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  • Using a Zero Gravity Recliner as a Nursing Chair

    Welcoming a new baby into your family is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do but it also comes with a lot of changes and adaptations! One of the most important nursery room ideas when preparing for a baby is deciding on a nursing chair. Read on to learn more about using a Zero Gravity recliner as a nursing chair.

  • 8 Tips for Better Sleep While Pregnant

    Being pregnant is one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime but comes with its own set of challenges such as pregnancy sleep disorders. While sleep is absolutely essential for the health of you and baby, changes your body experiences may make it difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep. Read on to learn more about 8 tips for better sleep while pregnant.
  • How to Choose Chairs For Your Living Room

    Remodeling your living room should be lots of fun! You can get as creative as you want and create the exact look you’ve dreamed of. With endless options available to fit every aesthetic, you’re guaranteed to find something that speaks to you. Read on to learn more about how to choose chairs for your living room.
  • What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

    While zero gravity chairs continue to become popular choices for new furniture additions to the home, many people are left wondering “what is a zero gravity chair?” We’re taking a look at these revolutionary chairs to see what makes them stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn more about what a zero gravity chair is.
  • 4 Ways to Handle Spinal Decompression at Home

    The spine is at the literal core of everything you do and is crucial to good health. Many of the vital functions of the body stem from the spine. It allows us to walk upright, supports your body, and facilitates movement. Read on to learn more about ways to handle spinal decompression at home.
  • Does Spinal Decompression Work for Sciatica?

    Sciatica pain is an extremely painful physical health issue stemming from the sciatic nerve and sciatic nerve root pathology. It’s a common affliction affecting an estimated 10-40% of the population at some point during their lifetime. Read on to learn more about spinal decompression for sciatica.
  • Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair for Sciatica

    Sciatica is a common symptom experienced by 10-40% of the population. How to treat sciatica comes down to understanding the underlying cause in yo...