Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

pregnant women sitting in massage chair

Your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. It also takes an enormous toll on your body, making self-care during pregnancy absolutely essential. Taking care of yourself while pregnant comes with new considerations, however. Is an activity safe? Is there risk of exposure to harmful chemicals? What can you do if you feel sick?

We want you to be comfortable while you’re pregnant. Today we’re examining how you can use a massage chair while pregnant to stay happy and healthy!

Is it Safe to Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

Yes, you can! There is no evidence against the use of a massage chair while pregnant. A few common concerns are:

  • Will massage chair vibrations harm the baby?
  • Can massage cause a miscarriage?
  • Are massages safe in the third trimester?

While the health needs of each person are unique to them, we’re here to assuage your fears. Massage chair features are no more jarring than a brisk walk and represent no harm to your baby. Additionally, there is no evidence that shows prenatal massage poses a risk for miscarriage. As for massage later in pregnancy, there is no more risk at 26 weeks than at 6 weeks. In fact, a study has shown that pregnant women benefit from massage therapy and that massage therapy can help reduce the risk of premature birth.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair While Pregnant

Not only can you use a massage chair while pregnant, there are numerous benefits to doing so! Some of the benefits of using a massage chair while pregnant are:

  • Reducing daily stress and anxieties
  • Alleviating pressure points along your body
  • Relieving lower back pain from pregnancy
  • Improving blood circulation for a healthier pregnancy

Let’s examine each of the benefits of using a massage chair during pregnancy:

Massage Chairs for Reducing Stress While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be extremely stressful. Not only is your body undergoing extreme changes, but hormone levels change and you have a lot to prepare for! Learning how to manage stress levels during pregnancy is essential to the health of you and your baby.

Massage chairs provide a perfect environment to manage stress levels while pregnant. Massage has been shown to relax the body and elevate mood. It helps fight depression and even lower blood pressure. Take stress management to the next level with activities like meditating in a zero gravity massage chair or listening to your favorite calming music!

Daily Massage to Improve the Immune System

Taking care of your immune system while pregnant is also extremely important. Medical professionals advise against taking medicine while pregnant as much as possible and the options available are limited for safety. Using a massage chair while pregnant shines here because it helps to boost your immune system.

One of the health benefits of massage is an increase in the production of lymphocytes. These help defend your body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign attackers to your immune system. So can you use a massage chair while pregnant? Yes, and your immune system highly recommends it!

Using a Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Approximately 50-80% of women report experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy. This is commonly a result of pregnancy weight gain and the shift in your center of gravity. Using a massage chair for lower back pain during pregnancy helps relax muscles and alleviate discomfort.

Using a zero gravity massage chair for lower back pain relief works even better. One of the health benefits of zero gravity position during pregnancy is that weight is distributed evenly along the body. This reduces pressure on the lower back and pelvic region typically experienced while sitting in a traditional massage chair. Spinal decompression also allows discs to rehydrate and tissue to heal more quickly.

Improve Blood Circulation in a Massage Chair

Using a massage chair to improve circulation is next on our list of reasons why the answer to “can you use a massage chair while pregnant?” is absolutely yes! Massage helps the blood circulate throughout your body more easily, which delivers oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, and most importantly to your baby, more efficiently.

Many women experience swelling in legs and feet while pregnant. This can be very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Improved circulation helps reduce this swelling and alleviate the pain. Using a zero gravity massage chair amplifies the benefits of massage as you recline in zero gravity position.

Better circulation also works to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is exceptionally dangerous for pregnant women as it can lead to serious complications such as preeclampsia.

Using a Massage Chair to Improve Sleep Quality During Pregnancy

While there are benefits of a massage chair while pregnant at every stage of pregnancy, the second and third trimesters bring about special consideration. During the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are advised against lying flat while sleeping and being extra mindful of stress levels. Once more, the massage chair comes to their aid not only for comfort but for sleep quality.

As many as 78% of pregnant women have reported experiencing sleep disorders such as insomnia during pregnancy. Massage features provide deep relaxation and make for a perfect nightly ritual to prepare for bed. If you opt for a zero gravity massage chair, the zero gravity position provides a safe sleeping position, as well.

In addition to achieving deeper sleep in a massage chair, it can also help prevent dangerous conditions like sleep apnea. With sleep apnea, the airways close and oxygen intake is restricted multiple times while sleeping. This reduction in oxygen can result in developmental issues for the baby and higher blood pressure for mom.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey but requires extra special attention to self-care. Using a massage chair while pregnant is a great way to look after both your mental and physical health. It also helps keep your baby healthy as it develops and grows. Choosing a zero gravity massage chair takes the benefits even further. It’s an investment you’ll enjoy during your pregnancy and beyond.

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