5 Music & Sound Options for Relaxing in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

man listening to music in zero gravity chair

As people are spending more time at home, whether due to a world health crisis or the slow increase in work-from-home positions over recent years, self-care mental health activities are more important than ever. If you’re already using a zero gravity massage chair for physical health benefits let’s expand your experience to improve your mental health, too! Your zero gravity chair helps manage stress levels, provide better sleep quality, and improve your overall mood. We’re taking a look at 5 music & sound options for relaxing in a zero gravity massage chair:

  • Using Binaural Beat Apps in Zero Gravity Position
  • Listen to Podcasts in Your Zero Gravity Chair
  • Sound Machines to Create a Calm Atmosphere
  • Music Streaming Apps to Listen to in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Calming Zero Gravity Meditation Programs

Using Binaural Beat Apps in Zero Gravity Position

Binaural beats therapy is a form of sound wave therapy gaining popularity. As you recline in your zero gravity massage chair, listen to two tones simultaneously at slightly different frequencies (only one in each ear). Hearing each sound independently, your brain processes a third tone registering at the difference between them. For it to work, each of the sounds must be under 1000 Hz and differ by no more than 30 Hz.

Binaural beat therapy induces a similar mental state as meditation. The health benefits of binaural beat therapy include stress reduction, inducing more positive moods, and increasing overall relaxation. It’s the perfect activity to do while relaxing in your zero gravity chair!

There are plenty of binaural beat apps you can download to your phone or laptop so you’ll certainly find one that works for you. If you have an iPhone or iPad, Binaural is a popular app on the App Store that lets you set a timer and choose visual elements to suit your mood. Brain.fm is another music service that uses a “non-binaural modulation” to achieve similar mental states. Make sure you’re in a quiet space or have noise cancelling headphones. Put in your headphones then recline to the zero gravity position and experience the positive mental health effects of this sound wave therapy for yourself.

Listen to Podcasts in Your Zero Gravity Chair

If sound wave therapy isn’t for you, consider listening to podcasts while you’re relaxing in the zero gravity position! There are podcasts geared towards every topic imaginable, so choosing one that interests you is easy. You could also select topics you’re unfamiliar with and learn new things at the same time!

Podcasts are hosted on various platforms. Luminary is a subscription podcast network aimed at original, ad-free podcasts from popular creators. Another great source for finding your next favorite podcast is Spotify. See curated lists or search by categories such as True Crime, Comedy, Educational, and Spotify Exclusives. If you’re an Apple fan, Apple Podcasts hosts over 750,000 free audio stories that span every subject from news to sports to comedy. You won’t run out of material there! Last on our list of popular podcast apps is Stitcher. Stitcher is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Alexa devices. Here you’ll also find news, entertainment, and exclusive content.

No matter what platform you choose, you’re guaranteed to find a podcast you’ll love while relaxing in a zero gravity chair!

Sound Machines to Create a Calm Atmosphere

Using a sound machine or app while relaxing in a zero gravity massage chair serves multiple purposes when it comes to mental health. A sound machine can give the room a sense of calmness and serenity that can reduce stress levels and improve your mood. Another popular use is to pair a sound machine with meditation. The ambient calming sounds may not completely drown out outside noises, but the calming atmosphere they create allows you to more deeply relax while in the zero gravity position.

Studies have also shown using sleep machines to be effective for achieving deeper sleep and improving memory in adults. Combine these effects with ways sleeping in a zero gravity chair improves sleep quality already and you’ve got a winning combination!

Music Streaming Apps to Listen to in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Chances are you already use a music streaming app on your phone or laptop. Popular streaming platforms include Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. Have you considered how it can improve your mental health as you relax in zero gravity position? Streaming music from the comfort of your zero gravity massage chair engages the mind and helps manage stress levels.

Maybe you’ll choose your favorite playlist full of songs carefully curated to make you happy. Perhaps, instead, you’ll search for a new playlist on the music streaming platform of your choice that’s filled with songs other people have gathered. Another fantastic option is listening to an online radio stream or simply selecting a category for the genre you want to hear. Let the music platform play for you and maybe you’ll find some new favorites to add to your list you’d never heard before!

Pair your streaming experience with a good headset (a must-have item to pair with your zero gravity chair while staying at home!) to drown out distracting noise and simply enjoy the music as you relax.

Calming Zero Gravity Meditation Programs

We love meditation! Everyone experiences stress in their daily lives and daily zero gravity meditation rituals have been shown to successfully manage stress levels and improve overall mental health.  Just a few minutes a day dedicated to meditation in your zero gravity massage chair will enhance your experience and make a huge difference.

There are endless numbers of meditation programs and apps you can listen to as you recline in the zero gravity position. Consider choosing a guided meditation program to lead you through an entire experience from the comfort of your zero gravity massage chair.

As important as mental health is, zero gravity meditation also enhances the physical health benefits of zero gravity chairs. Meditation has been shown to effectively help reduce high blood pressure leading to better respiratory and cardiovascular function. Meditation is also a great way to enhance the health benefits of zero gravity position during pregnancy. This stress level management can work to prevent serious conditions such as preeclampsia.

Next time you’re reclined in the zero gravity position, consider adding in some of these music & sound options. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as looking after your body. Select the best zero gravity massage chair to fit your needs and see how you can boost both!

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