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  • Expert Interview: Mila Mogilevsky, D.O. of Unique Pain Medicine

    This interview is with Mila Mogilevsky, D.O. She’s the medical director at Unique Pain Medicine in New York, which she founded in 2010.
  • Meditation Room Ideas to Build a Private Sanctuary

    In a world brimming with perpetual motion and sensory overload, the need for moments of tranquility and self-reflection has never been more important. A meditation room within the confines of your home can serve as a personal sanctuary. It can be a dedicated space where you retreat, disconnect, and rejuvenate. But what kinds of ideas for a meditation room should you consider?
  • How to Get the Most Out of Chiropractic Care Benefits

    Chiropractic care benefits have gained widespread recognition for their potential to alleviate pain, improve posture, and enhance overall well-being. However, many individuals focus solely on the chiropractic session itself and overlook the various lifestyle adjustments and healthy habits that can further amplify each session.
  • 8 Tips for How to Treat Muscle Spasms Naturally

    Muscle spasms, particularly in the back, can be both painful and disruptive to our daily lives. They occur when muscles contract involuntarily and can be caused by various factors, including overuse, dehydration, and poor posture. While most muscle spasms are relatively short-lived, some may continue for longer periods of time or turn into chronic ailments. This is why knowing how to treat a muscle spasm effectively is of the utmost importance for those who experience them.
  • Why Choose a Svago Zero Gravity Recliner?

    When you make a new furniture purchase, you want to be sure of what you’re getting and know that you’ve made the right choice. It’s not just a matter of investment, but of finding a brand you can trust for quality, service, and reputation. When you choose a Svago zero gravity chair, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best.
  • 5 Ways to Implement Collaborative Workspace Ideas

    Fostering collaboration and creativity within the workplace is essential for driving innovation and achieving business success. Creating a collaborative workspace design not only enhances employee engagement but also boosts productivity and problem-solving capabilities.
  • 5 Summer Wellness Challenge Ideas for Employee Motivation

    As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, the summer season brings an opportunity for employers to encourage employee well-being and boost motivation in the workplace. Engaging in summer wellness challenge ideas not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also fosters team spirit and camaraderie among employees.
  • 7 Different Breastfeeding Positions For Moms to Try

    August is National Breastfeeding Month, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about breastfeeding for mothers who opt to do so. Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for babies, including essential nutrients, immune system support, and bonding with their mothers. However, finding the best breastfeeding positions can be a challenge for many moms.
  • Managing Common Pregnancy Pains & Pregnancy Discomfort

    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with excitement and anticipation. However, it's no secret that carrying a baby can bring about various forms of discomfort during pregnancy. From pregnancy back pain to swollen ankles, nausea to heartburn, and even hemorrhoids and constipation, expectant mothers often experience a range of common pregnancy pains.
  • Using Zero Gravity Chairs for Holistic Health and Wellness

    If you’re looking to practice holistic home health care, there are various activities and tools you can integrate into your daily routines. One such tool that has continued to rise in popularity is the zero gravity chair. With a design modeled on the neutral body positioning of astronauts while in space, zero gravity chairs offer a myriad of potential benefits for your mental and physical well-being.
  • How to Improve Athletic Performance Naturally

    Athletes are always on the lookout for ways to increase athletic performance and hit new goals. Whether it’s cutting your time for a 5K run, extending your cycling route, or seeing gains at the gym, it feels great to push yourself and see results.
  • Zero Gravity & Other Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatments

    Affecting the system of your body responsible for breathing, upper respiratory infections (URIs) can be caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria. These illnesses can impact your daily routine causing you to miss work, have low energy levels, pain, discomfort, or more, depending on its level of severity. It comes as no surprise, then, that people seek out treatment for upper respiratory infection symptoms that will work as quickly as possible.