4 Ways to Incorporate Natural Chronic Pain Relief In Your Life

 a woman suffering from chronic pain


Living with chronic pain can be very difficult, lasting anywhere from a few months to years. Chronic pain interferes with daily life and can affect any part of the body (or, in some cases, all parts of the body). Part of living with chronic pain is learning how to manage natural chronic pain relief to improve your quality of life.

Today we’re taking a look at ways to incorporate natural chronic pain relief into your daily life to potentially help manage symptoms you may be experiencing. We’ll be looking at a few common areas where you may be experiencing chronic pain and aim to give you a few techniques to try and alleviate your pain as best as possible. As with any form of treatments, you should consult a medical professional before beginning any new routines to ensure it’s safe for you to do so in your current health.

Natural Chronic Pain Relief for Different Ailments

Identifying the cause of chronic pain is the first step in learning how to incorporate natural chronic pain relief into your life. You should start by speaking with your doctor about any symptoms you are experiencing. They will be able to help identify the most likely source of those ailments and help develop a treatment plan for them.

Natural chronic pain relief methods like exercising, getting enough rest, adopting healthy eating habits, and cutting out possible triggers like alcohol may be enough to satiate some health complications. For others, natural chronic pain relief techniques may pair with more aggressive medical treatment methods as a way to supplement them and assist in managing pain symptoms.

A few health ailments that may benefit from learning ways to incorporate natural chronic pain relief in your life include:

  • Discovering chronic back pain relief techniques
  • Finding methods for chronic neck pain relief
  • Learning how to get relief from arthritis pain
  • Helping with chronic cancer pain including managing side effects of cancer treatment

Chronic Back Pain Relief Techniques

Back pain is one of the most common health ailments affecting nearly 80% of people at some point in their lifetime. While some symptoms of back pain may go away on their own with simple treatments or rest, others will not. Roughly 20% of people experiencing back pain develop chronic back pain with symptoms lasting upwards of a year or longer.

One chronic back pain relief technique that may benefit you is exercise. Movement and exercise keeps the body loose and limber, relieving pressure from injured areas. While this may sound horrible at the peak of your pain, proper exercises while respecting your physical limitations may provide chronic back pain relief very effectively.

Another chronic back pain relief technique for you to try is meditation. Having been used for thousands of years, studies have shown that mindfulness meditation may be beneficial for those with chronic back pain symptoms. You can meditate from anywhere, making it an easy technique to incorporate into any schedule, as well. If you’re at home, you can sit on a couch, lie in bed, or relax in your favorite recliner or zero gravity chair to meditate.

Last on our list of favorite natural chronic pain relief techniques to try for back pain is massage therapy. Getting a regular massage may help alleviate chronic back pain or manage symptoms. If making regular massage therapist appointments isn’t ideal for your schedule, tools like massage chairs or zero gravity chairs with massage functions may be something you’d want to consider, as well. Some top zero gravity chair models may offer both massage therapy and heat therapy features to enhance how the body heals itself further and provide even better natural chronic pain relief.

Pro Tip: For those with chronic back pain, zero gravity meditation can be especially helpful as zero gravity chairs are designed to alleviate excess pressure off the lower back and pelvic regions unlike their traditional recliner counterparts.

Chronic Neck Pain Relief Methods

Next up in our list of common health ailments that may benefit from natural chronic pain relief methods is neck pain. Chronic neck pain and stiffness is a health ailment that affects millions of people each year. As we spend more time looking at our phones, hunched over our laptops and iPads, or at our desks working, the number of people living with chronic neck pain continues to rise annually.

Similar to managing back pain, a popular chronic neck pain relief method is massage therapy. Neck massage can help loosen the muscles in neck and shoulder areas, helping relax muscle tension and let them heal. Furthermore, neck and shoulder massages (as well as back massages) can be very effective techniques for how to de-stress and unwind. This tension relief can disengage muscles that may be subconsciously clinched, aiding in natural chronic neck pain relief.

Other methods for incorporating natural chronic pain relief in your life to assist with neck pain include swimming and practicing good posture. Swimming is a low impact exercise and the water adds buoyancy to your body, alleviating excess pressure on the spine. Good posture may seem like a strange chronic neck pain relief method at first, but the truth is good posture is critically important to our overall well being. After a few days of practice, your posture will naturally improve and may help with chronic neck pain you’ve felt for ages.

Chronic Arthritis Pain Relief

While arthritis is commonly thought of as an age related disease found only in older adults, it can affect people of any age. Arthritis is a blanket term covering a range of conditions that cause joint pain and inflammation.

There are several natural chronic pain relief methods to try for chronic arthritis pain relief that may work. First on our list is simply staying hydrated. Drinking enough water flushes toxins from your system and reduces inflammation. It also keeps your joints lubricated, preventing them from grinding on each other. While staying hydrated is important all year long, it’s especially important as part of managing arthritis pain during cold weather.

Another tool you might consider for chronic arthritis pain relief is a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs help treat arthritis naturally by helping reduce inflammation and alleviating swollen joints throughout the body. When reclined into the zero gravity position, oxygen and nutrients flow are able to flow throughout the body more easily due to better circulation. This improved blood flow helps rehydrate tissue, as well. This lets the tissue heal itself more efficiently, potentially alleviating pain from arthritis.

Last up in our exploration of a few natural chronic pain relief methods to try for chronic arthritis pain is managing weight as much as possible. Additional weight can cause more pressure to be placed on weight-bearing joints, increasing pain levels. Fat tissue, called adipose tissue, also sends out signals to your body that may increase inflammation, aggravating chronic arthritis pain. Your doctor can work with you to determine an ideal weight and diet plan for your specific circumstances.

Helping Manage Chronic Cancer Pain

When it comes to chronic cancer pain, there may be two situations taking place simultaneously. These are managing cancer related side effects and managing side effects of cancer treatment itself. If you’re living with cancer, speak with your doctor about any symptoms you may be experiencing for guidance on the safest and most effective way to manage them.

Some common symptoms of both cancer related side effects and side effects of cancer treatment include:

  • Chronic pain in places of the body
  • Digestive issues
  • Fatigue
  • Lymphedema
  • Poor blood circulation

Different methods that may help manage chronic cancer pain depend on the specific symptoms being experienced. For example, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, leg pain, or neck pain, you might consider potentially effective methods for managing those symptoms such as massage therapy or heat therapy. In cases of poor blood circulation, which could be a potential side effect of some cancer treatments, you might consider tools to help increase circulation such as choosing a zero gravity chair, compression socks, or portable massage guns.

Before beginning any form of chronic pain treatment related to cancer or cancer treatment, it’s imperative to speak to your doctor first. They will tell you what is safe for you to do and how best to potentially manage any chronic cancer pain.

We hope that this guide has been informative and given you different ideas on how to incorporate natural chronic pain relief in your life. The most important part of learning how to achieve chronic pain relief is identifying the source. Once you’ve consulted a medical professional for approval, you can see which of these natural techniques may help manage your chronic pain symptoms and improve how you feel.

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