The Importance of Spinal Care for Your Overall Health

person experiencing spinal pain at home

We all know that back pain is very uncomfortable and that spinal injuries can be very serious, but do you know just how much your daily spinal health can affect you? We bet it’s more than you think! Your spine affects everything from head to toe, including your mental health. With that in mind, let’s explore the importance of spinal care for your overall health and ways you can stay feeling your best.

Why Spinal Care is Important

There’s no way to overestimate how important spinal care is for your overall health. Your spine has three major functions. These are:

  • To protect the spinal cord and nerve roots
  • Give your body structural support for balance and standing upright
  • Providing a range of flexible motion for your body

As the guardian of your central nervous system, the spine acts as a transmitter for electrical impulses that provide many sensations like touch, pressure, feeling heat and coldness, and pain. Without proper spinal care, you may be exposed to negative health issues such as interrupted neural responses, chronic back pain, posture and alignment problems, or compressed nerve pain such as sciatica. All these make spinal care crucial to your overall health.

Ways to Improve Overall Health With Spinal Care

As over 80 percent of all people will experience an episode of lower back pain in their lifetime and you now understand the key role it plays in the body, it’s clear to see while spinal care is important. Let’s take a look at some ways to take care of your spinal health:

  • Strengthening core muscles with exercise
  • Practice good posture for natural spinal alignment
  • Improve spinal health with massage
  • Experience the health benefits of zero gravity chairs

Strengthen Core Muscles for Better Spinal Health

While finding ways to stay active is always beneficial to your physical health, doing specific core-strengthening exercises can help you focus on spinal care as part of your daily fitness routine. Core exercises will increase blood flow and strengthen your spine. The improved blood circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen to spinal tissue, allowing it to rehydrate and heal more efficiently.

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to strengthen your core! You can do them on the floor, in your backyard, or as part of your spinal care routine from a zero gravity chair. Some of our favorites include single leg lifts, Russian twists, and planking. These are not only great exercises for lower back pain relief but also work to help prevent injuries in the future

Maintaining Good Posture for Spinal Alignment

Sitting up straight and practicing good posture isn’t just something your mom told you to do while at the dinner table, it can have lasting effects on your spinal health! Your spine has a natural s-shaped curvature to it. When you have poor posture, this alignment gets derailed and can cause issues throughout the entire body.

For good standing posture, stand up nice and tall and keep your shoulders back. In this position, your arms should hang naturally at your sides, your head be held level, and most of your weight be on the balls of your feet.

When it comes to practicing good posture sitting down, a lumbar support pillow can make a giant difference. This extra support helps keep the natural curvature of your spine in place. Additionally, make sure you don’t slouch or hunch your shoulders while reading or using any electronic devices. If you’re using a zero gravity chair for spinal care, consider adding some simple activities to improve your posture and it’ll soon become second nature.

As further evidence of the importance of posture as part of spinal care for your overall health, there have been studies linking posture to energy levels and mood, alleviating lower back pain, and it’s even associated with improving lung function naturally. Next time you’re sitting at the table, on the couch, or using a zero gravity chair as part of your spinal care routine, take note to practice good posture and avoid bad sitting habits that affect your body long term. It can really make a huge difference!

Practice Spinal Care With Massage

Getting a massage regularly can be expensive, not to mention difficult at times like during the current pandemic when many places are closed. Having a zero gravity chair with massage features at home takes spinal care to another level! You can relax in the zero gravity position and experience the health benefits of zero gravity chairs for spinal care while adding in a massage feature for an extra boost.

Additionally, getting a massage for spinal care will also help your body release endorphins. Endorphins are natural hormones that are known to elevate your mood and improve your mental health. This means that getting a massage is not only good for your spine, but great for your mind!

Using Zero Gravity Chairs for Spinal Care

Speaking of zero gravity chairs, this brings us to our next way to improve your overall health with spinal care! By their design, zero gravity chairs provide multiple spinal care benefits. In the zero gravity position, weight is evenly distributed along the body reducing pressure on the lower back and pelvic region. This reduction in pressure can help alleviate lower back pain and makes using zero gravity chairs for sciatica effective.

Using zero gravity chairs is also great as a method for spinal decompression at home, allowing discs to rehydrate more efficiently and heal from daily wear and tear. Spinal decompression releases pressure from the individual discs up the spinal column and nerves along the body. The relief people experience from spinal decompression using zero gravity chairs can even lead to improving sleep quality!

Spinal care using a zero gravity chair benefits people of all ages. This is one multifunctional furniture piece the entire family will love to use!

Spinal care goes beyond acute lower back pain or major injuries. The importance of spinal care for your overall health is evident in how it affects your entire body. From your central nervous system to respiratory function and on to your mental health, your spinal health affects it all. Find ways to implement spinal care activities with things like simple core exercises, practicing good posture, and choosing a zero gravity chair with massage features to boost your overall health and have you feeling your best.

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