Fall Health Tips: Staying Healthy All Season Long

two women jogging in the fall


As we start rounding the corner from summer into fall, there are a number of changes to your health routine that may help keep you healthy and happy this season. Where summer might’ve been all about getting out in the warm temperatures, soaking up the sun, and enjoying seasonal lighter fare, fall brings out a yearning for coziness that doesn’t have to go with unhealthy choices.

Knowing how to stay healthy in fall by adjusting daily wellness routines and choices could help keep you healthy during cold and flu season as well as bolster your mental health as the days grow shorter. Keep reading for fall health tips you can try this year!

Simple Fall Health Tips

Just because the temperatures become more mild and the glorious summer sun mellows out doesn’t mean looking after your physical and mental health should go to the wayside. Learning a few autumn health tips to adjust your daily wellness routines can keep you in a positive mood and support your immune system against common fall illnesses.

A few fall health tips to consider this year include:

  • Planning a cold weather exercise routine
  • Making healthy comfort food choices
  • Finding ways to boost your immune system
  • Increasing your water intake
  • Creating time for meditation, relaxation, and other self care routines
  • Maintaining a consistent sleep-wake cycle

Fall Exercise Tips to Stay Healthy

First up on our list of fall health tips for you to try this season is changing up your exercise routine. As the season changes from summer to fall, your workout routine may need to adjust for colder temperatures and weather patterns. Having a fall workout routine can help you avoid skipping days if being outside becomes less appealing or doable in your area.

If you still go for a daily walk or run, be sure to bundle up appropriately. Just because your muscles will warm up as you go doesn’t mean you should subject your body to the elements in the meantime. For those looking for ways to stay fit indoors, there are a number of full body workout exercises you can pair with a zero gravity chair, kitchen chair, or other stable furniture piece to keep active and healthy.

Not only do you need to make accommodations for the changing weather conditions during fall, but you should also think about your post workout recovery routine. Colder weather makes it all the more important to have a proper cool down and take care of your body in order to prevent muscle tension or stiffness from conditions like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Making Healthy Choices for Fall Comfort Foods

No doubt colder weather brings the magic of fall comfort foods to mind. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, the next item on our list of autumn health tips for how to stay healthy in fall is making healthy choices for those foods we love to eat.

For example, instead of a calorie-rich clam chowder full of cream, what about a hearty vegetable stew? A hot vegetable stew can bring all the comfort of a warm meal while providing healthy levels of fiber intake and additional servings of vegetables. Seasonal veggies like broccoli, cabbage, squash, and (of course) pumpkin are filled with essential vitamins that may benefit your health this season.

How to Stay Healthy in Fall by Boosting Your Immune System

We couldn’t talk about fall health tips without discussing the importance of finding ways to boost your immune system naturally. Fall often marks the beginning of cold and flu season, making it all the more essential to find ways to maintain a strong immune system to fight off foreign bacteria or viruses that could make us sick.

In addition to washing your hands regularly and using hand sanitizer, you can also help your immune system out with exercise, getting enough sleep, and moderating your intake of essential vitamins. For example, many people opt to take a vitamin D supplement during the fall and winter months. While studies have shown as much as 50% of the worldwide population has a vitamin D deficiency, this vitamin helps your body absorb calcium, control blood sugar, and potentially boosts your immune system from within.

Note: Before beginning any supplement regimens, consult a medical professional for guidance.

Drinking More Water During Fall

The next item on our list of autumn health tips for how to stay healthy in fall may surprise you a bit. While you’re most likely aware of the importance of staying hydrated at all times, did you know that your body typically loses as much fluid during colder months as it does during the hot summer? The reason for this is that it takes more energy to perform at the same levels during colder months and the additional layers of clothing required to keep your muscles warm and prevent injury may also make you sweat more.

Not only is drinking water essential for recovering from a sports injury, keeping your body loose, and replenishing lost fluids but it may also help improve digestion, maintain your healthy and radiant skin, elevate your mood, and boost energy levels. The health benefits of drinking enough water cannot be overstated so be sure to drink plenty during the fall season.

Fall Health Tips for Self Care Activities

Learning how to stay healthy in fall is about more than just being active and making healthy dietary choices. Taking time each day for a self care routine is one of the most important fall health tips we can share. You don’t have to spend hours each day doing any of these activities, but even a few minutes can make a big impact.

To take care of your mind and body at home, having a multifunctional furniture piece can be ideal. Where traditional recliners accumulate pressure on your lower back and pelvic areas by their design, a more modern option like a zero gravity chair corrects this while potentially boosting your overall health. In the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level and weight is distributed along the body. This design is how the potential health benefits of zero gravity chairs are able to include alleviating back pain, increasing poor circulation, and even improving mental health.

Other self care routines you might adopt as part of our autumn health tips include learning how to meditate at home, journaling to get your thoughts out, listening to music, or starting a relaxing night time routine to help you unwind before bed. Taking a small amount of time each day to look after your mind and body can have a huge impact on your overall well being. You can start these habits as part of our fall health tips then continue them all year long.

Having a Regular Sleep Cycle

Last, though not least, on our list of fall health tips comes maintaining a regular sleep cycle. As the days shorten during fall, it can throw off our natural circadian rhythm. When it gets darker, our bodies begin to produce more melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles.

To prevent yourself from getting too much or too little sleep, try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day. If you find yourself getting tired in the afternoon, having an adult nap for roughly 20 minutes is both healthy and may boost your energy levels. The most important thing is to try and train your mind and body to be prepared for restful sleep on the same cycle to maximize its effectiveness. After all, this affects how you heal while you sleep as well as your mental well being.

We hope our guide to fall health tips has given you some things to consider for staying healthy all season long! Learning how to stay healthy in fall is as easy as making a few lifestyle adjustments while the seasons change. Whether it’s adapting your workout routines to indoor variations, making healthy comfort food choices, or watching your sleep cycle, you’ll find these tips may help boost your immune system, keeping you happy and healthy this season.

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