Inspirational Furniture for Different Interior Design Styles

interior design drawing for different design styles

Your home should be a reflection of your style, taste, and lifestyle. It’s where you’re most comfortable, where you live your life, and where you invite others in! Choosing a style and furniture that suits you may seem overwhelming at first, but the good news is we’re here to help.

Choosing an interior design style is only part of creating the home of your dreams. Whether you need large family room design ideas or want help decorating a small living space, we’re here to help inspire your furniture selection! Choosing furniture for different interior design styles doesn’t have to be a rigid or restrictive process. Don’t be afraid to mix materials, colors, and fabrics that speak to you.

Choosing Furniture to Match Different Interior Design Styles

Choosing furniture to match different interior design styles doesn’t have to be rocket science. When it comes to different styles, it’s about the mood more than a strict adherence to rules. Mixing materials, fabrics, and textures helps create visual interest and makes your interior design more dynamic.

Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on any given style. Want to add a little bohemian element to your otherwise modern living room design? Go for it! It’s your home, make it work for your wants and needs.

We’re taking a look at inspirational furniture for different interior design styles to help give you ideas on your next project.

  • Traditional interior design derived from 18th-century Europe
  • Mid-century modern whimsy and flair
  • Industrial interiors that highlight the workings of your home
  • Modern farmhouse style that welcomes everyone
  • Coastal living interior design for breezy seaside feels
  • Boho-chic that makes its own rules for personalized expression
  • Contemporary modern that speaks to your urban style

Traditional or Classic Interior Design

A traditional interior design style is rooted in 18th century upscale European decor. You’ll frequently find more formal furniture here such as wingback chairs, clawfoot tables, and ornate woodwork. Another favorite furniture piece here is the formal sofa, which tends to be a bit longer than a contemporary sofa may be and sit lower. Background colors are often more muted with pops of rich colors making their way in through fabrics and home decor accessories.

Having a traditional or classic interior design doesn’t mean it’s uptight, however. Many people have softened the style by seeking traditional furniture pieces designed with an updated spin. This is a great way to take a classic design and adjust it for modern living.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a design style rooted in vivid color, using mixed materials like plastic and metals, and crisp lines. While anyone can use vivid color to make their look fit their preference, a common mid-century modern color palette mixes colors such as green, yellow, orange, and brown. Being so versatile, a myriad of furniture pieces fit seamlessly with this style.

While a purist may go for overly simple couch and chair designs, mid-century modern offers a prime opportunity to mix in bits of different interior design styles that compliment one another. Consider combining an iconic mid-century modern couch with a zero gravity chair to bring out functionality, comfort, and additional health benefits! You’ll find some zero gravity chair styles fit flawlessly into a mid-century modern living space.

Industrial Interiors

The industrial design style revels in mixing materials like steel, wood, and brick. Beams and ductwork are often left visible instead of hidden to highlight the working parts of a living space into the aesthetic.

Traditional industrial designs tend to adopt a monochromatic look using a warm palette of greys and browns to work with the harshness of the steel or exposed brick. Choosing furniture like repurposed couches and mixing them with more modern elements like zero gravity chairs keeps the industrial interior design style chic and comfortable without sacrificing its look. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add in pops of color with home decor accessories, though!

Modern Farmhouse

When considering different interior design styles you may think farmhouse means nothing but knotty pine and light wood surfaces. Guess again! The modern farmhouse design is actually one of the most popular contemporary interior design trends of today. It combines some wood elements like exposed beams and wooden tables with softer pieces like fabric couches or leather chairs and coffee tables.

The tones of a modern farmhouse interior design style are often soft, neutral, and calming. You may see greys paired with light blues or yellows on the walls. This design style is a perfect opportunity to play with furniture fabrics and textures. Consider pairing textured fabric couches in natural fibers with a leather or faux leather zero gravity chair to create a very welcoming look. 

Coastal Living Style

The coastal interior design style is an homage to New England coastal living. It’s color palette is typically rooted in whites and accented with light blues, greens, and other colors of the sea. Coastal interior design furniture materials tend to be natural fibers like cotton and linen mixed with some distressed wood surfaces. Coastal home decor can be rope, shells, driftwood, or anything that harkens back to the nautical theme. 

Relaxed Bohemian Chic

Looking at different interior design styles and then checking out the bohemian aesthetic may lead you to believe it’s simply throwing together anything and everything without rhyme or reason. This isn’t true, though! The bohemian interior design style, often called boho or boho-chic, is an expression of the free-spirited people who live there. While there’s no standard boho aesthetic, it’s a perfect example of mixing looks, textures, fabrics, and home decor items in a way that creates visual interest and a welcoming vibe.

Fabric-wise, boho designs tend to include textiles, wood, and animal hides. It’s a full mixture of the old and the new making furniture pieces that will stand the test of time, like a zero gravity leather recliner or repurposed couch, great assets to the style. Just be careful to mind the line between messy chic and simply a mess!

Contemporary Modern Living

Last on our list of different interior design styles to inspire your furniture choices is contemporary modern. Being contemporary means it evolves with the times to reflect ever-changing style trends. Given this nature, it can be difficult to nail down exactly what contemporary modern really is. For this reason we’ll focus on the urban contemporary modern style, which draws inspiration from cities and urban areas.

A fusion of different interior design styles that mimic its melting pot origins, urban modern can be minimalist, glamorous, edgy, formal, and comfortable all at the same time. You’ll see large couches that sit quite low in this style. Choosing chairs for the living room that fit an urban modern interior design plan is a perfect time to bring in another fabric material like a leather zero gravity chair. If you’re choosing between faux leather vs leather, there are many vegan leather zero gravity chair options, as well, which provide nice leather alternatives for the living room for the environmentally conscious among modern design seekers.

We hope you’ve found some furniture inspiration for different interior design styles in our guide! Picking a design style that fits your needs and wants is the best way to let your home reflect who you are. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, though, and mix in elements of different styles to customize it. Whether you’re choosing a zero gravity chair to add style, comfort, and health benefits to your living space or deciding on an accent table that adds a new look to the room, the only limit is your imagination. Test things out and see what works best for you!

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