How Modern Zero Gravity Recliners Work (And May Boost Your Health)

photo of a modern zero gravity recliner


After a long day, is there anything better than coming home and relaxing in your favorite chair while you unwind? What about being able to come home and have your chair take care of your mental and physical health? That’s really something!

One of the most popular modern style recliners on the market, zero gravity recliners mark the evolution of the traditional recliner. Today, we’re exploring the modern zero gravity recliner and how they work. Their unique design may boost your overall health and have a noticeably positive impact on any lifestyle.

What is a Modern Zero Gravity Recliner?

If you’re unfamiliar with luxury zero gravity recliners (also called zero gravity chairs), the name may bring all kinds of strange images to mind! No, modern zero gravity recliners won’t have you floating around your living room–so then what does their name mean?

Zero gravity recliners are named for their design, which emulates the neutral body position observed in astronauts at rest in space. NASA observed that the body at rest in zero gravity takes on a different neutral position than back on Earth. Modern zero gravity recliners replicate this position in their reclined state by elevating the legs above the heart level. This position, appropriately called the zero gravity position, evenly distributes weight along the length of the body and reduces pressure from the effects of gravity as compared to traditional recliners.

Different Types of Zero Gravity Chairs

Not all zero gravity chairs are created equally. While exploring how to choose a recliner like these, you’re bound to come across different types of zero gravity chairs with varying design features.

For example, what’s the difference between modern zero gravity recliners vs anti-gravity chairs? While the terms are occasionally used interchangeably, there is, in fact, a difference. Anti-gravity chairs are most commonly meant as outdoor chairs (though some indoor models exist) and have smaller frames. These options are unlikely to have the same support capabilities of indoor modern zero gravity recliners. While some anti-gravity chairs do recline from an upright position, most are fixed in their reclined position, as well. This makes them much less adaptable for use as a living room chair where you may prefer the versatility of going from upright to reclined as you please.

Other types of modern zero gravity recliners may include loungers. While typically meant for indoor use, in a comparison of a zero gravity lounger vs recliner, you’ll find you come across many of the same shortcomings as outdoor anti-gravity chairs. Additionally, loungers highlight a major difference between manual and power recliner options: available bonus features!

Truly, there is no match to indoor modern zero gravity recliners. Their versatility, style, and design make them ideal for a variety of different interior design styles and help them serve as multifunctional furniture ideas. Adding to their status over fixed-position alternatives, bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners also make them a top choice. Whether it’s a zero gravity chair with massage features like vibration or air pressure massage (also called air cell massage), heat therapy features, or added lumbar support, indoor zero gravity recliners are the best of the best.

Bonus: To really enhance these modern style recliners, consider a zero gravity swivel chair equipped with intelligent design and a 280-degree swivel feature to really be a statement piece in your home!

How Does the Zero Gravity Mechanism Work?

The zero gravity mechanism found in these modern style recliners is what sets them apart from the rest. If you’re just learning about zero gravity recliners, however, you may be wondering–how does it work and what options are available?

Indoor modern zero gravity recliners are most often powered, allowing the user to go from sitting upright to reclining in the zero gravity position at the touch of a button. Traditional recliners lean back into a position that actually focuses excess pressure on the lower back and pelvic region which can lead to pain from sitting too long as well as other ailments like poor blood circulation. Modern zero gravity recliners, however, elevate the legs above the heart level and drastically reduce pressure on the lower back by distributing weight along the body.

Depending on which model you choose, you may have a pre-set footrest or find a zero gravity recliner with adjustable footrests, instead. Remote-controlled footrests are ideal for those choosing zero gravity chairs for a big and tall recliner as they can more easily adjust to the needs of the user. Regardless of which you choose, the zero gravity position offers deeper relaxation, may enhance how the body heals itself, and provides opportunities to boost mental health with activities like zero gravity meditation to reduce stress.

Health Benefits of Modern Zero Gravity Recliners

The zero gravity position is the primary catalyst for how modern zero gravity recliners work to potentially boost your overall health. Where traditional recliners may contribute to chronic back pain, sciatica symptoms, and bad sitting habits, zero gravity recliners support your body while deepening relaxation.

For example, the zero gravity position may increase blood circulation. This better blood flow allows essential nutrients and oxygen to be delivered more efficiently throughout the body, helping it heal more quickly, flush toxins, and optimize body system performance. Bonus features found in some modern zero gravity recliner–like massage or heat therapy–enhance your experience and make the perfect addition to any relaxing night time routine.

What about how zero gravity recliners may improve mental health? The deep relaxation provided by these modern style recliners may aid in stress reduction, better sleep hygiene, or even potentially combat feelings of anxiety and depression.

All these potential health benefits stem from the effectiveness of the zero gravity mechanism design. When it comes to choosing chairs for the living room (or any other space, for that matter), a modern zero gravity recliner surpasses the rest with style, versatility, and function.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how modern zero gravity recliners work and how they may boost your health. As you’ve learned, not all zero gravity chairs are created equally, so be sure to choose a zero gravity recliner that meets your needs and will offer you the most for your investment. Once you’ve experienced the difference your zero gravity recliner makes, you may wonder how you ever lived without it!

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