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  • How to Choose Chairs For Your Living Room

    Remodeling your living room should be lots of fun! You can get as creative as you want and create the exact look you’ve dreamed of. With endless options available to fit every aesthetic, you’re guaranteed to find something that speaks to you. Read on to learn more about how to choose chairs for your living room.
  • How Quarantine Work From Home Setups Have Changed in 2020

    While the number of employees working from home has grown steadily in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made work-from-home positions the new normal for millions at once. Read on to learn more about how quarantine work from home setups have changed in 2020.
  • What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

    While zero gravity chairs continue to become popular choices for new furniture additions to the home, many people are left wondering “what is a zero gravity chair?” We’re taking a look at these revolutionary chairs to see what makes them stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn more about what a zero gravity chair is.
  • Gift Guide for Grandparents - Holiday, or Not!

    As the holidays approach, you’re probably starting to think about gift ideas for grandparents. It doesn’t have to be for the holidays, though! Read on to learn more about gift guide for grandparents - holidays or not!
  • 6 Massage Chair Benefits You're Missing Out On

    While you might be aware of some massage chair benefits like better blood circulation, treating muscle tension, lower back pain relief, or recovering from injury, there are many more that might’ve slipped under your radar. Read on to learn more about massage chair benefits you're missing out on.
  • Zero Gravity Massage vs. a Traditional Massage Chair

    Getting a massage has proven health benefits from treating lower back pain to reducing stress and anxiety. Getting a massage on a regular basis isn’t an option for everyone, however, with hectic schedules, personal comfort levels, and potential health restrictions (such as mobility issues). Read on to learn more about zero gravity massage vs. a traditional massage chair.

  • 8 Tips for Empty Nest Decorating and Repurposing your Home

    Whether they’re going off to college or simply moving out on their own, at some point the kids grow up and leave the nest. Sometimes deciding what to do with the newly-reclaimed space in your home can seem overwhelming. Read on to learn more tips for empty nest decorating and repurposing your home.
  • What is Muscle Tension? Long-Term Impacts of Stress on Your Body

    Stress is a part of our daily lives. It’s our body’s natural response to things out of the ordinary. How we deal with daily stress levels is what becomes important to our mental and physical health. Read on to learn more about what muscle tension is and the long-term impacts of stress on your body.
  • Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

    Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. It also takes an enormous toll on your body, making self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. Read on to learn more about if you can use a massage chair while pregnant.
  • 7 Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

    Massage therapy is an essential self-care treatment that safeguards your physical and mental health. With our schedules often more busy than ever, though, who has the time? Read on to learn more about the benefits of owning a massage chair.
  • 5 Places in your Home for a Zero Gravity Chair

    Your home is your comfort zone. It’s your sanctuary. It’s where you live most of your life! Decorating and furnishing your home can be a reflection of you. Let it represent your needs and your style. Read on to learn more about places in your home for a zero gravity chair.
  • Benefits of Faux Leather (Synthetic Hyde) Chairs

    The benefits of faux leather have created a steady shift in demand away from real leather furniture. As a result, the level of quality faux leather available has elevated drastically. Read on to learn more about the benefits of faux leather (synthetic hyde) chairs.