How to Improve Digestion Using Zero Gravity Chairs

man needing to improve digestion using a zero gravity chair

Digestive issues are extremely common and can stem from any number of things from stress to disease. According to the NIH, between 60 million and 70 million people suffer from digestive disease! Add to that those who experience stomach discomfort from bad sitting habits or other external catalysts and those numbers rise even higher.

You may be familiar with some of the health benefits of zero gravity chairs such as alleviating lower back pain or lowering blood pressure naturally. These multifunctional furniture pieces don’t stop there, though. Today we’re exploring how to improve digestion using zero gravity chairs, as well!

Using a Zero Gravity Chair to Improve Digestion

After a big meal what’s the first thing you want to do? Go sit down and relax, right? The issue is bad sitting habits and the seated positions in traditional chairs or couches don’t do you any favors in improving digestion.

Check out these ways using a zero gravity chair can help improve digestion and keep you feeling great:

  • Managing stress levels in a zero gravity chair
  • Improving digestion with better sleep
  • Increasing blood flow to better digestion
  • Reducing pressure on the digestive tract in the zero gravity position

Manage Stress Levels for Better Digestion

Stress has been definitely linked to increased digestive issues in various studies. While it’s not uncommon to experience a temporarily upset stomach before a big event like performing or taking an exam, ongoing digestive issues can be one of the long term impacts of stress on the body.

So then how do you use a zero gravity chair to manage stress levels? Aside from simply sitting back and enjoying, zero gravity chairs offer the perfect spot for simple exercises to release endorphins, managing stress levels with zero gravity meditation, or as part of a relaxing night time routine. Some luxury zero gravity chairs also provide features such as heat therapy and massage to help that stress melt away!

Other activities for relieving stress can include daily journaling for mental health, diving into your favorite book in your home reading nook, or listening to calming music as part of a zen space. All of these simple lifestyle changes using your zero gravity chair could noticeably help improve digestion by lowering your stress levels.

Improve Digestion With Better Sleep

You may be getting some shuteye but that doesn’t mean your body stops working (that would be catastrophic). This means your digestive system is still going strong while you’re getting your beauty sleep, too. It does, however, get the opportunity to slow down while you’re sleeping, which helps tissue heal and your system to repair by using the glucose you consumed during the day.

This is where using zero gravity chairs to improve digestion comes into play again. The health benefits of zero gravity chairs improve sleep quality through spinal decompression, increased relaxation, promoting REM sleep, and increasing blood flow (more on that momentarily).

These can be particularly great benefits for women using a zero gravity chair during pregnancy who may otherwise have harder times sleeping in traditional beds. Zero gravity chairs provide safe sleeping positions at any stage of pregnancy, especially during later months when sleeping flat is typically advised against. 

Increase Blood Flow to Improve Digestion

Speaking of increasing blood flow to improve digestion, zero gravity chairs help with that, too! While leading a more sedentary lifestyle has been linked to digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, the health benefits of zero gravity chairs go beyond your traditional recliner and actually help you.

First, the design of zero gravity chairs reduces pressure on the spine and evenly distributes weight along the body. While this may sound nice from a comfort perspective to prevent pain from sitting too long, the benefits also run beneath the surface as this improves blood circulation throughout.

Furthermore, there are simple activities to do while relaxing in your  zero gravity chair that you can do to get the blood pumping and elevate your heart rate. These activities can help improve heart health naturally while they take care of your digestive system, too! 

Practice Good Posture to Reduce Pressure on Digestive Tract

This brings us to the last, though certainly not least, method for how to improve digestion using zero gravity chairs: good posture. Practicing good posture in your zero gravity chair reduces pressure on the digestive tract allowing for better digestion as you recline.

Additionally, zero gravity chair back support helps your spine resume its natural curvature, reducing pressure on your digestive system even further and keeping it from compressing while digesting. Compression on the digestive tract slows function and can cause discomfort. So lean back and relax knowing your zero gravity chair is taking care of you!

Bonus Tip: You can improve digestion using zero gravity chairs even more by pairing it with healthier eating habits that reduce digestive inflammation.

The health benefits of zero gravity chairs don’t stop at spinal health or working against age related diseases. Using a zero gravity chair can have a profound impact on improving digestion, as well. Choose a zero gravity chair to add to your lifestyle and experience the difference it can make for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Learning how to improve digestion is great, but take things a step further and learn how to boost your immune system naturally by including a zero gravity chair, as well!