How Do I Choose a Recliner? Questions to Ask Yourself

photo of a couple sitting in zero gravity chairs


After their mainstream debut for household use in the 1920s, recliners became an instant hit as people discovered their comfort and utility. A wide range of new designs, options, and features offered over the years has led to many different types of recliners being available today. This can make choosing a recliner feel a little intimidating for some who may not know just where to begin.

How do I choose a recliner, you wonder? To help you with your decision, we’re exploring some of the most important questions to ask yourself to determine the right recliner for you. Read on and learn what to consider!

How Do I Choose a Recliner That’s Right for Me?

From simple traditional recliners to luxury zero gravity chairs, the question, “how do I choose a recliner?” is best answered by looking at the big picture for what you want your new chair to do for you. A recliner can make the perfect addition to big family room ideas as well as complement plans for decorating small spaces. Some of the most important questions you should ask yourself as part of figuring out, “how do I choose a recliner?” include:

  • Where do you want to use your recliner?
  • What are the different types of recliners?
  • What are the potential benefits of a recliner chair?
  • What recliner features do I need?
  • How much does a recliner cost?

Where Do I Want to Use a Recliner?

The first, and probably most important, question to ask yourself to help determine, “how do I choose a recliner?” is to know where you want to put it! In decades past, recliners were effectively meant solely for living rooms. The overstuffed predecessors of modern recliners took up a lot of space and may not have been conducive for smaller spaces.

Depending on the type of recliner you choose, today’s recliners may provide more versatility. Learning how to choose chairs for your living room? Great! Interested in creating a relaxing sitting area for your bedroom, looking for sunroom furniture ideas, or repurposing rooms in an empty nest? Versatile recliners like zero gravity chairs make all those very possible.

Consider where you want your recliner to go and how you want to use it to get off on the right path.

What Are the Different Types of Recliners?

It’s difficult to answer the question, “how do I choose a recliner?” without exploring the different types of recliners available today. Have you considered a power recliner vs manual option? Do you want a detached ottoman that may take up more space or are you looking for a recliner with remote controlled footrests?

A few different types of chairs for you to consider when choosing a recliner are:

  • Lever handle recliners
  • Pull handle recliners
  • Wall hugger recliner options
  • Gliders
  • Zero gravity recliners

Models like lever handle and pull handle recliners tend to be fully manual with fewer available options and features. More modern options like zero gravity recliners, on the other hand, may offer a variety of bonus features and options that elevate your experience and bring your chair to the next level.

What Are the Potential Benefits of a Recliner?

When you set out to answer the question, “how do I choose a recliner?” it’s important to note that not all recliners are created equally. Choosing a recliner isn’t simply finding a comfortable seat and going with it. In fact, different types of recliners may have a direct impact on your overall health.

For example, traditional recliners may start out comfortable, but often serve as common causes of back pain you may be overlooking. With as much as 80% of all adults experiencing back pain at some point in their lifetimes, this can be a major factor to consider. How is this, you ask? The reclining position of a traditional recliner is such that it actually focuses excess pressure on the lower back and pelvic region. This excessive pressure can lead to pain from sitting too long. While popular choices for years, many people are now turning to other options that may help fix bad sitting habits or instigate health concerns like poor blood circulation or sciatic nerve pain.

Today’s recliner buyers are looking for designs that not only provide comfort and style, but also bolster overall health. Chairs like zero gravity recliners are much better for your back and may provide a plethora of other health benefits such as:

  • Lower back pain relief
  • Better blood circulation
  • Faster bodily healing
  • Enhanced immune system function
  • Improved heart health
  • Better sleep quality

Options like zero gravity chairs with massage features or heat therapy functions can enhance any lifestyle without sacrificing style or utility. They mark the evolution of the modern recliner chair with the ability to offer the benefits of zero gravity chairs for all ages.

What Recliner Chair Features I Need?

Some of today’s recliners are able to offer much more than just a place to sit. Next up on our exploration to answer, “how do I choose a recliner?” is determining which recliner features you need.

Learning about different recliner features will help you understand all the options available on the market today. Not every recliner will offer much, however. For example, when debating between a zero gravity chair or recliner, you’ll find traditional recliners are often unable to offer any features beyond maybe having a cup holder for a beverage.

Conversely, some of the bonus features of zero gravity luxury recliners you may find include massage, heat therapy, and more. You may even find zero gravity chairs with smart wakeup programs that help prevent you oversleeping (ideal for maximizing the health benefits of napping).

The features found in zero gravity chairs make them a complete game-changer, taking your recliner experience to the next level. Beyond increasing comfort and convenience, they may also help boost your overall mental and physical well-being, making them indispensable.

How Much Does a Recliner Cost?

We can’t help answer the question, “how do I choose a recliner?” without discussing how much they cost. No doubt you want the most from your investment, so it’s important to consider the trade-off in pricing vs features and functionality when it comes to choosing a recliner.

You may find manual recliners often start around $500+ price points, but are much more basic. They can be comfortable, but are unlikely to offer many features to enhance your lifestyle. Options like zero gravity recliners, on the other hand, have a variety of price points but may generally start around $1400. These recliners do come with a higher price tag, but provide much more in terms of benefits, versatility, and quality.

Bonus Tip: Don’t shy away from high-end options like zero gravity chairs. Their affordability and payment options make them an option you won’t regret!

As you can see, there is more to answer the question, “how do I choose a recliner?” than just sitting in a comfortable chair. With so many different types of recliners available, it’s important to compare price, comfort, versatility, and even how they may affect your overall health. Whether you’re choosing a zero gravity recliner or opting for another option, be sure to consider all your choices and see which makes the most sense for your lifestyle and investment.

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