Best Places for Reclining Swivel Chairs in Your Home

photo of someone enjoying a reclining swivel chair


When it comes to furnishing your home, you want to get the most from your investment combining comfort and functionality. Reclining swivel chairs can give you everything you want and more! Taking it a step further, zero gravity swivel chairs will give you all the functionality of a regular swivel chair alongside the plethora of advantages of a zero gravity chair.

Where should you use a swivel chair? Will it fit into your interior design theme? Today, we’re looking at the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home so you can see how versatile they are. Prepare to be inspired!

What Are Reclining Swivel Chairs?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you may be asking, “what are reclining swivel chairs?” As the name suggests, reclining swivel chairs are an evolution of the traditional recliner capable of rotating in place. Most commonly credited with being invented by Thomas Jefferson, their existence in Europe may date back centuries further. Regardless of their origins, the reclining swivel chairs were wildly popular in the mid-century modern style of the 1950s and 60s.

Don’t confuse today’s models with the living room swivel chair of decades past, though! Today’s reclining swivel chairs offer owners a wide variety of designs and features that can fit into different interior design styles. They’re not cemented in a singular aesthetic, but represent versatility to work seamlessly in whatever room you choose.

A luxury zero gravity swivel chair takes these recliners up another level by adding in the potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs. Rotating up to 280-degrees, a zero gravity swivel chair is a multifunctional furniture idea that will fit your home perfectly and provide the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages. Perfect for any lifestyle, zero gravity reclining swivel chairs let you relax, re-charge, and enhance how the body heals itself.

Where to Put Reclining Swivel Chairs in Your Home

Now that you know what reclining swivel chairs are, where can you use them? The beauty of today’s reclining swivel chairs is that they offer the versatility to be used in a wide range of places in your home. We all love a good living room recliner, but what about guest rooms, home office setups, and more? Modern reclining swivel chairs are made to fit in wherever you want them.

Need some inspiration? Some of the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home include:

  • Living room
  • Baby nursery
  • Home office
  • Bedrooms
  • Home library or reading nook
  • Man cave or lady lair
  • Meditation space

Living Room Swivel Chairs

Let’s kick off our list of the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home with the most obvious choice: the living room! Just because today’s models can go in non-traditional spaces doesn’t mean they have to. Having a living room swivel chair adds seating for yourself or guests that lets you engage in all areas with a simple twist.

A zero gravity living room swivel chair changes the way people consider recliner ideas for reasons including:

  • Adaptability to different interior design styles
  • Ability to fit into almost any living room size
  • Back pain relief and other potential health benefits
  • Stress management
  • Quality and durability

Bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners such as massage and heat therapy make your living room swivel chair perfect for relaxation and enhancing how the body heals itself. Consider adding one to your relaxing night time routine to unwind before bed to wake up feeling rested and ready to take on each day.

Swivel Nursery Chairs

Moving on from the living room, we’re moving on to the opportunity for a swivel nursery chair to meet your needs! Preparing for a baby is very exciting as you begin a new journey and expand your family. Remember that the nursery isn’t just for your baby, it’s for you, too. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the space so coming up with nursery room ideas to fit your needs is absolutely crucial, as well.

A swivel nursery chair, especially a luxury zero gravity chair model, will help look after your overall mental and physical health while you care for your baby.  In the zero gravity position, you’re perfectly placed into a reclined nursing position. This breastfeeding position, also called biological nurturing, is often the first one many mothers try as it’s so effective.

Choosing a zero gravity swivel nursery chair is also great to prepare for your baby before they arrive! Using a zero gravity chair while pregnant may help reduce swelling, alleviate back pain, facilitate sciatica treatment at home, and reduce blood pressure.

Home Office Reclining Swivel Chair

In recent years more and more people have been shifting to working from home. Whether you were looking at your home office setup before or have been put in the position to create one now, making sure your space meets your work and health needs are equally important and the  benefits of an ergonomic work chair can’t be overstated.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a traditional office chair, however! Reclining swivel chairs make for great home office chair additions as they give you flexibility to be productive while still relaxing your body. A zero gravity swivel chair takes the potential to the next level, giving your body the chance to rest and repair itself while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional recliner designs that could result in pain from sitting too long.

Bonus: Integrating a zero gravity chair into a home office setup may help you avoid bad sitting habits that affect your body long term, including chronic back pain and poor posture.

Enjoying a Bedroom Swivel Chair

The next spot for reclining swivel chairs in your home brings comfort to the privacy of your bedroom. While a living room swivel chair is great for being in the main living space of your home, a bedroom swivel chair lets you relax in private when you need a quiet place to unwind.

You can also add a bedroom swivel chair to a guest room to make it extra special. Want to make a multifunctional guest room? Smart interior design ideas like using a murphy bed alongside a desk and bedroom swivel chair means you can utilize the space for multiple purposes. When you have guests staying with you, they’re taken care of with a place to sleep and a comfortable chair to use. No guests? Put the murphy bed away and use your guest room as a private reading nook, a home office, or any other purpose you want!

Home Library or Reading Nook Chairs

When we think of the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home, we can’t help but think of building a home library setup or creating a reading nook to enjoy. Bibliophiles, unite!

A reclining swivel chair makes the perfect addition to your sacred reading space, allowing you to relax and dive into your favorite book while your zero gravity swivel chair takes care of your body in the background.

The Perfect Chair for a Man Cave or Lady Lair

Don’t feel like sharing your favorite seat? Reclining swivel chairs are perfect for creating the ultimate man cave or lady lair. Work that puzzle you love, watch the big game, or just relax for some “me time” in a super comfortable chair that is fun and comfortable. Choosing a zero gravity swivel chair adds self-care to the mix, making it the best choice for your private space.

Home Meditation Space

Last, though certainly not least, on our list of the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home is a meditation space. You can create a zen spot in your living room, a guest room, or anywhere in your home. While some people enjoy sitting on the ground or using a meditation pillow, you can practice meditation just the same while sitting comfortably in reclining swivel chairs.

Once again, reclining swivel chairs with zero gravity functionality can elevate your experience. Zero gravity meditation techniques allow you to center your mind and relax the body. Your chair helps you de-stress while it heals itself mentally and physically. Who doesn’t want that?

As you can see, reclining swivel chairs can fit perfectly into any space you want. We hope our list of some of the best places for reclining swivel chairs in your home has inspired you! Choosing a zero gravity chair model can enhance your relaxation and keep you feeling your best. Try one out and see the difference for yourself.

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