Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is a life-altering event filled with excitement and joy. With it, however, also comes many mental and physical changes. While maintaining a healthy diet and nutritional intake is paramount to a healthy pregnancy, it is equally important to watch your physical and mental health, too.

With a zero gravity chair pregnancy doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable! A zero gravity chair benefits your health during pregnancy in ways like helping reduce swelling, providing zero gravity back pain relief, and a safe position to improve sleep quality. Take a look at some of the health benefits of zero gravity position during pregnancy.

Effectiveness of Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy Trimesters

As pregnancy progresses through its various trimesters, the body undergoes significant changes, each presenting its own set of challenges and discomforts. Understanding how the zero gravity position can be effective during different stages of pregnancy can help expectant mothers maximize its benefits.

First Trimester

During the first trimester, many women may not experience significant physical discomforts that would necessitate a specific sleeping position. At this stage, it's generally safe to sleep in whichever position feels most comfortable. However, as the uterus begins to grow and hormonal changes occur, some women may find that their usual sleeping positions become less comfortable.

While the zero gravity position may not be essential during the first trimester for sleeping purposes, incorporating it into relaxation routines can still provide benefits. The gentle recline and elevated leg position can help alleviate early signs of back pain or discomfort, providing a supportive and comfortable environment for relaxation.

Second Trimester

The second trimester often brings about noticeable physical changes, including a growing abdomen and increased pressure on the back and pelvic region. As the uterus expands, lying flat on the back can compress the vena cava, leading to decreased blood flow and potential complications.

During this stage, the zero gravity position becomes particularly beneficial for sleep. By elevating the upper body and legs slightly, it helps alleviate pressure on the vena cava while promoting better blood circulation throughout the body. This can reduce the risk of complications such as decreased oxygen flow to the baby and elevated blood pressure.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, the physical demands of pregnancy are at their peak, with the growing baby placing significant strain on the body. Sleeping comfortably becomes increasingly challenging, as lying flat on the back is no longer recommended, and finding a comfortable position can be difficult.

The zero gravity position during pregnancy offers valuable support during the third trimester, providing relief from common discomforts such as back pain, heartburn, and swelling. By keeping the torso slightly elevated and the legs raised, it helps distribute weight evenly and reduces pressure on the spine and lower back. This can lead to improved sleep quality and overall comfort, essential for expectant mothers in the final stages of pregnancy.

Safely Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman can safely sleep in whatever position is most comfortable at the time. At this point, the uterus hasn’t grown enough to cause issues in any sleep position. During the second and third trimesters, most healthcare professionals pointing to 16 weeks as the ideal timing, stomach sleeping and lying flat on the back are both strongly discouraged and sometimes altogether impossible.

Your sleeping position during pregnancy changes because as the baby grows, lying on your back can cause the weight of the uterus to put more pressure on the inferior vena cava. This can result in elevated blood pressure and decreased blood flow with oxygen and nutrients to the baby. One study found that a woman going to sleep flatly on her back (note: initial sleep position, not accounting for changes in position while already asleep) was associated with increased risk of stillbirth after 28 weeks (1). This is where zero gravity chair benefits during pregnancy really make a difference.

The zero gravity sleep position evenly distributes weight along the body and keeps the torso slightly elevated. In zero gravity position, the legs are also above heart level, which works to ease blood circulation throughout the body. As the torso is slightly elevated, many women also find the reclining position effective at treating heartburn symptoms during pregnancy.

Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy Improves Sleep Quality

Zero gravity position during pregnancy doesn’t just provide a safer way to sleep but also improves sleep quality. Sleep quality is essential during pregnancy to support the health and development of the mother and the baby. As high as 78% of women (2) report experiencing sleep disorders during pregnancy. The zero gravity sleep position improves sleep quality by increasing blood circulation, naturally lowering stress levels, and fighting sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is perhaps one of the most common sleep disruptors women report experiencing during pregnancy. It’s also a potentially dangerous one. In sleep apnea, the airways close and breathing stops multiple times while sleeping. The lack of oxygen caused by this can cause developmental issues for the baby and increase blood pressure for the mother. Increased blood pressure associates sleep apnea with preeclampsia, which can lead to low birth weights, premature deliveries, or even deaths.

The zero gravity sleep position benefits those fighting sleep apnea by keeping the head slightly elevated, preventing airway blockage. This can greatly reduce snoring problems, as well. Clear airways allow for better breathing, which in turn results in achieving a deeper REM cycle and drastically improving sleep quality while pregnant.

Many pregnant women also find naps a welcome part of the journey. The baby wants to sleep and so does mommy! It’s important to not allow daytime naps to impede nighttime sleep. A luxury zero gravity recliner may offer additional features such as smart wake-up programs to let you nap without overdoing it!

Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Another of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs during pregnancy is back pain relief. Roughly 50-80% of women report experiencing back pain during pregnancy. Primary causes of this are weight gain and the shift in their center of gravity while being pregnant. The physical changes the body experiences cause excess pressure on the lower back. This makes improving posture, or maintaining good posture, essential to finding back pain relief for pregnancy, as well.

In the zero gravity position, weight is evenly distributed along the body reducing stress on the spine. This means it’s not only a safer sleeping position but also a welcome one to treat lower back pain! Spinal decompression alleviates pressure on the pelvic region and sciatic nerve, allowing discs to rehydrate and tissue to heal. In addition to relaxing, there are a number of simple activities you can do in a zero gravity recliner to relieve lower back pain.

Reduce Swelling in Zero Gravity Position During Pregnancy

Improved blood circulation during pregnancy is one of the most multi-functional health benefits of zero gravity chairs. We’ve seen how it can contribute to improved sleep quality and better blood delivery to the baby. Better circulation also reduces stress on the heart, decreasing blood pressure and the risk for potentially-dangerous complications like preeclampsia.

Additionally, and perhaps most visibly, the zero gravity position during pregnancy helps reduce swelling commonly experienced in the ankles and legs. Yet another way the zero gravity chair benefits pregnancy symptoms. 

Manage Stress and Anxiety for a Safer Pregnancy

During the pregnancy journey it’s not only important to take care of your physical health but also your mental health, as well. There are a number of effective ways to learn how to reduce stress during pregnancy and reduce anxiety while relaxing in your zero gravity chair.

The simplest of these methods is meditation. Taking even a few minutes each day to center yourself and calm your mind can drastically work to alleviate elevated stress levels and bring peace. Many meditation techniques focus on simple breathing, but consider guided meditation if you want an external stimulus to lead you through. Meditation also contributes to deeper relaxation, working in tandem with the zero gravity position to improve sleep quality.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey and brings about many changes. It’s important you take care of your physical and mental health from beginning to end. Choose the best zero gravity chair to use during your pregnancy and experience the health benefits for yourself, and be sure to implement first time pregnancy tips for a smooth journey if this is your first time.

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