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  • Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers & Athletes in Your Life

    Finding yourself at a loss for ideas on gifts for fitness enthusiasts in your life? Looking for ideas to give to others for items that you want yourself? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about a gift guide for fitness lovers and athletes in your life.
  • Wondering How to Treat Swollen Joints? Try These Methods

    Millions of adults suffer from swollen joints every year. Joints are where your bones meet and allow the skeleton to move. Some of the most common joints where people experience swelling are knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders. Read on to learn more about how to treat swollen joints.
  • How to Treat Muscle Strain & Find Relief at Home

    Staying active takes its toll on the body. Even those who take care of themselves with regular self-care activities sometimes overdo it and end up with muscle strains. Muscle strain should be treated immediately as symptoms arise. Read on to learn more about how to treat muscle strain and find relief at home.
  • 7 Zero Gravity Chair Benefits for Older Adults

    The importance of self-care activities for older adults is crucial to maintaining long-term health. As the average lifespan continues to increase, taking care of your body can help present debilitating illness or injuries that reduce quality of life. Read on to learn more about zero gravity chair benefits for older adults.
  • 6 Activities to Combine with the Zero Gravity Recliner to Improve Posture

    Posture is the position in which you hold your body every moment of the day. This means while seated, standing, lying down, or performing activities. Good posture aligns the body in an optimal way given the effects of gravity, and having poor posture can put excess weight and pressure on areas of the body and negatively affect overall health. Let's talk about 6 activities you can combine with the zero gravity recliner to help improve posture!

  • Activities to Mix With the Zero Gravity Chair for Lower Back Pain

    Of the many health benefits of zero gravity chairs, relief for lower back pain may be the most commonly sought. As many as 60-80% of all people will experience lower back pain in their lifetimes. Contrary to what you may think, however, rest is not the only solution for lower back pain. In fact, exercise and physical activities along with rest can help relieve lower pain more and heal injuries more quickly.

    In this post, we'll be providing a few activities to mix with the zero gravity recliner for lower back pain!

  • 7 Activities to Do While Relaxing in Your Zero Gravity Chair

    Considering adding a zero gravity chair to your home? More than a simple recliner, zero gravity chairs benefit your body both mentally and physically. Aside from experiencing the benefits of neutral body positioning, or NBP, there are a number of functions you can add to your daily routine.

    From simple exercises to improved sleep quality, here are 4 activities to do while relaxing in your zero gravity chair

  • Improve Heart Health with Zero Gravity Chairs and Self-Care Activities

    The heart works nonstop around the clock to keep us going. It pushes blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen, nutrients, and essential cells....
  • How to Integrate Zero Gravity Recliners into Your Fitness Routine

    Maintaining a home fitness routine is essential to your overall mental and physical health. We share different methods to focus on, and how to integrate your zero gravity chair with your workout routine!