Why Zero Gravity Living Room Chairs Make the Best Recliners

a zero gravity massage chair in a living room


After a long day, there’s nothing better than being able to come home and relax. In decades past, that meant coming home and sitting back in a traditional recliner for the evening, but what about today? In today’s home, the best recliners take your relaxation to another level and may benefit your overall health, too.

Today, we’re taking a look at the zero gravity living room chair. We’re exploring why zero gravity chair models make the best recliners for any lifestyle and what to look for when choosing one for yourself!

Why Choose a Zero Gravity Living Room Chair?

When it comes to how to choose chairs for your living room, you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment. What makes a zero gravity living room chair so special? Designed based on observations made by NASA and representing the evolution of living room chairs, zero gravity chair benefits extend well beyond simple comfort.

Some of the reasons zero gravity living room chairs make the best recliners are:

  • Versatility for different interior design styles
  • Back pain relief and other possible health benefits
  • Bonus features that provide extra zero gravity chair benefits
  • Taking up less space than traditional recliners
  • Durability

A Zero Gravity Living Room Chair for Every Interior Design Style

The first reason on our list of why choosing a zero gravity living room chair is best is that they offer versatility to many different interior design styles. Where many recliners are strictly traditional or overtly modern, a zero gravity living room chair is able to fit seamlessly into almost any design style you choose.

This becomes increasingly beneficial if you’re someone who likes to redecorate! Instead of being stuck with a recliner that stands out for all the wrong reasons when you do a living room refresh, your zero gravity chair benefits you by offering elements that fit anywhere.

From hand-carved wood bases that offer modern shaping with traditional materials to choices between faux leather vs leather upholstery, you’ll easily see why these make the best recliners for your home.

Using a Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain (And Other Potential Health Benefits)

We’d be remiss to talk about why a zero gravity living room chair makes the best recliner if we didn’t discuss their potential health benefits! If you’re asking yourself why zero gravity chair models have become so popular, you need only to look at what they can do.

Using a zero gravity chair for back pain is one of the most common reasons people want them. Statistics show that thoroughly 80% of all adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives and spinal care is crucial to your overall health. Your zero gravity living room chair makes one of the best recliners (and most unique) because it pulls excess pressure off the lower back when reclined into the zero gravity position. This, alone, is why many people use zero gravity chairs for sciatica treatment at home and managing chronic back pain.

Other potential zero gravity chair benefits for health include things such as boosting your immune system, helping improve lung function, lowering the risk of heart disease, and fighting obesity.

Having a zero gravity living chair doesn’t just look after your physical health and wellness, however. It may improve mental health, as well. For example, meditating in a zero gravity chair is a popular method for fighting against stress-related health problems including depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Even a few minutes each day can deepen your relaxation, help with pain relief, serve as a natural way to treat insomnia, and even potentially elevate your mood.

Many of the potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs stem from improving blood circulation. Better blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscle and tissue more efficiently throughout the body, enhancing how the body heals itself. It may help reduce inflammation and serve as a home remedy for swelling, as well. From the mental aspect, pain management and faster bodily healing have been shown to result in less stress and muscle tension relief.

Bonus Features of Zero Gravity Living Room Chairs

Another reason zero gravity living room chairs are undeniably the best recliners is because of the features they may offer. Some of the best bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners include heat therapy, vibration or air pressure massage, and smart wakeup programs.

Heat therapy and massage features may enhance the zero gravity chair benefits for health. Both of these are ideal when recovering from a sports injury, but their more general positive effects are part of the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages and lifestyles. Choosing a zero gravity chair with smart wakeup programs is great for making sure those adult naps (which can be healthy, by the way!) don’t go on too long. It’s best to keep an afternoon nap to 20-30 minutes in order to avoid messing up your natural circadian rhythm.

Having a Space Saving Reclining Chair

Whether you’re looking for big family room design ideas or furniture ideas for decorating small spaces, you don’t want your new favorite chair to be taking up a disproportionate amount of room. This is another reason your zero gravity living room chair makes one of the best recliners: they’re space savers!

While it can vary from model to model, choosing a luxury zero gravity chair means it will most likely be designed to recline without requiring as much space as a regular recliner. When choosing between a zero gravity chair or recliner, this makes a huge difference! Space saving reclining capabilities help your zero gravity living room chair an option for spaces of all sizes.

Zero Gravity Living Room Chair Durability

Last, but certainly not least, in our exploration of why zero gravity living room chairs make the best recliners is their durability. If you’re asking yourself, “are zero gravity chairs worth it?” then you definitely want your purchase to be a solid investment.

The most durable zero gravity chairs are luxury models backed by a solid warranty. If the manufacturer backs their furniture, it’s a good sign that their product is high quality and built to last! With proper care and treatment, your luxury zero gravity chair should last for many years.

Bonus Tips: To help you choose the best zero gravity living room chair, check out how to buy good quality furniture that will last.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, today’s best recliners are zero gravity chairs, hands down. From their comfort and adaptability to their features and durability, choosing a zero gravity chair could be the best decision you ever make! More than just a chair, these recliners may enhance your life and keep you feeling your absolute best.

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