.

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