Indoor Summer Activities for Adults to Beat the Heat

a woman reading a book in her zero gravity chair


While we may not get summers off like we did back in school, summer can be a fun time for adults, too! Sometimes it’s just too hot to go outside, though. So what are you supposed to do? That’s where it pays to know some indoor summer activities for adults to beat the heat!

From trying a new instrument to practicing some self care from the comfort of a zero gravity chair, we’re exploring lots of indoor summer activities for adults you can do this year to stay healthy and creative. 

Fun Indoor Summer Activities for Adults

-think about what interests you. Is it starting a new hobby? Developing a new project? Even making sure you take time to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. Some of our favorite summer activities for adults to beat the heat this season are:

  • Start a blog
  • Do a puzzle
  • Take up learning an instrument
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Find a new favorite podcast
  • Read a book
  • Meditate in a zero gravity chair
  • Commit to an at-home workout routine

Love Sharing Online? Learn How to Create a Blog

Starting a blog is a great indoor summer activity for adults! The greatest thing about starting a blog is that you can write about literally anything. Love cooking? Start a food blog! Have you missed traveling during the recent pandemic or just want to share your previous travels? Starting a travel blog would be perfect! Creating a blog can also serve as a great way to connect with people who have similar interests.

Start Putting Together a Puzzle

Next up on our list of summer activities for adults to beat the heat is putting together a puzzle! When you want to relax your mind and body, putting together a puzzle is one of our favorite brain games to play while relaxing in a zero gravity chair. Not only is it calming, but it feels so satisfying to watch the pieces come together to complete the picture! Plus you’re getting all the health benefits of zero gravity chairs at the same time! Not all puzzles have that effect though, so maybe steer clear of the most challenging puzzles if you’re just trying to relax!

Another nice thing about putting together a puzzle as a summer activity for adults is that you can do it solo or with others. For those looking to just have a little alone time to unwind and destress, a puzzle is the ticket. If you’re wanting a little social interaction, however, sit down together with a friend or loved one and see what amazing conversations unfold while you both work together. Synergism for the win!

Learn to Play an Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument is both mentally stimulating and a great creative outlet. When you’re looking for indoor summer activities for adults, learning to play an instrument gives you something to work towards over time, which makes learning to play an instrument an activity you can enjoy all summer long!

Depending on the type of instrument you want to learn, you may not need a complicated setup. While a drum set might take up a good amount of space and be better suited as a spare room idea, instruments like the guitar can be learned from the comfort of a sofa or zero gravity chair!

If learning to play an instrument on your own seems too difficult, there are loads of options to help. Alongside the endless number of instructional videos you can find on YouTube, check out online music classes like those offered on Lessonface for classes you can take without ever having to leave home!

Learn How to Plant an Herb Garden

While some indoor summer activities for adults may include cooking a new meal or baking a sweet treat, it’s also fun to grow your own herbs to include in your recipes. The great thing about herb gardens is that they’re relatively low maintenance and can be easily grown inside. This helps you beat the heat and gives you delicious fresh herbs for your kitchen!

Find a New Podcast That Interests You

Looking for options to listen to while you beat the heat this summer? When you’re considering indoor summer activities for adults, find a new podcast from popular platforms like Stitcher or Luminary that catches your interest and see what you learn or how you are inspired! You can listen to a podcast from the comfort of a zero gravity chair or comfy sofa while keeping out of the hot sun or take it on the go with you if you have to run some errands (you know, those pesky adult things!).

If podcasts aren’t your thing, there are also a number of music options for relaxing in your zero gravity chair, as well. Check out popular providers like Apple Music and Spotify and check out some new music as well as old favorites!

Dive Into Reading a Book This Summer

Of all the indoor summer activities for adults to beat the heat, we may love this one the most. So many times we catch ourselves wishing we had more time to read or trying to think back to the last time we started a really good book. Why not take some time this summer to create a reading nook in your home and dive right in?

It’s been shown that reading a good book is beneficial to both your mental and physical health. Combine these benefits with the health benefits of zero gravity chairs and you’re really looking out for your well being while you relax. The best part is that even if it’s too hot to go anywhere, books have the ability to transport us anywhere!

Zero Gravity Meditation: An Indoor Summer Activity for Adults to Unwind

When it comes to indoor summer activities for adults to beat the heat, zero gravity meditation can help alleviate stress, reduce pain, refocus your mind, and provide a myriad of other health benefits. In fact, there have been loads of studies showing the positivity of meditation for mental and physical health, especially during crises like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Zero gravity meditation combines the positive effects of mindfulness meditation with the health benefits of zero gravity chairs to amplify both. When it comes to indoor summer activities for adults, what better way than to spend a few minutes each day letting go of daily stresses and looking after your overall well being?

Commit to an At-Home Workout Routine

If you’ve enjoyed some of our indoor summer activities for adults to beat the heat but are looking for something a bit more physically active, try starting an at-home workout routine as part of your health and fitness goals! Whether you’ve done empty nest decorating to create a home gym or you’re working out in your living room, an at-home workout routine can keep you in shape and healthy.

For those who haven’t got a home gym, don’t worry! Doing a home workout doesn’t require a ton of space. You can even do full body workout exercises using a zero gravity chair! In fact, integrating zero gravity recliners into your fitness routine makes it easier to include them in a post workout recovery routine, as well. As important as it is to take care of your body with exercise, it’s just as important to take care of it afterward, too!

Hopefully our list of indoor summer activities for adults to beat the heat has inspired you for this season. Being home doesn’t have to be boring! Plant an herb garden to add fresh flavors to your meals, start an at-home fitness routine to stay in shape, or choose a zero gravity chair to boost your mental and physical health. There are lots of things to try—get creative!

Zero gravity chairs may help your body in a number of ways. Check out these guides to improving your overall health naturally and feel the difference for yourself!