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  • Benefits of Faux Leather (Synthetic Hyde) Chairs

    The benefits of faux leather have created a steady shift in demand away from real leather furniture. As a result, the level of quality faux leather available has elevated drastically. Read on to learn more about the benefits of faux leather (synthetic hyde) chairs.
  • Ways to Implement Self Care at Home During Quarantine

    Self care at home is an important part of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. It’s essential at the best of times but even more so as you’re at home during quarantine. Read on to learn more about ways to implement self care at home during quarantine.
  • 5 Alternatives to Leather Furniture and Decor

    While leather furniture offers a timeless and classic look for your home, there’s been a shift in demand for more ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials. This has led to the creation of high-quality alternatives to leather furniture and decor. Read on to learn more about alternatives to leather furniture and decor.
  • 9 Best Gifts for Elderly Parents

    When it comes to gift giving, coming up with the perfect gift ideas for older parents and grandparents can be a challenge! What are good gifts for older parents who have everything or may be hard to shop for? Read on to learn more about the best gifts for elderly parents.
  • 7 Bad Sitting Habits That Affect Your Body Long-Term

    We sit for long periods of time every single day whether that’s relaxing at home or working at the office. There’s more to sitting than just plopping down in a chair, though. Read on to learn more about bad sitting habits that affect your body long-term.
  • 6 Leather Family Room Furniture Ideas

    The kitchen may be called the heart of the home but just as many memories are made gathering in the family room. Choosing the right furniture can set the mood for the entire room. Read on to learn more about leather family room furniture ideas.
  • What is the Best Recliner for Sleeping? (Yep, It's Good For You!)

    Sitting in recliners is comfortable, but sleeping in them is great! Everyone has their favorite recliner. It’s that one special chair that has probably seen better days but you just can’t let it go because you’ve spent all that time breaking it in, right? Read on to learn more about the best recliner for sleeping.
  • 6 Items To Include When Building a Home Theater

    Going to the movies is an experience everyone loves! Watching on the big screen while relaxing in a comfortable chair with the perfect movie theater popcorn is a favorite activity for millions of people. Read on to learn more about items to include when building a home theater.
  • How to Treat Muscle Strain & Find Relief at Home

    Staying active takes its toll on the body. Even those who take care of themselves with regular self-care activities sometimes overdo it and end up with muscle strains. Muscle strain should be treated immediately as symptoms arise. Read on to learn more about how to treat muscle strain and find relief at home.
  • 7 Brain Games to Play While Relaxing in a Zero Gravity Chair

    Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is important for your physical health but it’s also important to take care of your mind. Studies have even shown observational evidence that keeping mentally active reduces the likelihood of developing dementia. Read on to learn more about brain games to play while relaxing in a zero gravity chair.
  • How a Zero Gravity Chair Benefits Your Body While Staying Home

    As everyone is spending much more time at home these days, self-care activities are more important than ever to maintain your physical and mental health. It’s important to alleviate any elevated anxieties and consider how your lifestyle changes are affecting your body. Read on to learn more about how a zero gravity chair benefits your body while staying home.
  • 5 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments experienced by people of all ages. Studies have shown that lower back pain is experienced by an estimated 80 percent of people at some point in their lifetime and is the second-highest cause of disability in the United States. Read on to learn more about lifestyle changes to improve lower back pain.