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  • How to Reduce Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

    Swollen feet are one of the most common physical ailments during pregnancy, especially in the later stages. This swelling happens to an estimated 80% of pregnant women so you’re certainly not alone1. While mildly swollen feet during pregnancy are normal, they can be uncomfortable. The good news is you don’t have to settle for swollen feet during pregnancy! There are multiple ways to counteract this ailment and alleviate your discomfort.
  • How To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

    Learning how to reduce stress during pregnancy doesn’t have to be an undertaking that disrupts your daily routine. Instead, managing stress while pregnant can often be achieved through simple lifestyle changes that pair with your routine to create healthy new habits.
  • Things To Do On Maternity Leave to Enjoy Bonding

    Keep reading to learn things to do on maternity leave to enjoy bonding and maximize the time with your new baby. We’re giving you ideas to try plus dispelling certain myths to help you along your new journey into motherhood.
  • Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy

    Being pregnant is a life-altering event filled with excitement and joy. With it, however, also comes many mental and physical changes! Read on to learn more about the health benefits of zero gravity position during pregnancy.

  • First Time Pregnancy Tips: How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

    Becoming a first-time mom is an exciting new journey filled with anticipation, joy, and definitely some concerns about how to have a healthy pregnancy. Your body is going to go through many changes over the course of a pregnancy, making it all the more important to talk to your doctor and research healthy pregnancy tips for as smooth an experience as possible.
  • Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

    Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. It also takes an enormous toll on your body, making self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. Read on to learn more about if you can use a massage chair while pregnant.
  • 7 Different Breastfeeding Positions For Moms to Try

    August is National Breastfeeding Month, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about breastfeeding for mothers who opt to do so. Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for babies, including essential nutrients, immune system support, and bonding with their mothers. However, finding the best breastfeeding positions can be a challenge for many moms.
  • Managing Common Pregnancy Pains & Pregnancy Discomfort

    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with excitement and anticipation. However, it's no secret that carrying a baby can bring about various forms of discomfort during pregnancy. From pregnancy back pain to swollen ankles, nausea to heartburn, and even hemorrhoids and constipation, expectant mothers often experience a range of common pregnancy pains.
  • How to Prevent Preeclampsia Naturally During Pregnancy

    Preeclampsia is a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur during pregnancy, affecting both the mother and baby. Preeclampsia Awareness Month is observed each May,  helping expectant mothers understand what it is and how to avoid preeclampsia on their pregnancy journey.
  • Mental Health and Pregnancy: A Self-Care Guide

    When people think about pregnancy and mental health, most often their thoughts go to postpartum depression and other common conditions women may experience after the birth of their child. Just as important, however, is mental health during pregnancy. Understanding the role of mental health in pregnancy can help reduce the likelihood of some pregnancy complications and prioritize the health of the mother-to-be.
  • 6 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain in Women

    Lower back pain is a common experience amongst people of any age. Whether it’s an acute injury from actions like lifting improperly, a sports injury you experience while being active, the result of excess weight, or any other of a plethora of possibilities, the key to relief is identifying what's caused it. While many causes of back pain can happen to anyone, there are also some conditions specific to lower back pain in women that need addressing.
  • Using a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Pregnancy Chair

    Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with exciting new experiences, but it also comes with its own set of complications, as well. Even though you’re excited about your expanding family, pregnancy takes an enormous toll on your body. This makes self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. To help take care of the body during (and after) pregnancy, many women have turned to choosing a pregnancy chair to give them the support they need.