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  • How to Prevent Preeclampsia Naturally During Pregnancy

    Preeclampsia is a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur during pregnancy, affecting both the mother and baby. Preeclampsia Awareness Month is observed each May,  helping expectant mothers understand what it is and how to avoid preeclampsia on their pregnancy journey.
  • Arthritis Awareness Month: A Guide to Living With Arthritis

    Living with arthritis can be frustrating and painful, keeping you from doing the things you want to do. During the month of May, we observe Arthritis Awareness Month in order to educate those living with the disease on how to treat symptoms and thrive.
  • 6 Reasons for Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

    If you’ve ever sat in a zero gravity chair, then you know these modern recliners elevate your experience and provide the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. There are so many ways to use a zero gravity chair that we’re confident it’ll quickly become your new favorite place to sit. You may be aware of the reasons for sitting in these modern recliners, but have you learned about the benefits of the zero gravity sleeping position?
  • What Are the 8 Most Common Physical Therapy Treatments?

    Physical therapists have many different types of treatments, or modalities, to choose from when helping their patients rehabilitate from an injury. The sheer array of potential injuries they encounter means they have to consider which physical therapy treatments may help to provide individualized care.
  • 6 Natural Home Remedies for IBS

    Those living with symptoms of IBS know it can be a daily challenge. Ranging from mild discomfort to excessive pain, this digestive health condition can be very frustrating. 
  • How to Reverse Prediabetes Naturally

    Diabetes Alert Day is observed each year on the fourth Tuesday in March by the American Diabetes Association. It’s a day that focuses on alerting people to their risks of developing diabetes, including those who may already be prediabetic.
  • Tips for Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

    Lower back pain is a common health ailment that ranges from mild discomfort to debilitating hurt. Not only does it affect you physically, but lower back pain also affects you mentally. If left unchecked, lower back pain could worsen and have a long-term negative impact on your overall health and wellness.
  • How to Prevent Herniated Disc Injuries

    Herniated discs are some of the most common causes of neck, back, and leg pain, affecting millions of people each year. While many instances of herniated discs can heal on their own with home treatment, it’s important to practice herniated disc prevention techniques to try and prevent them before they occur.
  • 6 Natural Remedies for Asthma to Help You Breathe Easier

    Those living with asthma may find winter is a more difficult time of year for managing their condition. Colder, drier air and sudden shifts in the weather can irritate your airways, causing you to produce more mucus. Additionally, staying indoors may result in a higher number of respiratory illnesses like the cold or flu. Whether it’s part of the winter chill or symptoms you experience year round, finding natural asthma remedies could be beneficial to your overall treatment.
  • How to Recover After Skiing the Slopes

    After spending the day on the slopes, it’s not uncommon for skiers to experience muscle pain, soreness, or stiffness. No matter whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’re working your entire body and may find yourself working muscles you didn’t even realize you had.
  • How to Avoid Migraine Triggers During the Holidays

    The holidays can be a time of joy, giving, and spending time with family. Unfortunately, they can also come with migraine triggers that lead to debilitating pain. Learning how to avoid migraine triggers during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to skip the festivities. Today, we’re looking at a few simple tips and techniques to avoid the holiday migraine and enjoy each minute to the fullest. Read on, and have a happy holiday!
  • Common Causes of Neck Pain and How to Find Relief

    Neck pain is a common health ailment affecting millions of people each year. Often characterized by muscle stiffness, reduced mobility, headaches, and other related symptoms, relief from neck pain is a priority for those living with the condition. The good news is there are plenty of ways to achieve neck pain relief with simple home treatment methods!