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  • Creative Small Home Theater Seating Ideas

    Creating a small home theater can be a fun and exciting project, but coming up with the right home theater seating ideas can be challenging. With limited space, it's important to choose seating that is functional, comfortable, and visually appealing. Fortunately, there are many seating ideas for home theater rooms that can help make the most of your space. 
  • 6 Reasons for Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

    If you’ve ever sat in a zero gravity chair, then you know these modern recliners elevate your experience and provide the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. There are so many ways to use a zero gravity chair that we’re confident it’ll quickly become your new favorite place to sit. You may be aware of the reasons for sitting in these modern recliners, but have you learned about the benefits of the zero gravity sleeping position?
  • Best Practice Guide: How to Keep Your Back Healthy

    Your back is a central, crucial part of your body that affects how you sit, stand, and move. Being such a core component, any damage to the back could have a major negative impact on your overall quality of life and impede everyday living.
  • Do You Need a Zero Gravity Office Chair for Your Workspace?

    The biggest threat to productivity in the workplace is stress. Even though you may think of mental stress first, physical stress also takes its toll on workplace performance. Whether you’re working from a home office or going in to work each day, having a zero gravity reclining office chair may make a huge difference and keep you both happy and healthy.
  • Tips for Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

    Lower back pain is a common health ailment that ranges from mild discomfort to debilitating hurt. Not only does it affect you physically, but lower back pain also affects you mentally. If left unchecked, lower back pain could worsen and have a long-term negative impact on your overall health and wellness.
  • Is a Zero Gravity Chair Ergonomic?

    The concept of ergonomics is meant to reduce the levels of physical and mental stress in the workplace while maximizing productivity and comfort. While the term was coined in 1857, the concept of ergonomics, as we know it today, began in the 1900s. Those looking for the next development in workplace productivity have looked to the benefits of an ergonomic zero gravity chair to improve their workspace.
  • How to Prevent Herniated Disc Injuries

    Herniated discs are some of the most common causes of neck, back, and leg pain, affecting millions of people each year. While many instances of herniated discs can heal on their own with home treatment, it’s important to practice herniated disc prevention techniques to try and prevent them before they occur.
  • Common Winter Injuries and How to Recover Quickly

    Winter is coming up fast! Unfortunately, with the colder temperatures and beautiful snow comes common winter injuries. From slips and falls to temperature-related dangers, it’s important to know what to look out for and how to recover quickly if you experience any of them.
  • What Causes Cold Weather Back Pain and How to Find Relief

    With winter around the corner, our lives start to adapt to cooler weather and the limitations that come along with that. Colder temperatures mean heavier clothes, less time spent outdoors, and a plethora of other lifestyle changes that occur each year during this seasonal change. One of the unfortunate side effects of winter setting in is the increase in cold weather back pain.
  • What Is a Spinal Decompression Chair?

    When it comes to taking care of your body, nothing is more central than your spine. Many of the body’s vital functions are facilitated by the spine, making it incredibly important to protect and care for. One of the best ways to care for your spine on a regular basis is with home spinal decompression. Spinal decompression home equipment can come in a variety of forms, but today we’re focusing on chair options.
  • Using an Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain Relief

    When you think of the word “ergonomic,” chances are what comes to mind are traditional office chairs. Did you know that other types of chairs can be ergonomic, as well? The term doesn’t refer to a type of chair as much as it does to the overall design intended to maximize efficiency and minimize stress on the body.
  • The Perfect Chair for Grandparents Day Gifts!

    National Grandparents Day is celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day each year and is the perfect opportunity to show grandparents just how much we love and cherish them! Some of the most special Grandparents Day gifts we can give are just because we were thinking about another person and want to make them happy.