Health & Wellness

  • 7 Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

    Massage therapy is an essential self-care treatment that safeguards your physical and mental health. With our schedules often more busy than ever, though, who has the time? Read on to learn more about the benefits of owning a massage chair.
  • 7 Homeschool Room Decorating Ideas

    While homeschooling has always been the choice for some families, COVID-19 increased the number of students staying home exponentially. Now parents are on the prowl for homeschooling tips to help adapt to the unexpected change of plans. Read on to learn more about homeschool room decorating ideas.

  • Differences between Synthetic Hide / Faux Leather vs Leather

    Leather furniture has been a symbol of luxury and comfort throughout history. Today, designers and furniture makers are offering leather alternatives for those wishing to be more animal-friendly and cost efficient without losing quality. Read on to learn more about the differences between synthetic hide/faux leather vs leather.
  • 5 Places in your Home for a Zero Gravity Chair

    Your home is your comfort zone. It’s your sanctuary. It’s where you live most of your life! Decorating and furnishing your home can be a reflection of you. Let it represent your needs and your style. Read on to learn more about places in your home for a zero gravity chair.
  • Inspiration for Creating a Reading Nook In Your Home

    What better way to relax after a stressful day at work or while on your staycation than to curl up in your very own reading nook and dive into a good book? Every bibliophile dreams of having the perfect reading nook at home. Read on to learn more about inspiration for creating a reading nook in your home.
  • Wondering How to Treat Swollen Joints? Try These Methods

    Millions of adults suffer from swollen joints every year. Joints are where your bones meet and allow the skeleton to move. Some of the most common joints where people experience swelling are knees, elbows, hips, and shoulders. Read on to learn more about how to treat swollen joints.
  • Creating a Zen Spot With a Zero Gravity Recliner in the Living Room

    Everyone needs that special spot to find their zen and let go of the stresses of the day. The living room is where we all gravitate for relaxation and comfort. Read on to learn more about creating a zen spot with a zero gravity recliner in the living room.
  • Benefits of Faux Leather (Synthetic Hyde) Chairs

    The benefits of faux leather have created a steady shift in demand away from real leather furniture. As a result, the level of quality faux leather available has elevated drastically. Read on to learn more about the benefits of faux leather (synthetic hyde) chairs.
  • Should I Get A Zero Gravity Chair or Recliner?

    You’ve decided to add a new piece of furniture to your home but now you’re debating between a  zero gravity chair or recliner. What’s the difference? Is there a difference between zero gravity chairs and traditional recliners? Read on to learn more about if you should get a zero gravity chair or recliner.
  • Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs for All Ages

    Zero gravity chairs have exploded in popularity as people have discovered how versatile they are. So much more than just a chair, zero gravity chairs can be used for a multitude of activities. Read on to learn more about the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages.
  • Ways to Implement Self Care at Home During Quarantine

    Self care at home is an important part of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. It’s essential at the best of times but even more so as you’re at home during quarantine. Read on to learn more about ways to implement self care at home during quarantine.
  • 5 Alternatives to Leather Furniture and Decor

    While leather furniture offers a timeless and classic look for your home, there’s been a shift in demand for more ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials. This has led to the creation of high-quality alternatives to leather furniture and decor. Read on to learn more about alternatives to leather furniture and decor.