Ideas for the Best Black Friday Gifts to Buy This Year

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As the holidays roll around once again, we’re reminded of how thankful we are for the loved ones in our lives. After a tough year adapting to different work conditions, family schedules, social interactions, and more, it’s time to relax and enjoy some self-care!

We’re giving you our guide to the best Black Friday gifts this year aimed at helping our friends and family pamper themselves. We’re so thankful for everything they do for us, now let’s show them how much we care by bringing the focus to them.

Black Friday Gifts for Relaxation and Self-Care

Giving a gift from the heart is sometimes easier said than done. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered. This past year has highlighted the importance of self-care and relaxation more than ever. Taking a little time from our busy schedules to look after our well being can make a world of difference. We’ve got Black Friday gift ideas to help friends and family relax and take care of themselves for a change.

Our picks for the best Black Friday gifts to buy this year include:

  • Spa box for deep relaxation
  • Svago zero gravity chair
  • Self planner for unwinding
  • Walden meditation cushion set
  • Calm app subscription
  • Low-maintenance plant from Grounded

Spa in a Box for Self Care at Home

Kicking off our list of the best Black Friday gifts this year is the “Treat Yo Self” Spa Box from Peace Organics. Perfect for getting your friend or loved one to take some time for self care at home, this spa in a box makes the ideal addition to a relaxing night time routine. Peace Organics uses all natural, plant-based, vegan ingredients that are free from chemicals, phthalates, and never tested on animals. It's the spa they deserve, delivered in a box!

Svago Zero Gravity Chair

When it comes to self care and relaxation, nothing beats the next item on our list of the best Black Friday gifts this year: a Svago zero gravity chair. With three models to choose from, there’s a zero gravity chair to meet your needs and budget.

Aside from their versatility to fit into different interior design styles, Svago zero gravity chairs like the ZGR also offer a multitude of potential health benefits, as well. From increasing blood circulation throughout the body and improving heart health naturally to alleviating back pain and potentially helping with stress related health problems, these chairs are the evolution of recliners and could change your life.

Available bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners offered by Svago include vibration or air pressure massage, heat therapy, smart wakeup programs (for healthy adult naps!), and lumbar support. If you’re looking for Black Friday gift ideas that work for multiple people, the Newton zero gravity chair offers two custom memory settings so everyone can have it just how they want!

Self Planner for Organization and Unwinding

Next up on our list of the best Black Friday gifts this year is the Verishop Self Planner. With schedules being busier than ever, it’s easy for friends and family to feel drained at the end of the day. This can lead to stress, anxiety, or feeling unmotivated. This self planner is a great way for them to stay organized by prioritizing different tasks, journaling for mental health, and being inspired with daily quotes.

Walden Meditation Cushion Set

Learning how to meditate at home is a great way to relax and recharge. After a trying year, a Walden Meditation Cushion Set serves as a great Black Friday gift idea for how to de-stress and take time for self care. The cushions have an all-natural, hypoallergenic, buckwheat-hull fill and are topped with a layer of gel-infused memory foam. Meditation has never been so comfortable!

Calm App Subscription

Not all the best Black Friday gifts have to be tangible. The next Black Friday gift idea on our list is an annual subscription to the Calm app. The Calm app is one of our favorite music and sound options for relaxing and centering ourselves. With original Daily Calm programs, hundreds of hours of guided meditation, music tracks to help with stress and sleep, as well as available  Calm Masterclasses, this is a gift that will help anyone relax and recharge. Whether your friends and family are meditating in a zero gravity chair, using a floor cushion set, or even finding time while on the go, the Calm app is perfect everywhere.

Low-Maintenance Plants

How does a plant make our list of Black Friday gifts for relaxing? By being unique and amazing! The ZZ Plant from Grounded is a low-maintenance plant perfect for beginning plant parents and experienced gardeners alike. Growing in a graceful, wand-like shape, the ZZ Plant exudes calm and serenity.

Experts have shown that we get mental and physical restoration from nature so having a bit of nature in our homes can provide a wealth of positivity. In addition to being beautiful and calming, the ZZ Plant also has major air purification qualities to help us breathe fresher air!

Important Note: This plant is toxic to pets if ingested, so be mindful of that before purchasing this Black Friday gift idea this year.

We hope these ideas for the best Black Friday gifts to buy this year have been helpful and inspiring! After a tough year, remind your friends, family, and loved ones just how important it is that they take time to relax and care for themselves, as well. From meditation apps to choosing a zero gravity chair, a gift from the heart will mean the world to them. Happy holidays!

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