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  • Do Zero Gravity Chairs Really Work for All Ages?

    When you’re choosing a new furniture piece for your home, you want to be sure you’re making a sound investment. Beyond design, you want your next addition to be great for everyone who uses it. You might have heard about the benefits of zero gravity chairs, but do zero gravity chairs really work for all ages?
  • What Qualities Make the Best Recliners for Big and Tall People?

    When you’re a big and tall person, not all recliners are going to provide the right level of support and features you need. Using the wrong recliner may actually have a negative impact on your overall health and wellness leading to back pain, poor posture, or pain from sitting too long. 
  • Best Practice Guide: How to Keep Your Back Healthy

    Your back is a central, crucial part of your body that affects how you sit, stand, and move. Being such a core component, any damage to the back could have a major negative impact on your overall quality of life and impede everyday living.
  • 6 Natural Home Remedies for IBS

    Those living with symptoms of IBS know it can be a daily challenge. Ranging from mild discomfort to excessive pain, this digestive health condition can be very frustrating. 
  • How to Reverse Prediabetes Naturally

    Diabetes Alert Day is observed each year on the fourth Tuesday in March by the American Diabetes Association. It’s a day that focuses on alerting people to their risks of developing diabetes, including those who may already be prediabetic.
  • Spring Clean Your Mental Health

    Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. Each year, we take time to clean out our homes and rid ourselves of unnecessary items we may have been clinging to that were simply clutter. But what about spring cleaning mental health, too?
  • Do You Need a Zero Gravity Office Chair for Your Workspace?

    The biggest threat to productivity in the workplace is stress. Even though you may think of mental stress first, physical stress also takes its toll on workplace performance. Whether you’re working from a home office or going in to work each day, having a zero gravity reclining office chair may make a huge difference and keep you both happy and healthy.
  • How to Get More Restorative Sleep & Why It's Important

    Are you sleeping through the night yet still find yourself waking up feeling tired or groggy instead of revitalized and ready to take on the day? You’re not alone. While you may be getting the recommended amount of sleep each night, that sleep may not be what experts consider restorative sleep.
  • National Kidney Month Tips: How to Keep Kidneys Healthy

    Your kidneys are a pair of organs located on both sides of your spine and are responsible for eliminating toxins from your body, creating red blood cells, keeping bones healthy, and more. With all they do to keep you in optimal condition, learning how to keep your kidneys healthy should be a priority for total wellness.
  • 7 Spring Wellness Challenge Ideas

    Spring is a time for fresh starts. Instead of spring cleaning just your home this year, let’s look at ways to clear out unhealthy choices and jump-start your health and wellness initiatives. Spring wellness challenges are a great way to create new, healthy habits and boost your happiness.
  • Tips for Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

    Lower back pain is a common health ailment that ranges from mild discomfort to debilitating hurt. Not only does it affect you physically, but lower back pain also affects you mentally. If left unchecked, lower back pain could worsen and have a long-term negative impact on your overall health and wellness.
  • 5 Types of Body Movement Therapy for Recovery

    Movement therapy is a blanket term that refers to a wide variety of physical activities and exercises that combine Eastern and Western practices to help your mind and body. These activities are typically low-intensity exercises focused on mindful movements as a way to aid recovery.