Ways to Implement Self Care at Home During Quarantine

woman creating art for home self-care during quarantine

Self care at home is an important part of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. It’s essential at the best of times but even more so as you’re at home during quarantine. Don’t mistake self care to only mean self-indulgence. While there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself, the key element of self care is acknowledging that your body and mind need support to function optimally and keep up your overall health.

We’re exploring ways to implement self care at home during quarantine that will lift your spirits and improve your wellbeing. 

Getting Comfortable with Self Care At Home

Too many of us don’t take the time to step away from our hectic days to slow down and soak in the moment. Taking moments for yourself isn’t selfish or wasted time. We need self care and deserve it.

Taking the time for self care at home during quarantine (or any time) gives you a healthy relationship with yourself. Self care activities boost your confidence and self-esteem. It signals to yourself that your needs are important and valuable. They’re not a waste of time or selfishly self-indulgent.

In times like quarantine, self care is vital to your overall wellbeing and the wellbeing of those with whom you come in contact. It affects every aspect of your life and you’ll feel the difference it makes.So, without delay, let’s talk about how to start your self care routine!

Self Care Baths to Relax

More than just a method of keeping good hygiene, relaxing baths are an undervalued method of self care that treats the mind and the body. A solid soak in the tub isn’t wasted time or resources but a centuries-old effective way to improve our health.

The warmth of the water and act of soaking relaxed the muscles, releasing tension and bodily stress. This helps you physically relax but also facilitates the healing process. Adding in your favorite fragrances with soaps and oils, bath bombs, or scented candles facilitates a mental experience, as well.

Since this is a quarantine self care bath, consider avoiding social media or news while you soak. Instead, relish the silence or dive into an enjoyable book for some light reading. Leave the screen time outside the door and de-stress.

Meditation to De-Stress and Center Yourself

Another way to implement self care at home during quarantine is to make time for meditation. You can meditate anywhere whether that be in the bath, in your bed, or relaxing on a couch or zero gravity recliner. So long as the space is quiet and uninterrupted, it’s perfect for meditating.

Meditation has been shown to center the mind, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood. This can have physical health results, as well, by lowering blood pressure and reducing pain levels as your body releases serotonin.

While there are plenty of options to choose from, two of the most popular methods are guided meditation and mindfulness meditation. Check out your favorite music or sound app and try meditating a few minutes each day during quarantine to see the true difference it makes.

Find a Creative Outlet During Quarantine

Creative outlets are perfect ways to implement self care at home during quarantine! Your skill level doesn’t matter, it’s about releasing creative energy, engaging your mind, and using your body.

Art is anything you create. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at painting? Perhaps you’ve wanted to try sculpting? Art isn’t just visual, however. It can also be things like writing poetry, a play, or a script.

Self care during quarantine is most often done yourself, but you can take your self care activities and convert it into a group memory-building activity that benefits everyone. Maybe you write that play for you and your family to perform together! You’ve gotten the creative time alone and taken your creation to have a fun time with the whole family. Think outside the box during quarantine and the ideas will come to you.

Play Music to Relax and Calm Down

Playing music as a quarantine self care activity can mean picking up an instrument or just listening from your favorite music apps. Don’t play an instrument but want to? What better time to learn a new skill than while spending more time at home during quarantine!

Listening to music as a relaxation and self care method has been shown to be effective at reducing stress levels and even altering bodily rhythms such as heartbeat. Slow, steady beats in the 60-80 beats per minute (BPM) range have the most calming effects. The perfect thing about music is that you can take it anywhere. So next time you need a little self care during quarantine, pour that warm bubble bath or sit in that zero gravity recliner and relax to some easy listening!

Keeping a Journal to Organize Thoughts, Feelings, and Inspirations

It’s normal to have lots of feelings, thoughts, and emotions during such a stressful time. Keeping a journal is next on our list of ways to implement self care at home during quarantine.

Organizing your thoughts, memories, and feelings is a great way to improve your mental health and feel more in control of your situation. With so much uncertainty given the COVID-19 health crisis, it can feel great to practice self care journaling and get your thoughts to paper.

Journaling doesn’t have to just be feelings, though. You can journal about anything you want. Perhaps your quarantine self care journal experience is writing about your hopes, dreams, or goals. You could also start a dream journal and record your nightly dreams

Quarantine Cooking to Try Some New Recipes

Spending more time at home likely means more nights cooking dinner for yourself or the family. Take this opportunity to see it not as a chore, but a chance to try new recipes and experience new foods!

Cooking is an expression of self care and love. You can take pride in your masterpiece or laugh at your epic fails. Avoiding alone time for the evening? Make it a family affair! Cooking with your partner, spouse, or kids creates memories and experiences that transcend the stress of the day and brings joy. Learning and sharing family recipes is a great way to keep traditions alive or start new ones!

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs to Keep Your Body Relaxed

What better way to implement self care at home during quarantine than with daily massages in a zero gravity chair? The health benefits of zero gravity chairs are irrefutable. The design alone is optimized to enhance bodily healing, reduce pressure along the body, alleviate back pain, and improve heart health.

Zero gravity massage chairs take your self care at home during quarantine to the next level! Daily zero gravity massage relieves back pain, helps athletes heal from injuries or post-workout, and is great for just relaxing! Massage keeps the muscles loose. This prevents the body from becoming stiff and sore as it heals.

Getting a relaxing massage is top of most peoples’ lists for self care. Adding a zero gravity massage chair to your space lets you enjoy that from the comfort and safety of your home. You may never want to leave the house again!

There are endless methods for implementing self care at home during quarantine. The important thing is to make the time for them. Whether you’re soaking in the tub, relaxing in your new zero gravity chair, creating art, or making memories in the kitchen, your mind and body will thank you. self care isn’t simply an indulgence. It’s a lifesaver.

Bonus tip: If you’re working from home during quarantine consider pairing these items with your zero gravity chair to create the perfect ergonomic home office space!