9 Best Mindfulness Gifts & Ideas for the Holidays [2023]

Mindfulness Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Practicing mindfulness and learning to be more present in the moment takes effort. If you’ve been struggling with mindfulness gift ideas for the holidays, let go of the stress because we’re here to help.

As the world becomes busier and more connected, giving the gift of relaxation, stress relief and meditation just may be the gift your loved ones need, but would never consider for themselves. Depending on how new someone is to the mindfulness journey, gifts can range from physical products, to apps, to tools like gratitude journals.

If you want to give a meaningful, thoughtful gift that can help loved ones expand their spirituality, improve their mental health, or just find inner peace, we’ve assembled a fantastic list of mindfulness gift ideas just in time for the holidays to help your friends and loved ones along their journey.

Our guide includes,

  • General mindfulness gifts
  • Mindfulness gifts for meditation
  • Mindfulness gifts for stress relief and mood enhancement

(Love one of these for yourself? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!)

General Mindfulness Gift Ideas

We’re bringing some calm to the holidays with mindfulness gift ideas for everyone on your list. Whether it’s to help manage holiday stress or add a calming routine to their everyday life, these gift ideas for the holidays are sure to be appreciated and make a difference, no matter who they’re for.

Let’s delve into the general mindfulness gifts like,

  • Svago Swivel zero gravity recliner
  • Adult coloring book
  • Gratitude journal

1. Svago Swivel Zero Gravity Recliner

Taking mindfulness gift ideas to the next level is the Svago Swivel zero gravity recliner. These modern recliner designs improve on the traditional recliner and look after your mental and physical wellness. Beyond the plethora of potential physical health benefits of zero gravity chairs, they’re also ideal for practicing mindfulness through zero gravity meditation, calming breathing exercises, or simply unwinding in the evenings.

In the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level, alleviating pressure from the lower back and distributing weight evenly along the body. This positioning can help with stress management stemming from mental or physical catalysts. After all, your mind can’t rest if your body isn’t at rest, too.

Perks like vibration massage and heat therapy benefits enhance the overall experience, allowing the user to deepen their mindfulness practice while they heal mentally and physically. Along with these benefits, the Swivel has advanced features such as an easy-to-navigate remote control and dial to change your footrest and backrest settings, smart wake up programs, custom memory settings, and one touch zero gravity.

Zero gravity chairs are the perfect gift ideas for the holidays for friends, family, or even yourself!

2. Mindfulness Adult Coloring Book

You may be wondering how an adult coloring book makes our list of mindfulness gift ideas for the holidays. Adult coloring books like the Secret Garden Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book provide the user with opportunities to tune out from the hustle and bustle and live in the moment for a while. It helps the brain calm down and focus on a singular task instead of juggling a hectic schedule or to-do list. Initial studies have shown the benefits of adult coloring books like this, making them ideal for mindfulness as well as potentially helping improve mental health.

3. Gratitude Journal

We’d be remiss to round out our list of mindfulness gift ideas for the holidays without including a gratitude journal. The Rise and Shine gratitude journal from Papier includes morning and evening prompts with five months worth of entries to fill in at any pace the user wants. It also has 30-day reflections so your friends or loved ones can record their thoughts, feelings, moments and lessons from the previous month.

Mindfulness Gifts for Meditation

What would gifts for mindfulness be without ones to help with meditation? While meditation can seem daunting for some, helping your loved ones get started at their own pace can make the journey much easier over time. Read on to learn more about,

  • Smart meditation cushions
  • Headspace app subscription

4. Smart Meditation Cushion

Flow into tranquility with the Flowtime Smart Meditation Cushion, a delightful addition to our mindfulness gift guide. 

Crafted for comfort, the set features a top pillow supporting effortless posture and a floor cushion freeing knees, legs, and ankles from the chill of the season. Beyond its cozy embrace, the cushion boasts recorded biodata capabilities, courtesy of built-in heart rate and breathing sensors. Dive into guided lessons for beginners, resonate with the soothing 5-5 breathing pattern, or opt for the Timer mode—allowing personalized meditation with your favorite tunes.

5. Headspace App Subscription

The modern world is full of sights, sounds, technology, and more. That doesn’t mean we can’t adapt technology to help us live in the moment, however! Next up on our list of mindfulness gift ideas for the holidays is a Headspace app subscription.

Available in both monthly and annual subscriptions, this app was started with one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. They claim the app has been proven to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s self-care routine. Headspace offers hundreds of mood-boosting meditations, relaxing sleep exercises, focus music, and more!

Mindful Gifts for Stress Relief & Mood Enhancement

Next up, in our 2023 mindfulness gift ideas guide, are ones that can promote stress relief and help enhance your loved ones moods as we slip into the darker (and chillier!) months of the year. These include,

  • Mood-enhancing light therapy lamps
  • Mindful breathing necklaces
  • Aromatherapy diffuser bracelets
  • Tone therapy system

6. Mood-Enhancing Light Therapy Lamp

A mood-enhancing light therapy lamp is the perfect gift to help loved ones (or you!) combat the winter blues and promote mindfulness. These lamps simulate natural sunlight, helping regulate circadian rhythms and improve mood. Perfect for the darker winter months, this gift brings the benefits of light therapy into the comfort of one's home, fostering a serene atmosphere and aiding in relaxation.

7. Mindful Breathing Necklace

Inspired by 17th century Japanese monks using a flute called a “shakuhachi” to find stillness, Komuso’s breathing necklace The Shift is meant to help slow breathing and enhance mindfulness practice. The Shift slows your exhale to create a better breathing habit.

With a chic, elegant design, this mindfulness gift idea also serves as both a tool and a gentle reminder to protect your well-being. In that way, it helps the wearer practice mindfulness even when they’re not actively using the necklace for breathing exercises

8. Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets

Combine the benefits of aromatherapy with a stylish accessory. Aromatherapy diffuser bracelets (like these from Edens Garden) are designed with a porous material that absorbs essential oils. Wearers can enjoy the calming scents throughout the day, promoting mindfulness and relaxation wherever they go. This portable and fashionable accessory is a great addition to any mindfulness routine, and great for those who are on the go with little down time. Alternatively, there are bracelets like these where someone can choose their own essential oils and put a drop inside a locket-style design.

9. Tone Therapy System

And finally, capping off our list of holiday gifts for mindfulness is the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System from the wellness brand solu. Perfect for the person always on the go, this tone therapy system only requires three minutes each day. Making use of the ancient Pythagorean tuning system for sound healing in order to refocus the listener's mind and reduce stress, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System is branded as “yoga for your mind.”

We’re sure this guide has mindfulness gifts for everyone on your list this year! Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or even yourself, it’s never a wrong time to add mindful practices to your routine. Show how much you care by helping everyone on your list take care of themselves this year. Happy holidays!