Vegan Interior Design Ideas for Sustainable Home Decor

vegan leather couch with faux fur throw sustainable home decor

Love the look of leather and hide but don’t want the guilt? You’re in luck! The explosion of interest in cruelty-free sustainable home decor has led to the development of high quality vegan interior design items on the market. In fact, vegan furniture and sustainable home decor have become so popular that they’ve pushed the demand for real leather furniture to an all-time low.

If you’re considering vegan leather furniture, faux fur accents, or any cruelty-free home decor you’re in the right place! We’re giving you our guide to vegan interior design ideas for sustainable home decor that will give you all the style and none of the guilt. 

5 Vegan Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

Long gone are the days of flimsy vegan leather fabrics and cheap-looking faux hide accessories. The rise in popularity of vegan interior design trends has paved the way for high-quality alternatives to leather furniture and decor.

In our guide to sustainable home decor we’re taking a look at:

  • Faux leather couches and sofas
  • Vegan leather chairs that give more arrangement options
  • Cruelty-free end tables and coffee tables
  • Faux fur home accents
  • Vegan hide rugs

Faux Leather Couches and Sofas: A Living Room Staple

Choosing alternatives to leather furniture and decor frequently starts with faux leather couches and sofas. They’re the staple go-to choice for most living spaces. In days past, faux leather couches were quite different than today and provided inferior quality. With advancements in how it’s made, the visual and quality differences between faux leather vs real leather are almost indistinguishable!

To add to the benefit of cruelty-free couches and sofas, vegan leather is synthetic and therefore available in many more colors and patterns than its real leather counterparts. If you’re seeking a leather look, natural colors and stains are the way to go. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try a bold color or pattern to create a statement piece!

While faux leather couches and sofas are perfect for big family room design ideas, what about those working with less space? That’s where the next item in our guide to vegan interior design ideas for sustainable home decor comes in!

Vegan Leather Chairs for Versatility and Utility

Whether you’re filling a large living space or trying to come up with furniture ideas for decorating small spaces, the benefits of faux leather chairs will make them your new best friend for vegan interior design and sustainable home decor needs. Choosing chairs for your living room not only gives you more seating but also provides you with more ways to arrange your living space to fit your needs without the visual weight of traditional couches and sofas.

A popular trend for living room chairs in this category are vegan leather zero gravity chairs! These multifunctional furniture pieces suit different interior design styles and aesthetics. Taking things far beyond the traditional recliner, zero gravity chairs provide comfortable seating as well as numerous health benefits for the mind and body.

In the zero gravity position, weight is distributed evenly along the body to reduce concentrated pressure points and alleviate lower back pain sources. They also work to increase blood circulation throughout the body, improve heart health naturally, and even help with better sleep quality.

More than just for looks, your furniture should help improve your life. Having a multifunctional furniture piece like a vegan leather zero gravity chair can also become part of a healthy, relaxing night time routine that helps you unwind after a long day. This makes them the ideal addition to your vegan interior design ideas for sustainable home decor!

Using Faux Leather End Tables and Coffee Tables

Next in our guide to vegan interior design ideas we move from seating to utility! End tables, coffee tables, and even accent tables don’t have to be simple wood pieces! Using non-traditional materials like vegan leather surfaces gives visual interest to your interior design.

If you’re looking at vegan furniture such as end tables and coffee tables with faux leather fabrics, mix it up even further with pieces that have metal accents or hardware. Mixed materials in furniture pieces can elevate your design style and give a more complex look while sticking to cruelty-free interior design ideas! 

Sustainable Home Decor With Faux Fur Throws and Pillows

Choosing vegan furniture is definitely not the only way to implement vegan interior design ideas for sustainable home decor. One of our favorite ways to add a little personality and design to any room is with faux fur sustainable home decor accents!

There are endless options for faux fur throws and pillows out there so you can easily find one that fits your interior design style. Wanting a piece that looks real without the guilt? Aim for faux fur home accents that mimic real animal colorations. Feeling a little more funky? Since faux fur sustainable home decor is synthetic, it can come in endless color and pattern variations! Find one that speaks to you and make it a little statement piece to add to your living space.

Vegan Hide Rugs as Part of Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

Last in our guide to vegan interior design ideas for sustainable home decor are vegan hide rugs. The look of hide rugs is timeless. For those looking to be more environmentally and socially-conscious, cruelty-free vegan hide rugs are available to give the same look from synthetic material!

Not only are these hide alternatives part of a sustainable home decor design style, but they’re also significantly cheaper and easier to maintain than real hide counterparts. It’s a win all around! The rise in popularity of sustainable home decor has led to the development of high quality vegan hide rugs that provide identical looks to their real hide counterparts. All the style, none of the guilt.

The shift in demand for cruelty-free products has drastically improved vegan furniture and sustainable home decor in recent years. Today you can find almost any look you want while sticking to your vegan interior design ideas whether it’s faux fur accents, picking a synthetic hide rug, or choosing a vegan leather zero gravity chair for the ultimate multifunctional furniture piece. We can all do our part to participate in more sustainable interior design without sacrificing quality or aesthetics!

Vegan leather zero gravity chairs aren’t just for the living room. Check out our guides to using these multifunctional pieces in building a home theater, as part of nursery room ideas when preparing for a baby, creating a reading nook in your home, or even incorporating a zero gravity chair into your home office setup!