What's the Difference Between a Zero Gravity vs Anti-Gravity Chair?

a couple on a zero gravity chair


When it comes to buying a zero gravity chair you’ll find a variety of different types available. Not all zero gravity chairs are created equally! Some are more basic, fixed-position chairs often referred to as anti-gravity chairs, while others are luxury zero gravity recliner models with a variety of available features.

So then what’s the difference between a zero gravity vs anti-gravity chair? We’re exploring the differences between these two types of chairs to give you a better understanding of what each has to offer and which will suit your needs.

Design Differences Between a Zero Gravity vs Anti-Gravity Chair

One of the first things you’ll notice when comparing zero gravity vs anti-gravity chairs is their design and how that influences their function.

Frequently meant as outdoor chairs (though some models exist as indoor chairs, as well), anti-gravity chairs have smaller frames that may not have the same support capabilities of luxury zero gravity chairs. While some anti-gravity chairs do recline from an upright position, others are fixed in their reclined position, making them much less adaptable for use. Their position is meant to alleviate pressure from the spine as best they can, though simply don’t elevate the legs high enough to meet the same level of health benefits of zero gravity chairs.

Luxury zero gravity chairs, on the other hand, are more substantial multifunctional furniture pieces that bring style, comfort, and substance to your home. Most often they’re electric and fit into different interior design styles more easily than their anti-gravity counterparts.

The design of the zero gravity chair allows you to recline back with your legs elevated above your heart level. This is important and crucial to the health benefits these chairs provide. In true zero gravity position, pressure is drastically reduced on the lower back and pelvic region while weight is evenly distributed along the entire body.

In terms of design and function, the choice between a zero gravity vs anti-gravity is clear!

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity vs Anti-Gravity Chairs

Next up in our comparison to help you choose between a zero gravity vs anti-gravity chair comes their provided health benefits.

Anti-gravity chairs fall well short of the luxury zero gravity chair models here. Whether they are in a fixed position or recline from upright, the pressure they take off the lower back is more limited by the lower leg elevation.

Conversely, zero gravity chairs recline back into a true zero gravity position (you can learn more about the inspiration for and history of the zero gravity chair after this article). This position improves blood circulation, may help alleviate lower back pain, and contributes to a plethora of other potential health benefits!

Many of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs stem from better blood flow from the zero gravity position. Some of these health benefits include better digestion with zero gravity chairs, improving lung function, enhancing how the body heals itself, and even boosting your immune system naturally! This can be especially useful for people who lead active lifestyles and want to maximize their self care results to keep their body in optimal health.

The health benefits of zero gravity chairs doesn’t stop there, though. Using a zero gravity chair may help improve mental health, as well. This may be the result of pain relief, using your zero gravity chair for meditation or stress management, or from increased cerebral blood flow (CBF).

The benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages make their potential health enhancements the clear winner in this category, as well.

Features of Zero Gravity vs Anti-Gravity Chairs

It’ll likely come as no surprise that in a comparison of zero gravity vs anti-gravity chairs, the available features are vastly different.

Being more simple and basic in design, anti-gravity chairs tend to stop their list of features at reclining ability. This is mainly due to the fact that most anti-gravity chairs you’ll find aren’t electric, and therefore unable to offer the same features as their zero gravity chair counterparts.

The bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners may vary depending on which models you’re considering. The best zero gravity chairs will have massage and heat therapy features, for sure. These are great as they help boost your comfort and relaxation while simultaneously taking the physical and mental health benefits of zero gravity chairs to the next level. These features keep your body loose and your mind at ease at the touch of a button!

Luxury zero gravity chairs are also more likely to have lumbar support options available. Poor posture and bad sitting habits are some of the most common causes of back pain, which is said to affect upwards of 80% of all adults at some point in their life! Whether your zero gravity chair offers removable lumbar support pillows or adjustable air cell lumbar support built in, they'll help you keep your spine aligned to its natural S-shape curvature and improve your posture.

Other zero gravity chair models may have smart wakeup functions. These are perfect for those opting to experience the health benefits of napping (yes, adult naps can be beneficial!). A smart wakeup program gently wakes you up and prevents you from accidentally oversleeping as you relax.

As you’ve now learned, not all zero gravity chairs are created equally! The more basic chairs, sometimes referred to as anti-gravity chairs, just don’t measure up to choosing a zero gravity chair and the options they provide. When it comes to choosing between a zero gravity vs anti-gravity chair, the decision is clear!

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