Different Methods for Relaxing in a Recliner

 a man relaxing in a recliner


When it comes to ways to relax, is there anything better than coming home at the end of a long day and relaxing in a recliner? There’s a reason these chairs have been popular for decades, and today’s modern recliners have evolved to help you relax even more. Today, we’re talking about different methods for relaxing in a recliner that can help you unwind and de-stress. 

Relaxing in a Recliner: Self Care at Its Best

In decades past, relaxing in a recliner might’ve brought to mind bulky, overstuffed monstrosities that took up all the space in your living room and never fit into the style properly. Times have changed! The evolution of these chairs into such models like zero gravity chairs has brought with them the ability to fit seamlessly into different interior design styles while also providing a variety of potential health benefits.

To help you find new ways to unwind and relax, let’s talk about a few of our favorite methods for relaxing in a recliner including:

  • Diving into a good book or brain games
  • Listening to relaxing music to unwind
  • Taking an adult nap (they’re good for you!)
  • Keeping loose with full body exercises
  • Getting a massage
  • Meditating to improve mental health

Ways to Relax #1: Reading and Brain Games

To kick off our guide to different methods for relaxing in a recliner, let’s talk about diving into a good book or playing brain games to stimulate our mind. For the bibliophiles out there, nothing beats kicking back in a recliner and immersing themselves in a new story. Books work to stimulate our brains. In fact, studies have been done to show how reading affects connectivity within our brain and may improve mental health.

Playing brain games is another method for relaxing in a recliner that stimulates the mind while your body rests! Brain games have been noted to potentially help prevent cognitive decline as we get older. Today, there are many popular apps you can use for brain games such as Lumosity and CogniFit.

Ways to Relax #2: Listening to Music

Similar to playing brain games, listening to calming music (including binaural beat therapy) is another method for relaxing in a recliner that can help you unwind. Whether you’re pairing items with your zero gravity chair like personal headphones or playing songs over a smart home device, music at 60 beats per minute (BPM) has been shown to be optimal for relaxation. At this rate, our brains are able to sync to the beat and emit alpha brainwaves, which are present during stages of relaxation. 

Ways to Relax #3: Taking an Adult Nap

Another method for relaxing in a recliner is taking an adult nap. Wait, napping is good for you? You bet! The key to an adult nap being beneficial is limiting it to roughly 20 to 30 minutes. Naps that are longer than this may accidentally interrupt your circadian rhythm and lead to unintentional sleep issues.

The evolution of recliners has given us new ways to relax without worry, once again. For example, if you have a zero gravity chair with smart wakeup programming options, you can ensure you don’t sleep longer than you intend to. We know that it’s easy to get super comfortable while relaxing in a recliner, but there’s always the potential for too much of a good thing.

Ways to Relax #4: Exercising

We know that exercising may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about relaxing in a recliner, but staying active can be a great way to deepen relaxation and keep your body loose. By doing a series of simple full body workout exercises using a zero gravity chair or recliner as a base, you’ve found ways to relax and be active at the same time!

Keeping active even while relaxing in a recliner is also essential for avoiding pain from sitting too long and to fix some common bad sitting habits that may be affecting your posture. Poor posture while sitting is one of the most common causes of back pain that you may be overlooking.

Ways to Relax #5: Getting a Massage

Perhaps our favorite method for relaxing in a recliner is getting a massage while we do. When choosing between a zero gravity chair or recliner, this helps the former stand out. Most traditional recliners are limited to leaning back and returning upright once again. The bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners, however, may include functions like massage and even heat therapy that increase the number of ways to unwind and relax.

Whether your chair has vibration or air pressure massage features, these functions help deepen your relaxation and enhance how the body heals itself. Who knew that pampering yourself could come with so many perks?

Ways to Relax #6: Reclining Meditation

The last item on our list of methods for relaxing in a recliner may, in fact, be one of the most beneficial. Learning how to meditate at home could be positive for your mental and physical health. Meditating in a zero gravity chair or recliner takes these ways to relax a step further and works to center yourself. Studies have shown that mediation can be effective at alleviating stress, reducing blood pressure naturally, elevating your mood, and even improving bodily healing.

We hope this guide has given you ideas about different methods for relaxing in a recliner. Learning ways to unwind and relax is essential to both your mental and physical wellbeing. Whether you prefer to unwind with calming music, stimulate your mind with a good book, or even exercise to stay loose, choosing a zero gravity chair can help you along the way.

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