Should I Get A Zero Gravity Chair or Recliner?

zero gravity chair or recliner in living room

You’ve decided to add a new piece of furniture to your home but now you’re debating between a  zero gravity chair or recliner. What’s the difference? Is there a difference between zero gravity chairs and traditional recliners? Absolutely!

First, let’s dive into what “zero gravity” means and how it differs from a traditional recliner. After learning about the two, you’ll be able to answer the big question: Should I get a zero gravity chair or recliner? 

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

No, zero gravity doesn’t mean you’ll be floating around your living room. The terms zero gravity chair or recliner refer to the neutral body position you’re in as you relax in it!

Designed by NASA, zero gravity position is meant to emulate the neutral body position of astronauts in space and alleviate the effects of gravity on your body. In zero gravity position, you’re reclined with your legs above the heart level. This distributes your weight evenly along your body, reducing pressure at certain points caused by sitting in traditional chairs.

The health benefits of a zero gravity chair or recliner include lower back pain relief, improved blood circulation that reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, and better sleep quality. In fact, just 20 minutes a day sitting in a zero gravity chair or recliner can result in the back repair that occurs over 8 to 10 hours of sleep!

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what a zero gravity chair is, let’s see how it compares to a traditional recliner. 

Health Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair vs Recliner

As you start to debate on choosing a zero gravity chair or recliner you’ll inevitably notice the traditional recliners lack of health benefits. Zero gravity chairs lead the way in this matter without a doubt. Sure, a traditional recliner can be comfortable, but a zero gravity recliner takes that to the next level by nurturing physical and mental health.

The design of the zero gravity chair works to:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Allow for spinal decompression and rehydration
  • Evenly distribute pressure along the body
  • Accelerate bodily healing

When it comes to a zero gravity chair or recliner for health benefits, the choice is clear. 

Zero Gravity Chair or Recliner: Which One for Lower Back Pain Relief?

Traditional recliners may actually be part of the problem here instead of the solution. In a traditional recliner, the body is seated in such a way that pressure is centered on the lower back and pelvic region. The zero gravity position fixes this problem and works to relieve lower back pain and sciatica symptoms.

Reclining in a zero gravity chair evenly distributes weight along your body. In this position, pressure is reduced on the spine and along the sciatic nerve system. The pressure reduction decompresses the nerves in this area, reducing strain and muscle spasms. When choosing between a zero gravity chair or recliner for lower back pain relief the verdict is in. The winner: zero gravity chairs!

Do I Want a Zero Gravity Chair or Recliner for Sleeping?

Everyone knows the recliner is the perfect spot for quick snooze. Sometimes our health circumstances dictate that we consider sleeping for longer periods in recliners. So which one is best here?

Traditional recliners fall short, once again, when it comes to sleeping. Zero gravity chairs are designed to improve sleep quality. Better circulation leads to oxygen being delivered more efficiently throughout the body and your respiratory system increasing in functionality. These deeper, more fulfilling breaths not only feel good but lead to better sleep. The body relaxes more and you are able to achieve a better REM cycle, necessary for restful sleep. 

What About Durability of a Zero Gravity Chair or Recliner?

When you’re investing in furniture for your home you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality pieces that are going to last. So once again let’s put it to the test and see who wins: a zero gravity chair or recliner.

Traditional recliners have pressure centered in certain areas, causing them to wear out in odd spots more quickly. Furthermore, if you spend long periods of time sitting (be mindful of ways to prevent pain from sitting too long) or sleeping in a traditional recliner, you’re putting wear and tear on it that your recliner simply wasn’t designed to take.

Conversely, many zero gravity chairs are designed to hold more weight, making cushion sagging, an issue frequently experienced with regular recliners, a thing of the past. Since your body weight is evenly distributed as you recliner in a zero gravity chair, there is less focused pressure in any specific area. This further increases the durability of your chair by design alone.

As most zero gravity chairs are designed as luxury furniture items, you can expect the highest quality from them. Higher quality furniture is designed to last longer and maintain its full function.

Relaxation Features of a Zero Gravity Chair vs Recliner

When it comes to luxury features, traditional recliners come up short once more. Most recliners simply recline. That’s their claim to fame. While they’re comfortable, sure, zero gravity chairs recliner, too, while providing so much more.

So when it comes to extra features it’s no surprise that luxury zero gravity recliners offer more. The best zero gravity chairs offer massage programs, heat therapy functions, and even smart wake-up timers to keep you from accidentally snoozing too long!

The debate between choosing a zero gravity chair or recliner is a short one with a clear winner. Zero gravity chairs offer more health benefits, greater comfort, better sleep, extra features, and longer-lasting durability. What’s left to discuss? All that’s left is to choose the right zero gravity chair to fit your style and needs. It’ll change your life!

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