Health & Wellness

  • How to Reverse Prediabetes Naturally

    Diabetes Alert Day is observed each year on the fourth Tuesday in March by the American Diabetes Association. It’s a day that focuses on alerting people to their risks of developing diabetes, including those who may already be prediabetic.
  • National Kidney Month Tips: How to Keep Kidneys Healthy

    Your kidneys are a pair of organs located on both sides of your spine and are responsible for eliminating toxins from your body, creating red blood cells, keeping bones healthy, and more. With all they do to keep you in optimal condition, learning how to keep your kidneys healthy should be a priority for total wellness.
  • What Is Holistic Health and How Can You Practice It?

    While it may be a contemporary buzzword for many, the concept of holistic health is far from new. What does holistic health mean, and what does it include? Pulling from many different sources, holistic health seeks to minimize pain and alleviate symptoms while boosting your overall well-being. This approach to your health is all-encompassing, looking after every aspect of your overall wellness. 
  • 6 Tips for Healthy Legs Through All Stages of Life

    There’s a good chance you rely on your legs and feet to get you where you’re going each and every day. From physical activities to simply walking around the house doing chores, we use our legs and engage those muscles in almost everything we do. Taking the time to learn about maintaining leg health can keep you up on your feet and ready to go.
  • Simple Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. While there are some factors such as age,...
  • Getting Back on Track After the Holidays: A Healthy Guide

    The new year has started, so now’s the time for getting back on track after the holidays with your healthy habits. The holiday season presents a wealth of challenges that make it difficult to stay on top of the healthy habits you spent the rest of the year building. That’s okay! The past is behind us, so let’s focus on correcting the course as we move forward.
  • How to Stay Fit Without a Gym

    Despite wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there’s not always time to hit the gym. Additionally, gym memberships can be expensive, with never-ending costs that mount up over time. So what’s the solution for how to stay fit without a gym, instead?
  • Your Guide to Setting Health Goals for the New Year

    It’s that time of year again: resolution time. Every year, millions of people make their list of New Year’s resolutions to try and make improvements to their lives in various ways. These resolutions are often health-focused, listing out goals for actions to take every day or “bad” habits to avoid as much as possible. The problem is, expecting these changes to happen instantly is a recipe for failure.
  • How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain This Season

    Cold temperatures, unpredictable weather, food-centric holidays, and shorter daylight hours all come together to make it difficult for many to maintain their usual healthy routines during this season. It’s hard to fight the urge to hibernate when so many things beckon us back into the warmth of the couch or our bed.
  • Healthy Habits to Help You Control Diabetes

    Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up control. In fact, diabetes may push you into a healthier lifestyle to help manage symptoms and live your best life. Controlling diabetes is often able to be accomplished with simple lifestyle changes that enhance your daily well-being, but always communicate with your primary care physician before making any adjustments.
  • How to Focus on Healthy Aging in Adults

    As we continue to live longer lives than ever before, our attention needs to be on how to be both alive and well. There are some aspects of age-related diseases and other negative impacts of growing older that we simply have no control over, but there are many others over which we do. Having a focus on healthy aging will help you to manage your health, live as independently as possible, and maintain a high quality of life as you get older.
  • Essential Health and Fitness Tips for Women

    As we celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on September 28th, 2022, we’re reminded of the importance for all women to prioritize their health even as they juggle the many demands of life. With a few simple considerations and adjustments, you can kick your routine into high gear regardless of your age, lifestyle, or fitness level.