Summer Self Care Routines to Improve Health

women practicing summer self care routines

Since summer is in full swing and many places are reopening, now is the perfect time to change things up and take your summer self care routine to the next level! It’s never too late to start some summer self care that will have you ready to enjoy the sunny days and feel incredible.

Whether you’re out reacquainting yourself in your neighborhood and city or looking for ways for home treatments you can do that’ll boost your lifestyle, we’re taking a look at some summer self care routines to improve health!

Mixing Up Your Summer Self Care

Have you practiced a summer self care routine before? Maybe it’s your first time thinking of one and you’re looking for some ways to change things up as more activities and options become available. Whatever your reason, mixing up your summer self care routine this year is the perfect idea to improve your health and have some fun.

Some of our favorite summer self care activities you can try while out and about or at home are:

  • Switching up your workouts for something new
  • Plan some fun activities for summer vacations or staycations
  • Eating fresher foods and maintaining a healthy diet
  • Boosting your lifestyle with a zero gravity chair
  • Try a new skincare routine to achieve radiant skin
  • Start having some tech-free time

Change Up Your Summer Self Care Workout Routine

If you’re tired of doing the same workout programs inside or you’re starting to think about ways to improve your health now that things are reopening, try changing up your summer self care workout routine! The warm, sunny days provide the perfect excuse to take your full body workout exercises outside. You can also participate in outdoor activities like yoga or tai chi to increase mobility and flexibility! If you’re using a program like the Beachbody On Demand or other workout programs, you can take them with you to the park and enjoy some new surroundings.

Summer also presents other opportunities to change up your summer self care workout routine. Instead of using that treadmill once again, switch it up and go for a walk or try hiking! Check out that boot camp class in the park you’ve been dying to try or take a high-energy dance class. You don’t have to go out for your workout every day, but changing your surroundings, getting some fresh air, and trying new things could be good for your physical health and improve mental health, as well.

Whether you take your workouts to the park or work out at home, make sure you’re taking care of your body with a post workout recovery routine to stay in top condition.

Summer Self Care Activities for Vacation and Staycation

We get it that summer may not mean two months of vacation anymore like it did when we were kids, but that doesn't mean you can’t have some fun. Take a little time to plan some fun activities for summer vacations and staycations to mix things up! Can’t get away for a week? You can plan some fun summer self care activities for the weekends and still have an incredible time.

These summer self care activities don’t have to be huge events. You could plan a picnic, visit an aquarium, or check out a local art exhibit. If you want to find more active things to do you could plan a day fishing, play tennis or golf, or (if you’re looking for a rush) check out skydiving!

Working hard is great, but if you don’t remember to take some time to enjoy life you risk burning out. This can potentially lead to more severe conditions like depression or anxiety. So as things reopen this summer, improve your health with some of your favorite activities and mix in a few new ones to experience, as well!

Adopt Summer Self Care Healthy Eating Habits

Winter can bring out the craving for homey, hearty comfort foods but summer is the perfect time to eat fresh and enjoy healthier, lighter fare. During the summer months herbs are in season, lots of fruits and vegetables are at their peak, as suddenly you have a whole bunch of healthy recipes available using the freshest foods around.

There’s all kinds of different ways to start practicing summer self care healthy eating habits. Not only are fruits and vegetables good for you, but water-rich foods like watermelon and zucchini can help boost your hydration. Instead of that heavy pasta you were enjoying over the winter, warm summer months bring out the siren call of the outdoor grill. As a bonus, now that things are reopening and gatherings are starting to happen, you can invite some friends over for a barbeque and catch up with your favorite people!

Practice Summer Self Care With Zero Gravity Chairs

One of the biggest realization during the past year was the importance of self care at home during quarantine. Just because places are opening up and you’re finding yourself able to get out and enjoy activities outside the home more easily now doesn’t mean those routines need to end! Practicing summer self care to improve your health is something you can continue to do at home, too.

While you’re relaxing at home, you may consider integrating a zero gravity chair into your daily routine (If you’re new to these, learn “What is a Zero Gravity Chair?” after this article!). Some of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs include increasing blood circulation, helping alleviate back pain, enhancing how the body heals itself, and improving sleep quality.

These health boosts to your summer self care routine stem from reclining in the zero gravity position. In zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level and body weight is evenly distributed along the body. This reduction in pressure from the lower back makes using zero gravity chairs for sciatica a popular choice, as well.

There’s more ways to include your zero gravity chair in your summer self care routine to improve your health than just sitting, however. These multifunctional furniture additions also make the perfect spot for meditating, reading a book, or even journaling. All of these activities may help improve mental health, as well!

Update Your Summer Self Care Skincare Routine

During the past year, many people were spending more time at home than ever before so your skincare routine may have gone a bit to the wayside. As places begin to reopen and mask mandates relax, now is also the perfect time to update your summer self care skincare routine to get that radiant skin you want!

In addition to updating your skin care routine this season, it’s also a good idea to change it up because your skin needs different things during summer than in winter. In summer, it may require more exfoliation as well as de-puffing balms to fight inflammation. The summertime also brings more direct sunlight, making proper sun protection with an SPF critically important. 

Schedule Tech Free Time for Summer Self Care

We know sometimes the best indoor summer activities to beat the heat may include relaxing and maybe watching a little tv or messing around on the computer. That’s okay! But if you’re looking for ways to boost your summer self care routines to improve health, scheduling some tech free time is the way to go.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go the entire day without tech. We’ve all got busy lives and schedules and turning off a cell phone for an entire day may not be possible (though if you can, try it every so often--it’ll change your life). Instead, try scheduling tech free time each day to disconnect from the internet, text messages, phone calls, and emails to just enjoy being in the present.

An easy way to start this is by putting away all tech during meals. Whether you’re cooking at home or enjoying a meal out at your newly reopened favorite restaurant, keep off your phone and engage in the moment. It’ll make a huge difference in how deeply you can connect with friends and family. It’s also a great way to enjoy the moment if you’re alone!

Scheduling tech free time in the evenings can be integrated as part of a relaxing night time routine. Having a night time routine can help your body and mind unwind before bed, helping you get better sleep and fall asleep more easily. It’s a potentially effective method for how to treat insomnia that those experiencing sleep issues may want to try, for sure! What’s there to do during a night time routine? We suggest activities like taking a warm bath, meditating or reflecting on the day, listening to music and sound options (consider trying binaural beat therapy), or relaxing in a zero gravity chair to help calm yourself before bed.

Having tech free time is a summer self care routine that may change how you engage with others or how you relax and center yourself. This is one way to improve your health you’ll want to start doing all year long.

Summer self care routines to improve your health don’t have to be complex or difficult to fit into your lifestyle. In fact, they should fit in seamlessly. We hope our guide has given you a few ideas for how to change up your summer self care routine this year!

As places begin to reopen, take your workout routines outside or plan some fun summer activities for vacations and staycation. Try to schedule some tech free time each day to be fully present in the moment. If you’re at home, choose a zero gravity chair to integrate into your new summer self care routine while looking after your mind and body! All of these changes could help improve your health and enhance your life.

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