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  • 6 Natural Home Remedies for IBS

    Those living with symptoms of IBS know it can be a daily challenge. Ranging from mild discomfort to excessive pain, this digestive health condition can be very frustrating. 
  • Spring Clean Your Mental Health

    Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. Each year, we take time to clean out our homes and rid ourselves of unnecessary items we may have been clinging to that were simply clutter. But what about spring cleaning mental health, too?
  • 7 Spring Wellness Challenge Ideas

    Spring is a time for fresh starts. Instead of spring cleaning just your home this year, let’s look at ways to clear out unhealthy choices and jump-start your health and wellness initiatives. Spring wellness challenges are a great way to create new, healthy habits and boost your happiness.
  • 5 Types of Body Movement Therapy for Recovery

    Movement therapy is a blanket term that refers to a wide variety of physical activities and exercises that combine Eastern and Western practices to help your mind and body. These activities are typically low-intensity exercises focused on mindful movements as a way to aid recovery.
  • From Cave to Cozy: Basement Furniture Ideas

    Does your basement feel more like a museum of old furniture that was moved downstairs after you purchased new pieces for the main living room? All too often, the basement of our homes becomes a memorial to past styles and designs, missing out on the opportunity to make it a cozy place to relax and truly make the most of our living spaces.
  • Health Questions for National Self Check Month

    February is National Self Check Month, spreading awareness about the importance of checking in on your own health and advocating for new, engaging ways to prioritize your health all year long. When we take control of our health directly, we could drastically reduce the chances of experiencing chronic illnesses or other preventable ailments as we get older.
  • Is a Zero Gravity Chair Ergonomic?

    The concept of ergonomics is meant to reduce the levels of physical and mental stress in the workplace while maximizing productivity and comfort. While the term was coined in 1857, the concept of ergonomics, as we know it today, began in the 1900s. Those looking for the next development in workplace productivity have looked to the benefits of an ergonomic zero gravity chair to improve their workspace.
  • What Is Holistic Health and How Can You Practice It?

    While it may be a contemporary buzzword for many, the concept of holistic health is far from new. What does holistic health mean, and what does it include? Pulling from many different sources, holistic health seeks to minimize pain and alleviate symptoms while boosting your overall well-being. This approach to your health is all-encompassing, looking after every aspect of your overall wellness. 
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples You'll Both Enjoy

    Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and that means the search begins for the perfect gift idea! Instead of trying to figure out what each of you may enjoy, why not consider Valentine’s Day gifts for couples that you’ll both love and can choose together? The decision, itself, gives you the opportunity to share and communicate, choosing the perfect purchase that will enrich both your lives together.
  • 6 Natural Remedies for Asthma to Help You Breathe Easier

    Those living with asthma may find winter is a more difficult time of year for managing their condition. Colder, drier air and sudden shifts in the weather can irritate your airways, causing you to produce more mucus. Additionally, staying indoors may result in a higher number of respiratory illnesses like the cold or flu. Whether it’s part of the winter chill or symptoms you experience year round, finding natural asthma remedies could be beneficial to your overall treatment.
  • Winter Self Care Tips to Find Balance

    The colder weather and shorter days of winter can be a great time to slow down and hit the reset button on your self care habits. Our hectic schedules don’t always mesh organically with the peaceful energy of winter, so it’s up to us to make the time to take care of ourselves and practice healthy habits.
  • Your Guide to Setting Health Goals for the New Year

    It’s that time of year again: resolution time. Every year, millions of people make their list of New Year’s resolutions to try and make improvements to their lives in various ways. These resolutions are often health-focused, listing out goals for actions to take every day or “bad” habits to avoid as much as possible. The problem is, expecting these changes to happen instantly is a recipe for failure.