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  • Common Shoulder Pain Causes and Treatments

    The shoulders are the most movable joints in your body, made up where your upper-arm bones, shoulder blades, and collarbone meet. Each shoulder is held in place by a group of four muscles and tendons, called a rotator cuff, which allows for its wide range of motion. Because it’s so active in your daily activities, there are many shoulder pain causes you may encounter.
  • 6 Best Restless Leg Syndrome Home Remedies

    If you’ve ever been kept awake at night by an irresistible urge to move your legs or experienced pain, burning, crawling, tingling, and other uncomfortable feelings in your legs at night, you’re not alone. These are some of the top symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS), which affects upwards of an estimated 10% of all people in the United States.
  • Accent Chair Ideas for Any Room

    Choosing furniture for your home should help it become more stylish, functional, and comfortable. Learning how to choose an accent chair can not only add visual diversity to your home’s aesthetic, but it can be used to anchor a look and serve to ground the overall design. They may be called accent chairs, but that doesn’t mean they have to vanish into the background!
  • Best Exercises for Older Adults

    Exercising and staying active are essential to your overall health throughout your entire life. As we get older, however, these exercises become even more essential to promote independent living with better balance, more energy, a healthier immune system, muscle strength, and even protecting mental health.
  • How to Improve Gut Health Naturally

    You’ve probably heard the term “gut health” and know that having good gut health is ideal, but what exactly does that mean and how can you improve it? If you thought that referencing a gut simply meant a little extra in the stomach area, think again. Gut health is referring to the microorganisms that live within your digestive tract. While that may sound like a strange focus to have for health, the truth is learning how to improve your gut health can have a noticeable impact on your physical and mental well-being.

    To help you lead a healthy lifestyle, we’re talking about how to improve gut health naturally. With a few adjustments to your lifestyle, you can help yourself stay happy and healthy all year round!

  • How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

    It can be difficult to lose weight, and keeping the weight off after you’ve lost it can prove to be a challenge, as well. Did you realize that the amount of sleep you’re getting may have a profound impact on your weight loss journey? While more connections are being studied every day, professionals agree that there’s a correlation between sleep and weight loss success.

    How does sleep affect weight loss, you ask? Today, we’re taking a look at why sleep is important for weight loss as well as a few simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you get the sleep you need.

  • Your Personal Health and Wellness Checklist

    Finding ways to stay healthy is a personal challenge everyone should take on in their daily lives. Being healthy means more than just not being sick; it encompasses your overall physical and mental well-being. As we lead busier and busier lives, sometimes taking stock of our personal health and wellness starts to take a backseat to other tasks and obligations. You’ll find, however, that making time to improve your physical and mental health can go a long way to enhancing every aspect of your life, making you more productive and happier.
  • Why People Love Zero Gravity Recliners!

    Whether you’ve tried zero gravity recliners before or you’re new to what they are, it’s easy to see why so many people love them! Their durability, potential health benefits, and more has led to their popularity exploding in recent years. As the next evolution of the traditional recliner, zero gravity recliners improve on design and functionality.
  • Safe Ways to Exercise in Summer to Avoid Overheating

    The warm summer days bring with them the draw to get outside and exercise in the fresh air and sunlight. While we love soaking up vitamin D, safely learning how to exercise in summer heat is very important. The heat and humidity of summer can put a definite damper on your normal workout routine if you’re not careful about overheating or putting excess stress on the body.
  • Why Relaxing Is Important for Your Health

    Making time to relax isn’t about just taking it easy, it’s protecting your overall health. In today’s world, we get so caught up juggling work, school, family, friends, and other activities that we often forget to make time for ourselves, as well. The health benefits of relaxing encompass physical and mental aspects, making it crucial to our overall well-being.
  • Using a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Pregnancy Chair

    Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with exciting new experiences, but it also comes with its own set of complications, as well. Even though you’re excited about your expanding family, pregnancy takes an enormous toll on your body. This makes self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. To help take care of the body during (and after) pregnancy, many women have turned to choosing a pregnancy chair to give them the support they need.
  • 6 Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health Improvement

    Heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the United States and has maintained its status at the top for a long time. Unfortunately, too often the effects of heart disease go undiagnosed or noticed until the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are upon you. To combat this, learning how to protect heart health with a heart healthy lifestyle is immeasurably important.