Health & Wellness

  • Healthy Habits to Help You Control Diabetes

    Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up control. In fact, diabetes may push you into a healthier lifestyle to help manage symptoms and live your best life. Controlling diabetes is often able to be accomplished with simple lifestyle changes that enhance your daily well-being, but always communicate with your primary care physician before making any adjustments.
  • How to Focus on Healthy Aging in Adults

    As we continue to live longer lives than ever before, our attention needs to be on how to be both alive and well. There are some aspects of age-related diseases and other negative impacts of growing older that we simply have no control over, but there are many others over which we do. Having a focus on healthy aging will help you to manage your health, live as independently as possible, and maintain a high quality of life as you get older.
  • Essential Health and Fitness Tips for Women

    As we celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on September 28th, 2022, we’re reminded of the importance for all women to prioritize their health even as they juggle the many demands of life. With a few simple considerations and adjustments, you can kick your routine into high gear regardless of your age, lifestyle, or fitness level.
  • Women's Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

    Summer can be the time for sun, rest, and relaxation, but the one thing that should definitely not take a holiday is attention to your health! The warm weather of summer brings with it all kinds of opportunities to spend time practicing self-care in all its forms. From hanging with girlfriends to sticking to physical activity goals, women’s health and wellness is about both mental and physical well-being.
  • Best Exercises for Older Adults

    Exercising and staying active are essential to your overall health throughout your entire life. As we get older, however, these exercises become even more essential to promote independent living with better balance, more energy, a healthier immune system, muscle strength, and even protecting mental health.
  • How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

    It can be difficult to lose weight, and keeping the weight off after you’ve lost it can prove to be a challenge, as well. Did you realize that the amount of sleep you’re getting may have a profound impact on your weight loss journey? While more connections are being studied every day, professionals agree that there’s a correlation between sleep and weight loss success.

    How does sleep affect weight loss, you ask? Today, we’re taking a look at why sleep is important for weight loss as well as a few simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you get the sleep you need.

  • Your Personal Health and Wellness Checklist

    Finding ways to stay healthy is a personal challenge everyone should take on in their daily lives. Being healthy means more than just not being sick; it encompasses your overall physical and mental well-being. As we lead busier and busier lives, sometimes taking stock of our personal health and wellness starts to take a backseat to other tasks and obligations. You’ll find, however, that making time to improve your physical and mental health can go a long way to enhancing every aspect of your life, making you more productive and happier.
  • Safe Ways to Exercise in Summer to Avoid Overheating

    The warm summer days bring with them the draw to get outside and exercise in the fresh air and sunlight. While we love soaking up vitamin D, safely learning how to exercise in summer heat is very important. The heat and humidity of summer can put a definite damper on your normal workout routine if you’re not careful about overheating or putting excess stress on the body.
  • Common Men's Health Issues to Watch Out For

    An old running joke amongst many professionals is that men take better care of their cars than their health. While that may have been true in decades past, the importance of self-care and overall health has taken the front stage for many men today. The truth is that common men’s health problems can occur at any age, so taking care of yourself should be a priority at every stage of life.
  • Summer Health Challenge for Your Mind and Body

    With summer officially started, now is the perfect time to take a look at your summer health goals and get creative with new ways to lead a healthy lifestyle! Longer days, ample sunshine, and warmer temperatures are the perfect catalyst for jumpstarting a summer health challenge to boost your physical and mental well-being.
  • Your Guide to Avoiding Golf Back Pain

    Summer is here and it’s time to get back out on the golf course! While we all enjoy a great round of golf, our bodies tend to not love the constant rotational movements that go along with the game. While it may not be a contact sport, you can still easily find yourself feeling sore or being injured after hitting the greens. From swing mechanics to precision putting, twisting and muscle control can leave many with back pain after golfing. Read on to learn more about avoiding golf back pain.
  • How to Maintain Physical Fitness When You're Busy

    With a hectic schedule juggling work, friends, family, and loads of other responsibilities each day, finding ways to maintain physical fitness can easily go by the wayside. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, right? The thing is, making time for self-care is essential to both your physical and mental health. It affects everything you do and impacts your daily life. Read on to learn more about how to maintain physical fitness when you're busy.